Reviews for An Improved Past
Blackdrake chapter 12 . 5/11/2020
Now that is interesting.
Oswald is working with Ryker, Berserker Island was attacked and Dagur and Mala like each other. That's a lot of development for one chapter.
Not that I'm complaining.
For Ryker and Oswald. Is that old guy insane? Ryker is a monster. He cannot make deals with him. This won't end well for the berserkers, but it will definitely give Dagur a chance to be hero for his tribe.
As for the attack on berserker Island. Ive got a few questions for that.
Who the hell are the attackers. Outcasts? Questionable. I mean sure, they have a army of whispering deaths and thanks to mildew have at least a bit of an idea how to train them, but such a coordinated attack? I doubt Alvin could pull something like that off. Besides those guys wore complete armor, again I really doubt that the outcasts even have the resources to build armor like that.
Another possibility would of course be, that the entire scheme was a trap from Oswald. That would also explain the armor against throwing knives. He knows after all what his sons favorite weapons are. Plus, he did steal a egg from Alvin, but again, that was only one egg. But maybe he got the idea from that and bought the rest from the dragon hunters.
That guy doesn't seem to have any morals at the moment. But so much Whispering deaths on one island will surely come back to bite him in his ass later.
Two words: Tunnel collapse.
I bet the entire island will start cracking sooner or later, when an entire fleet of whispering deaths is digging through the underground. Dagur will have a lot of work to do, after he helps solve this entire mess.
Apropos, could you start bringing Hiccup and Toothless in a bit more. I really like those two and I think your story could only profit from them. Maybe Oswald asks the dragon riders to come to berserker Island, when he loses control over the whispering deaths and they work together with Dagur to get rid of them.

So, that was everything I wanted to say. I really like your story and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Blackdrake chapter 7 . 4/2/2020
Well, apparently insanity runs in the family. Interesting how you decided to portrait Oswald. A possessive old man, long past his prime who cannot see his own faults. I don't question his intentions, but in my opinion he had his power to long.
And since he didn't kill him I almost say that Dagur did the right thing by getting him of the throne. That must have been a Shock for his older version as well. I bet he didn't see this coming. I suppose because of his insanity he tended to view his father through rose tinted glasses and wasn't able to see his character faults.
I'm looking forward to see how those two intend to solve this. And to see how the berserkers will react to this change in leadership.
On second thought probably not to much actually. They put up with Dagurs constant mood changes after all. From eradicating Berk to becoming best friends with Hiccup. So, they will probably just follow their leader as always.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
Icha icha Minato Kyuubi chapter 2 . 3/15/2020
Interesting Beginning. Like your new dagur fic.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/12/2020
omega13a chapter 1 . 3/12/2020
An interesting concept. Look forward to seeing where you go with this.