Reviews for GrimmFall: Entropy
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 15 . 9/17
Okay... let me see if I got this right. Sammael can somehow speak with himself in any point in time he exists and was in league with his eminence (true name unknown) like with Gelorum for mutual trusts. Knew that time cannot be changed so easily (guess that makes the job for Time Squad or any other time agency easily) and yet some of it had changed with the doctor's attempt to change history.

Did I get that right? My brain is trying to avoid a splitting headache.

So now Edward is returned to his home and possibly will have a GF version of the Elric brothers with possible thing going on with Hohenheim and Trisha.

But hopefully Griff can be restored and interesting tying up the trollhunter version with the gergoyle pendragon. And now Savage has become a guardian, but who was the woman with the rabbit themed costume? Not familiar with her.

Interested how Sparta will be like in the 21st century and with RWBY characters passing through, if Pyrrha is still alive, wonder how she will react to discover them along with the Vikings and Scotsmen carry on the warrior traditions?
merendinoemiliano chapter 15 . 9/17
Very badass chapter overall, I'm very curious what you will do about the next events and Gargoyle's power, if this version of Arthur is that powerful they'll definitly need a lot of help. I'm also curious about how the mystic order sees the Elementals and relating to the former point give them as well some reinforcements, since aniway with people like the Justice Friends around and their canon enemies being as well more powerful some power evening is in order. Good work, always free for advices.
nightmaster000 chapter 15 . 9/16
Managed to catch this right before hitting the hay, and it was so EPIC! Seriously start to finish a all around splendid climax and finale for this movie arc.

As always some great action with things really hitting the fan as the plan kicks off, with the Dwarf attempt at the accelerated promise day.

Though runs into trouble with a mixture of rival evils, sabotage, and various heroes on the attack leads to quite a awesome clash and ends with Father and his children biting the dust it seems.

Steven Deschain certainly was brutal man or at least when it came to enemies like the Homunculi, and that little one sided exchange/stand off between Los and Steven after the former killed Pride was quite a nice touch.

Of course got to give props for King Spartok and it's oddly appropriate that he was the one to land the killing blow on Father, considering his ancestor faced him by the Emperor's side all those centuries ago.

So it seems the tale of the Seven Deadly Sins and their Father has come to a end. Now on other notes really quite like the turn and twist you took with the Sebben siblings. Also props for that excellent bit of misleading in how you fooled everyone even me into thinking that the private was Phil but instead it was his brother Ben.

Who I found his character file quite interesting with him being a treasure hunter and having worked with others like Scrooge McDuck in the past, and in the present currently partnered with his brother as a head of a law firm. (Though will admit I thought Phil's patch covered his left while Ben's covered his right?)

The twist in the revealed source of Phil and apparently his brothers eternal youth coming from Vandal Savage through Alchemy trasmutation was brilliant! Though this does make me wonder how immortal the two brothers are compared to Savage, if they like him can survive practically anything or if the immortality was weaken being split between the two of them?

Though we see that despite his noble sacrifice this isn't the end of that Vandal Savage now joining the ranks as a new guardian of time ready to work to make amends for his past actions.

Do wonder if something will cause him to return to the GrimmFall timeline/dimension down the road, same goes for Edward Elric.

Which reminds me it's looking like Hohenheim might now be finding peace through love as he's just met Trisha, and chances are this will soon lead to the birth of Ed and Al's counterparts in the GrimmFall reality. But considering the timeline they likely won't really come into play in the present unless as quite old man.

But as Hohenheim himself who knows with the Dwarf's defeat and now this he might be on the road to finding greater peace with himself, the souls within him, and his immortality.

Also quite like the shout out you did for Jack in the Spartans with that voice over and show of scenes in the aftermath of the big battle a fitting touch.

But outside the action and great finale what has to be my favorite moment was seeing Von Reichter getting his comeuppance. Sammael really outdid himself in that scene with a great reveal at his capabilities through time magic, and showing those pages from the book of ages gave more than just protection.

Quite a nice dab of Master Xehanort there in my opinion. Also quite enjoyed his Eminence and the surprise appearance of Bertha in that scene as well.

