Reviews for This Captain Wears Red
Har Cj chapter 10 . 5/10
I really like the story, but Luffy is very weak, I mean I don't know if that's what you want or not, but I know it's difficult to balance the power because it comes from the new world to the weaker sea, but still the, but in my opinion a Luffy who knows how to use haki and read emotions should not have a serious problem until Crocodile. (Do not post destructive criticism)
Serien20RH chapter 39 . 3/25
I don't know why I find some people criticizing this novel, as I read it in its entirety within about a week from the last part (The Devil Wears White) and I reached this chapter just as quickly.
I really hope that the story continues because it deserves it, and the efforts put into it deserve thanks
AnimeChic01 chapter 39 . 2/8
So good to hear from you again! I hope you are able to work your schedule out so you can have more time to work on this amazing story.

I am curious to see who Luffy is chasing after. Does this individual have a Devil Fruit? Is it someone who also experienced hell in a facility? If so, could their fear and trauma be preventing them from teaching out to the other villagers, forcing this individual to live a life of isolation?

Can't wait to see what happens next! In the next arc, I am curious about how you're going to work with Jaya seeing as this was where Canon! Luffy and crew met Blackbeard. Well we see another Whitebeard Commander take over Teach's speech or will there be an entirely new character added to the mix.
crazykittylover chapter 39 . 12/26/2023
I didn't even notice how long it has been, just the joy to see an update. Thank you for coming back to the story. I know the pains of dealing with life stuff. I have no issues with waiting for you to feel ready to post. I have my own stories that torment me. I get the struggle.

That said thank you for this update. It was nice to read over the holiday season. Don't worry about burning out over producing chapters love. Take your time and work at the pass that best works for you. I'm a long time lurker of these waters and it's no fuss to me to wait for the best to come. I hope your schooling goes well for you my friend. Keep up the good work and stay inspired!
phonenix chapter 39 . 12/24/2023
SO happy to have you back!
Guest chapter 39 . 12/23/2023
Just give up and abandon this story or just rewrite the whole thing
Guest chapter 39 . 12/23/2023
This is the dumbest fucking story ever made he’s a new world pirate yet he’s being hurt against people in the weakest sea where your logic
Guest chapter 17 . 12/23/2023
Fucking waste of a chapter he’s has so much power yet he gets stuck in the ground make it make sense
N1cok chapter 1 . 12/23/2023
I don't really recommend this story. This is just a novelization of Canon with a few extra things. Everything happens in pretty much the same way. Nothing changes. The author only sticks to canon and then has happen the same way despite the author saying that he is as strong as post time-skip Luffy. He knows haki, but he rarely ever uses it, and if he does it doesn't change the events at all.

Because of all of this I can't recommend this if you are looking for something that isn't just canon events with a slightly different flavor text.
Miqila chapter 39 . 12/23/2023
...I can barely remember this story even though it's on my alert list. This was... the sequel of Devil Wears White? The one with the tapping? I have been reading too many ASL stories and keep mixing them up. I think I'm gonna go read that again when I have time and then return to this one.

Merry Christmas!
bunnykins15 chapter 39 . 12/23/2023
Glad to see you back again!
Wishfull-star chapter 39 . 12/22/2023
Welcome back thanks for another amazing chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next stay safe:)
KyoshiYamato chapter 39 . 12/22/2023
You're Alive, Author-san! Btw Great chapter!
buterflypuss chapter 39 . 12/22/2023
good chap
Eleesar chapter 39 . 12/22/2023
Is alive! Thanks for the chapter!
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