Reviews for A Fated Exchange
FS Appaneesty chapter 1 . 3/15/2020
Cute as per usual, if a little short for my tastes, lol. However, considering I write kaiju-sized monsters for chapters I've learned not to judge others based on my frankly absurd standards. The fluff between Yancy and Nate, or Yancy and anyone really; is something I always appreciate being able to read, and I find it a shame how rare of a gem Yancy's fan base tends to be. Kinda funny to think she was the original romantic interest in Pokemon; if you think about it, Yancy is the first character in all of the games to be confirmed as canonically in love with the player character, which is basically her being in love with the player as the player characters are literally Self-Inserts.

I tend to use different Self-Inserts/OCs of my own design in order to pair up with Yancy in my stories, but whether it's with Nate or with someone like my OC Appaneesty; they're all self-inserts regardless so I guess as far as OCs go, it's easier for me to use one that's tried and true for me a thousand times over rather than create a new version of Nate from scratch. That said, I'm willing to pair Yancy with almost anyone, hehehe. Thanks for the read mate, and it's weird but I don't think I've ever actually heard of White Day. Huh, I'll be sure to look it up later on. For right now though, I'm for bed. It's 12:25 AM where I am right now, and I didn't get a wink of sleep last night so I'm gonna retire for the night, hehehe. Thanks once again for the great, great read, and know that you've got a long-time fan of your Yancy works in me. :D