We Von Reichter's plans fall apart as he learns that this time gambit was apparently doom from the start, though he certainly succeeded in entertaining Sammael first time I think he's been seen to laugh. Ultimately Von Reichter's illusion of control breaks as he meets his end at the hands of his own creations, taking another player off the board.

Not to mention preventing the existence and events of Cybersix from happening in the GrimmFall timeline and world. A great little exchange between old apparent "friends" Sammael and Eminence, what player will be next indeed. Plus them living in interesting times is a understatement.

Finally quite enjoyed the after credit scenes as we see the GrimmFall version of Tales of Arcadia Wizards coming into play here.

But we learn that Morgana actually is Arthur's sister in the GrimmFall-verse despite what he told Jim in Hail Crom, and two mysterious enemies have apparently not only captured King Arthur. But also poisoned Griff to a stone sleep even during the night, raising the questions such as if the process can be reversed? Or who are these two and their goals?

Goliath is determined to find out who's behind this and make them answer for this because members of the clan or not Arthur and Griff are still friends, and Goliath and the others aren't likely to let this stand.

All together a brilliant finish to a wonderful movie arc. :)
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 14 . 9/14
something tells me the timeline would be altered given that Von Reichter in the past was executed by the officers and can't able to perform his cyber project.

NOw at last Ed meets the counterpart of his late father and the Promised Day is upon them! Wonder how this will turn out and hopefully Hohenheim planned something like this. But curious to what Brooklyn might be doing when still in the past now Goliath and Griff are back in the present... er, few years prior to the series?
merendinoemiliano chapter 14 . 9/13
Impressive chapter, can't wait to see the effects of these events and possibly some bit of raw destruction by the Light of all
nightmaster000 chapter 14 . 9/13
Awesome work and could be wrong but it seems we're getting to the big climax! Seriously just a fantastic chapter start to finish.

The twist in the amulet Gnorga possessed actually holding the Gem of Sight before it came into Phil Ken Sebben's possession was unexpected but so great.

From the sounds of it Steven Deschain might be the one to deliver to Sebben one day, very interest information and history lore.

Anyway we see Steven get a vision from the Gem of Sight and learning of the danger and plot of Father and his "children", and just like his son will in the future accepting the Light of Gan and the power that comes with it.

Von Reichter ambitions in his time travel gambit have come to a end, with a brutal execution by German soldiers for the destruction of the Death Crabs. Harsh and brutal as we see Von Reichter left to his fate by Los and killed.

Or at least that Von Reichter as considering he was mentioned to have access to cloning technology I believe before in the past in Kriegar's file, the world might not have seen the last of Von Reichter.

Unless this time gambit blew up in his face sealing his own fate/death before he could clone himself?

Anyway really enjoyed how things played out between Von Reichter and Los as the former made his offer and explained his actions. Plus we confirm that the Homunculi's Time Bridge exists thanks to him, good to confirm that.

The scene of Los and Umbra in the aftermath of Reichters death was also good, as we see that Los has the viewpoint of Fallen above all with other species or at least humans either being assets meant to serve or threats to be eliminated.

The words and thoughts he leaves Umbra with was also a good touch, hinting to further seed planting of future events to Umbra's own fate.

On the Gargoyles end we see a excellent adaptation of Goliath adventure in WW2, with Goliath and Griff managing to destroy the Death Crab than Goliath leaving this time period decades and decades into the future.

All while remaining in the dark about Brooklyn's presence in the shadows the helping hand he gave.

Finally we see the Homunculi making their move in a big way with Ed, Hohenheim, and Vandal Save captured and brought before the original Dwarf in the Flask himself, and man his appearance is quite different than his canon counterpart from Ed's universe, quite a monster.

Things are not looking good for the heroes with the Homunculi having them captured and about to kick off their big plan from the looks of it, can't wait to see what's going to happen next! :)
nightmaster000 chapter 13 . 9/7
Wonderful chapter and work.

Now starting off it seems that Ed has yet to realizes that the woman he's traveling with is a dimensional counterpart to his mother. Though to be fair such a concept has probably yet to be conceived in his world perhaps.

It also sounds like a part of him is believing that this is all a dream, though that belief might not last long. Anyway it seems he's having trouble dealing with this ghost from his past not that anyone can blame him, anyone would be stress or going through emotional turmoil in his situation.

