Reviews for Primordial Song
SupergodzillaSailorCosmos chapter 25 . 9/22
More Please soon.
Arceus - Icicle Plate chapter 25 . 9/12
A rickroll reference!
Scandalf chapter 17 . 8/29
I like the fic but I have one huge problem with it;
How easy it was for some random strangers to convince Harry to not mess with time.
Like, I'm pretty sure Hermione and what other few friends he had must have tried to convince him to stop for YEARS, to no avail. For him to so suddenly and easily start doubting himself is not good for the story itself.
At first, I was stuck between wanting him to actually go ahead with his plans and change the past regardless of the consequences, and him giving up on his plan because it's too dangerous and self harming.
But now, I just want him to do whatever the fuck he wants simply because of how irritatingly easy to convince(manipulate) he continues to be. At this point I just want him to create as much chaos as possible.

Also, am I missing something or did you just not consider the possibility of Harry taking Tiamat with him on his time travel? I mean, he already confirmed that he would have taken Hermione and a few of the friends he has left along but he just never considers taking with him the one person who's holding him back from time travelling? Is there just something I'm missing?
Skull Flame chapter 25 . 8/4
- Hinako's been watching Hellsing? I didn't expect that, but nice reference.
- I see the Foreign God and its goons are still trying to get not only Harry, but Hinako in their fold. Well, at least Hinako knows better than to accept their deal. This has me wondering if they've tried yet to use the "Xiang Yu" card on her yet.
- I never knew I'd see the day where Arturia would miss Kiritsugu. But I concur.
- Sometimes you gotta see another person acting as yourself to realize that kind of things, I guess. It's kind of ironic how Harry started to see what his ways were doing to people. In a way, at least.
Reishin Amara chapter 25 . 8/2
Oh right...GUGALANA will be missing in the future...wonder if a point me spell can find it? lol
Fate the wolf chapter 25 . 8/2
Arturia, Medea, and Medusa having that conversation had my dying in laughter
MasterOfDragonsGod chapter 25 . 8/2
Thanks for the chapter
Dragon Man 180 chapter 25 . 8/2
I admit, when Tiamat was Sad I was hoping Jackie would wander up to her half asleep and snuggle up to her for cuddles.

I can’t wait to see how the meeting with Ishtar goes, especially if Gilgamesh has something planned to convince her.

So Arturia tosses Shinji into the worm pit? Did Shirou and Rin get to vent on him as well?
LoamyCoffee chapter 25 . 8/2
Hmm, good chapter with his finally breaking that stubbornness and comforting his lady.
Oh, another who has suffered through those two series. I try to give series a few episodes or a volume before I judge.
Zaralann chapter 25 . 8/2
Have a Little Feith chapter 25 . 8/2
I have a question for you then, since you disliked How Not to Summon, did you like That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime's first volume, at least? Because I certainly didn't mind the Anime of How Not To, haven't read the book, but I do have a few of the manga volumes. 1-4, I think? I seem to have a favourite genre of fantasy, isekai, to be exact.

If you want another recommendation, I've read the manga that's been fan translated of "Berserk of Gluttony". It was a good read, though I'm annoyed by the translator who picked it up dropping it a full 6-7 months before the official translation will come out, simply because it's not been officially licensed. They could literally go for a little longer before dropping it, in my personal opinion. Anyways, if you like stories where the main character has a handicap, even if their powers can make them OP, then I suggest reading it at some point. You might enjoy it, even if there are no guarantees.
Starlord Master chapter 25 . 8/2
Beware your own feelings.
Skull Flame chapter 24 . 8/2
- I didn't expect Tiamat to grow to fight Gorgon, but it makes sense. Also, good Avengers! Hulk reference.
- With Ishtar, the "useless goddess" title kinda holds meaning, and not only for losing Gugalanna, more for her antics, hair-brained plans (Dead Heat Summer Race) and how annoying she can be. Of course, Tiamat is not Ishtar, much less the actual holder of that dubious honor, Aqua.
- Tiamat is gonna need more than a hug after that.
DarkFireCat5241999 chapter 1 . 8/2
Why did no one hire the magus killer to deal with Voldemort pretty sure he wouldn’t be a threat at all with no magic
Dragon Man 180 chapter 24 . 8/1
Nice battle. I especially loved Tiamat making Eye Scream for Gorgon. Very clever. I can't wait to see Gorgon's reaction if Ana reveals herself and her weapon the next time they meet.
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