Reviews for Choices
tgirlnextdoor824 chapter 22 . 7/1
Just Such" Impeccable Writing. So Cannot Wait Until The Next Posting. So Hope That Michael And Alex. Can Get Nikita Back." And As Your Question To What Show I Think Would Make A Good Crossover Storyline For A Nikita Story, I Would Say Cw's Beauty And The Beast, Alias And Maybe Marvles Agents Of Sheid? And Or Crime Minds? Being I Remember In A Season They Were Looking Into A Black Opts Unit And Designed Survivor?" Being Maggie Q Was Apart Of That Show, And Dillon Casey Had "Guest Stared In The Second Season As Did Some Minor Other Minor Characters From Nikita Like Ari Tasarvo An Couple Others.
justsoadorkable4 chapter 22 . 6/30
Just Such "Phenomenal Writing So Felt Like An Actual Episode. Can't For The "Next Update See Michael And Alex Not Only Rescue Nikita From That Hell Hole And Break Her Programming. "Oh That's
So "Awesome News. The Show's I Think That Would Make Good Crossover With Nikita Are The CW'S The Beauty And The Beast, Marvles Agents Of Sheid And DC'S CW'S Arrow.
guess123 chapter 21 . 6/27
Such "Outstanding Work. So Love The Sean And Amanda Interrogating Scene. I Really Did Thought There Was Going To Be More To Her Reason For Why She Had Implanted Those Romantic Feelings Inside Sean And Nikita's Brains. But Amanda Is Right Seeing Nikita And Sean Falling In Love With Some Each Other Is The Only Thing That Could Truly Make Alex And Michael Suffer Beyond Anything Amanda Would Normally Threw At Them." And Soooo Conpletely Thought Sean Was Going To Snap On Amanda Like Michael Had In His Past Interrogations With Her. So Proud Of Sean. Specially When Amanda Said "It's A Shame It Had To End So Soon," Which So Hate Saying Amanda Is Right But She Is Because" Oh My God, The Sikita Was So Cute And So Charming. Don't Get Me Wrong So Totes Happy That Mikita And Salex Will End The Story Together. So Hope Alex And Michael Can Get Amanda To Give Them The Information To Break Nikita's Programming. Because Things Are So Most Not Looking To Good For Nikita. "Please Update As Soon As Possible.
Anonymous Xoxo chapter 21 . 6/27
Just "Faultless Writing, Ohhhh My Gosh, Love The Scene Between Sean And Amanda So Amazed By Sean For Not Losing It On Amanda Like Michael Had Done, Especially After Amanda Said "It's A Shame That His Romantic Feelings For Nikita Had To End So Soon," So Hope That Amanda Doesn't Start Being Difficult Now, Because Nikita So Needs Them More Then Ever!" Please Update Soon.
StoryJunky chapter 21 . 6/27
"Okay Wow!" So Didn't See The Whole Simon Trying To Auction Nikita Thing Happing Which I
Like How You Add Another Shared Common Mirror Life Experience Between Alex And Nikita, I Just Hope That Michael And Alex Can Get Amanda To Give Them The Information To Break Nikita's Programming. And Also So Love The Interrogation Scene With Sean And Amanda. I So Thought He Was Going To Losing It When She Said It's A Shame It Had To End So Soon," Between You And Nikita, Just "Fantastic Work, So Can't Wait Until The Next Chapter.
Total Fangirl chapter 21 . 6/26
"Excellent Writing, So Love Sean And Amanda Interrogating Scene, And Just Such Brilliance To The Decision To Bring Simon In, But "Omg, So Hope Alex And Michael Can Get Amanda To Give Them The Information To Break Nikita's Programming. In Time Cause This Is So "No Time For Amanda Too' Stop Caring About Her Own Well Being." Please Post Soon.
Writing Is Fun chapter 21 . 6/26
"Supreme Writing." So Felt Like A
So Actual Episode So Hope Sean's Right About Amanda Valuing Her Life More Then Nikita's Cause They So Have To Rescue Nikita Of That Hell, And Really Appreciate The Scene Of Sean And Amanda Interrogating Scene Which Was
"So Good So Real Good, "So Respect Sean Beyond Even More Then I Had Just How He Manage To Keep His Emotions In Check, Particular When Amanda Said It's A Shame It Had To End So Soon," Impling Those Feelings She Had Implanted Into His Brain Still Very Much Intact. Which I Looking At Said Nikita Name And His Emotional Distance Towards Alex In The Last Chapter,
I Kinda Think She's Right.

"Can't Wait Until The Next Posting To See Them Rescue Nikita From That Auction. "Ohmygod, What If Amanda Shows Up To The Auction Because The Amanda Team Nikita Has Is A Double." I Really Don't Think This Will Actually Happen This Is Just Super Anxiety Getting The Best Of Me, "Please Update When Ever You Can.