But focusing onto the action we see Gnorga with some still free Gumm-Gumms under her command ambush Steven, Trisha, and Ed as well as the villagers they are protecting/guiding Leading to a great fight but ultimately ending in a bittersweet pyrrhic victory for Gnorga.

She managed to free her son from that crystal but at the cost of not only the trolls under her command but herself as well, instead of the humans she intended to sacrifice.

I thought for a second Bular would attack them but apparently for once he acts wisely and his loyalty to his father wins out, causing him to fall back and begin his hunt for Trollmarket and the pieces of a certain bridge.

Though despite the Trolls being dealt with it seems that Ed and the other aren't out of the woods just yet either, as something else has just struck snatching Ed. Is it the homunculi or another threat? Either way how will Ed deal with this next situation, and man his luck just hasn't been the best lately huh.

As ever since he got out of Gluttony's "stomache" one problem or another has been popping up for him, and that's not even going with the whole Trisha Elric situation.

Now moving on we learn more about Father and the Sins plans in the GrimmFall reality as revealed with this Time Bridge project with the goal of using it to view into if potentially access the future, and use it to accelerate Father's plans.

This Time Bridge and the goal here are very very interesting, and quite curious and eager to see how this plays out. Especially since it sounds like the shattered moon that we know in this reality apparently needs to be restored/repaired for some reason in order for Father's Time Bridge to function, and we know that it's still shattered in the modern era.

But despite this Father says it won't be issue with a reliable source saying it will be rebuild/repaired. Which certainly brings up questions that's for sure.

Is he perhaps implying that something will be happening to the moon soon allowing their plan to proceed, though it also implies the moon will return to it's shattered state like we've seen in the modern era?

Or is he hinting to something that will happen in the far future yet to play out or happen in the developing timeline of the main story? If so considering the Time Bridge has yet to be put into operation that brings up the question of how the heck this source Father mentioned is aware of this?

All together has more information shared so but also raises more questions.

For example who this mentioned woman is that providing sacrifices to the Sins and Father in return for their aid? Who is she and what "aid" and to what aim does she seek? Hmm personal theory/guess there is that it might be that Deitlinde Eckhart who was mentioned a few chapters back.

Not to mention this mysterious source and apparent ally to Father that supplied the information needed for the Time Bridge, and potentially the one that shared info about the moon getting restored.

Who is this mysterious third party source on this angle? Could it be Von Reichter playing another angle or yet another party still in the shadows, furthering their own agenda? Oh so much mystery and intrigue going on and pumped to see what happens next.

Also might be reading to much in this particular scene, ("What is going on?!" Queen Gnorga shouted, seeing her Troll servants being slain by these wretched humans. She pulled an amulet out of her robe, eyeing the jewel in the center. "You were supposed to show me how to I free my son!") but that scene with her screaming at the amulet it seemed like Gnorga was actually speaking to something or someone there. So one wonders what the story is there, and whether that amulet is more important than first appears.

Finally we end this chapter with a prelude to action cliffhanger as we see King Spartok start to lead his fources to the belly of the beast, but before a watching Kimblee can ambush the Sparan forces he get's his own surprise in the Ministry of Pain.

Let's see how this clash between the most wanted criminals of America during this era and the Crimson Lotus Hunter plays out, sure to be quite exciting and explosive. :)
merendinoemiliano chapter 13 . 9/6
Very good chapter overall, but considering the only things Bular cares about are power and family, he would probably try kill the trio on the spot. See you soon.
Knight chapter 13 . 9/6
Good chapter but you misspelled Gumm-Gumm.
Titanic X chapter 13 . 9/6
I love this! :D
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 12 . 8/31
Von reichter is trending in a VERY thin line if he thinks defeating Sammael will be easy by mere time travel, no doubt with this knowledge he would go after him in the present. And like she interactions with the Goliath episodes and adding to the other source materials not added tot he animated series.
merendinoemiliano chapter 12 . 8/30
Chapter a bit too brief and lacking of details in certain scenes, but amazing introspection as always
nightmaster000 chapter 12 . 8/30
As always wonderful work. :) As we start things off with a great Stan the Man cameo and Captain America reference.

