Reviews for Harry Potter and the Return
DS2010 chapter 5 . 4/26
Kind of like Harry and Draco being friends.
LunaM303 chapter 5 . 4/26
this is going to be good
Rasenkai chapter 4 . 4/23
Really intriguing story, would love to see how this turns out.
I can say grammar wise and plot wise this is one of the best stories I've read of 2020.
Guest chapter 4 . 4/22
I started reading and I couldn't stopped. I like your thinking Harry and the fact that he doesn't think that the sun shines out of Dumbledore's you know what. Any child raised in an orphanage would be able to pick up on his phony grandfatherly act. I'm glad to see a budding relationship with Draco.

I've always seen the griffyndors as privileged bigoted bullies and thought that if I was a slytherin first year and so how I was stereotyped by the headmaster, I might consider the other side too.
LunaM303 chapter 4 . 4/20
tell me why draco is made out to be mean in the original bcuz now that I think about it they never even tried to get to know him
DS2010 chapter 4 . 4/19
Harry seems very happy to have ran into the Malfoy's I see an interesting friendship ahead.
DS2010 chapter 3 . 3/29
Talk about introductions. Always loved the ride to vault.
LunaM303 chapter 3 . 3/28
I'm so happy for harry
LunaM303 chapter 2 . 3/24
ur in for it now albus
DS2010 chapter 2 . 3/19
Looks like Dumbledore just got hit with a boat load of guilt.
DS2010 chapter 1 . 3/16
Poor Harry feel for him