Nina Williams chapter 21 . 6/26
"Gold Stars Writing. Soooo Love The Sean And Amanda Scene So Proud Of Sean For Not Losing His Temper Especially When Amanda Said It's A Shame Things Between Him And Nikita Had To End So Soon," Which The Scene Kinda Building More My Thought's Of Sean's Programming Not Fully Broken, Cause Last Chapter He Didn't Return Alex's Act Of Display Of Affections And Now When Sean Told Amanda That If Anything Happens To Nikita, Alex And Michael, WILL Kill Her. The Tone Sounds Kinda Like He Was Going To Say "I WIll kill You. But He End Up Catching Himself And Mask It, By Saying Alex And Michael, So Can't Wait Until The Next One." I Really Hope Alex And Michael Can Get The Information How To Break Nikita's Programming. Before The Auction. So They Can Get Nikita To Come With Them, Which So Hope Everything Goes Smoothly Because Last Thing They Need For Simon To Also Recognize Them.
Kim chapter 21 . 6/25
"Absolute Great Job On This Chapter. I Got To Give Sean Alot Of Props For Not Losing It On Amanda. During His Personal Interrogation With Her. And As Much As I" Hate To Agree With Amanda," It Was A Shame Sikita Had To End So Soon," Like Don't Get Me Wrong" I So Love Mikita And Salex." And I'm So Super Ecstatic To Know In The End Of This Story Both Couples Will Get They're Happy Ever Afters, But Just The Sikita Paring Was So Intriguing And So Freaking Cuuute." And I Was Just Wondering When This Story Eventually Comes To End Could You "Please Possibly Do A Story That Has Both "Alex And Michael Die For Real, So You Could Fully Dive An Play With The Sikita Romantic Paring." Without Any Worries Of Break Alex And Michael's Hearts. Anyway Really... Really Can't Wait Forrr The "Next Update Hope They Can Save Nikita.
Ariana Danvers chapter 21 . 6/25
Just " So Slaps, So Much Enjoyed The Sean And Amanda Interrogation Scene And The Way Things Are Looking For Nikita Right Now, Amanda Better Give Alex And Michael The Information To Break Nikita's Programming. Just So "Beyond Anxious To See What Goes Down In The Next Chapter, I" Really Hope Nikita Will Be Willing To Go With Sean And Doesn't Draw Attention To Him That Gets Him Caught An Them Also Trying To Sell Him.
Ella Spencer chapter 21 . 6/25
"Spectacular Work, And "Ohhhhhh my gosh!' They So Most Differenly Have To Get To Nikita Now!" And So Loved The Sean And Amanda Interrogation Scene. I Don't Know If It Just "Me Cause I Read The Line Wrong, But Did" Sean Put More Emotions When Saying Nikita's Name Then Alex's." when He Was Warring Amanda If Anything Happens Bad He Will Kill Her."

Like Is His Program Fully Broken But Then "Again, It Just Could Because As Stated They Last Know Nikita Was Just Suffered A Gunshot Wound Wondering In The Streets And Had No Money. That Could Just Be It, Anyway So Excited For The Next Chapter. "So Hope Sean Can Get Nikita Out In Time.
Team Salex chapter 21 . 6/25
Such "Great Writing, So Real Hope Sean Is Right And Michael And Alex Can Get The Information How To Break Nikita's Programming. Sean Can Rescue Nikita Before Any So Those Creeps Do Anything More To Her. "So Looking Forward To Read The Next Chapter.
tgirlnextdoor824 chapter 21 . 6/25
I'm Really Impression How Sean Kept His Emotions In Check In His Interrogation With Amanda, Especially After She Said It's A Shame It Had To End So Soon," Which Impling Sean Was Enjoying Her Work, And" I Had A Feeling Simon Was Going To Pop Up Some Where In The Story Just Didn't Know What Role He Would Play, Which Really Like How You Kinda Made Him Like Nikita's Vlad." So Hope Sean Can Get Nikita Out Of There Without Trouble, Being The Last Time She Saw Sean Was When He Shot Her." And Or Simon Any Of Anybody Else In That Wearhouse Realizing Who He Is And Try's To Sell Him Too'. Just "INCREDIBLE WRITING." So Cannot Wait To See What Happens.
justsoadorkable4 chapter 21 . 6/25
Amazing ." Oh My Gosh, I Really Hope That They Can Save Nikita From What Happen To Alex During Her Time Spent With Vlad, Also Hope That When Sean Goes To Get Nikita She Is Willing To Go With Him Cause The Last Time She Saw Him Was When" They Fought An Him Shooting Her Too' Provent Her From Leaving The House.
Guest chapter 20 . 6/18
Such "Great Writing. Ohhhhhh Please Posts Soon I'm Such A" Anxiety Filled Mess Over The Situation Of Nikita Getting Hi Again." Least Was It A Normal Drug? If It Was A Normal Drug, Is" Alex's Sooooo Going To Go Off On Amanda Or Michael Or Sean Cause Even Though Alex Has Broken Sean Program He Was Still Acting With Drawn From Alex Because He Didn't Return The Same Amount Of Joy Seeing Alex When Alex Return To The House. An Returning Her Acts Of Love Like Hugging Her Back Or Kissing Her Back."
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