As Vandal is found and removed from the remains of the Death Crab and taken for medical treatment. Not only that we see a special particular soldier is also heading to the medical tent, and can only wonder if this will in turn lead to Phil Ken Sebben meeting Vandal Savage.

On the Fallen end we get some very very interesting dialogue between Umbra and Los. As the latter raises a good point as he explains to his fellow Fallen why in over fifty thousand years there hasn't been a Fallen to reach the same level of power as their leader and the first of the true Fallen Sammael.

Which as explained or theorized by Los the reason why Sammael is so strong beyond the training he's gone through over the eons, is because he was exposed to the very source (Or a source in one of various magical conduits.) of magic itself back during the Connected Era.

Whether during the very moment that mothers wish was made while he in that dark pit, or later on through different circumstance. It certainly serves as another reason and explanation for Sammael greater power and skill over his brother and sister Fallen.

Hmm also something Los said certainly caught my attention when he listed the abilities of the Fallen, he said that their all capable of using magic.

If so this does make me wonder if we'll see more of this aspect with the known Fallen in the modern age such as Skarr, Aqueela, Mandy using magic in one form or another, along with their other Fallen abilities.

(Also small error I noticed on Los and Umbra's first scene where Van Kleiss name is mentioned instead of Von Reichter's.)

Now another thing that caught my attention about Los and Umbra's chat as they made their way to their destination, was Los parting remark of there being other forms immortality some found only after death.

Could he perhaps have been referring to the curse he put or is it will put on the Deschain bloodline that lead to the birth of his reincarnation of Mordred Deschain? Or was he perhaps referring to something else, and we might see the Crimson King raise again in the modern age somehow? Only time will tell I suppose.

Now also quite enjoyed the Fallen first meeting with Von Reichter, and it seems a potential true alliance might be forming. Though Reichter is certainly playing a dangerous game if he intends to use the power of time to defeat Sammael.

While as for Los and Umbra the latter despite potentially wanting free from Sammael's control, well they remain a mystery. Though Sammael certainly seems to have realized Los intentions and it really seems like he's very very driven if not obsessed with wiping out Arthur Elds bloodline no matter what he has to do.

All together very interesting turns there, and look forward how things develop. Especially now that Sammael like a certain Satyra leader is turning his attention back to a certain Homunculus.

On London's end we see that events of Goliath's arrival back to the past during the Avalon tour play out much the same at first, but are now taking a very different turn with the arrival of the Death Crab rampaging across the city.

Oh can't wait to see how this will play out and how the Gargoyles will fair against this monstrosity. Not to mention we see none other than the Time Dancer Brooklyn enter the picture as well, and keeping his presence secret from Goliath too.

It seems he's already aware of Von Reichter's action and is here to prevent Goliath's death, and he's not working alone. Which raises the questions in just who that mentioned woman is, and how she and Brooklyn came to be partnered up for this mission? As can guess from teleporting away she's likely not Brooklyn's mate Katana or future mate if they haven't met yet.

Well whoever she is look forward to finding out, and really really look forward to seeing all this play out! :)
D.N.Works chapter 12 . 8/30
Oh boy, so Vandal will meet Sebben, that seems neat. Not to mention after Los dealt with the fraction of the Lick-who we know is still trapped in that puddle of doom-is ready for his next more. een better, gargoyles on the scene.
Liked the Stan Lee cameo as well.
He's immortal.
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 11 . 8/23
So it seems Sammael is giving upgrades for his minions, wonder what else he has in mind for others and no doubt be interested to others when they hear of this. Especially X, Control Freak and Psy crow bad enough, Deadpool be a nightmare. But X, imagine the number of him round be a total disaster! But thankfully there be a limit to the use. I think. And also you might change the word Billions to Millions since it was 65 million years when the dinosaurs were wiped out. Just stop mention.

And enjoyed the fight when vandal did something heroic for a change, no doubt his friend will learn he’s really an immortal and would be interesting when Hohenheim meets Ed from another reality to his. Curious if Control Freak will surprised to find out he was in GrimmFall earth and from the justice league verse. Not even his YJ version be somewhat disappointed that a version of his had once completed his dream but gave up on it afterwards.
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