Reviews for Deliverance
mpasitaladysisi chapter 36 . 5/11/2022
I love this story, I loved the development. I hope one day you can update
darkpartofmydestiny chapter 36 . 5/30/2021
I love this story so much, I hope you update soon. You’ve done a fantastic job, it’s so gripping and I love your spin on things. Thanks for a great read!
longhaireddrew chapter 36 . 3/23/2021
This story is absolutely amazing! I dropped into the Caslevania section basically on a whim after finally starting to watch Season 3, and this was the most recent update. I started reading and before i knew it I was 8 chapters in and utterly hooked.
Having now finished my binge read i think this may be the best Fanfic i have read in the last year. Your writting is brilliantly put together (loved the hints on the ring), the sex scenes are steamy as all hell, and you have developed the characters fantastically well. I especially love how realistically you have captured the insecurrities and emotional chaos of being an inexperienced bisexual with Adrian. I remember those days well if not always fondly!
So thank you for giving me my new favourite OT3, and i cannot wait for more!
sociallyawkwardcatnerd chapter 33 . 2/5/2021
Ugh my heart! The snowball fight, Soft!Trevor, Sad!Adrian, and everything else in this chapter made me melt!
sociallyawkwardcatnerd chapter 28 . 1/28/2021
Well it’s been a hot minute since I’ve had the time to read this fic and dang does it feel good to be back here again! Thank you for your continued awesomeness and I look forward to reading all the updates I’ve missed!
Iceburg-sanCPX chapter 6 . 12/9/2020
First fight scene! Very cool :)
Iceburg-sanCPX chapter 5 . 12/9/2020
I don't know how others feel about this but when it comes to threesomes with two guys and a girl, it usually ends up being emphasis on the straight relationships, but I'm really pleased in this fic there is a focus on the relationship between the two guys as well, and how different the dynamic is between them to with Sypha. It's still a mix of it being an awesome patient thing and Adrian suddenly freaking out, but I'm hoping that over time he can get more used to it and enjoy it more and not feel guilty all the time
Iceburg-sanCPX chapter 4 . 12/9/2020
Poor Adrian, it was nice when he was opening up to them but alarming how quickly he lost control over his emotions. I really hope Sypha and Trevor can help him
Iceburg-sanCPX chapter 3 . 12/9/2020
I love how understanding and gentle Sypha is, and how respectful Trevor is. It's so refreshing that they are such a solid, happy couple- it creates the perfect scenario for them to include Adrien and take the time he needs to walk him through things
Iceburg-sanCPX chapter 2 . 12/8/2020
Very sexy, very sensual. Really like the descriptions and the dynamics.
Iceburg-sanCPX chapter 1 . 12/8/2020
Just embarked on this journey- really great so far. I love the character exploration and Trevor and Sypha's relationship. Can't wait to see where this goes
Guest chapter 30 . 11/6/2020
Wonderful detailed chapter and I love that Trevor and Adrian are having some time to themselves. They both need this.
laura-maeve chapter 22 . 10/30/2020
This chapter was great! I love smut. It's all up in my stories. And this is honestly the threesome Alucard (I can't call him Adrian. It doesn't feel right) deserves. I really can't wait to see what lines Trevor is willing to cross. That's what I'm here for! So now, I'm moving on! Great work!
Guest chapter 29 . 10/15/2020
This chapter was intense! I cant wait to see what this spell allows Adrian to see. I am not fond of new characters usually but I loved Hana. She adds something very important to the story. Really made Adrien think about how he is seen to the outside world.
Guest chapter 26 . 9/21/2020
This was a great chapter and the smut was just great. Dont be nervous. You write it just right.
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