Reviews for Family Ties
Shazza19 chapter 29 . 10/24/2020
Did not see that ending coming I really did like reading this story. You made the family so great on accepting the brothers bitter sweet ending.
shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 29 . 10/23/2020
I am super happy the brothers are back together, but awhhhhh. From a writing perspective, I think you made a good call. From a reading perspective, ouch, my heart is hurt, but in a good way because you made me care about this whole cast of characters and their effect on the Winchesters. You built this whole thing up so wonderfully and vividly, serious, the amount of detail that went into everyone's characters was incredible, and I loved seeing Sam and Dean interacting with them. They never strayed from their own characterization either, which made this easy to read despite the number of new faces. Thank you for writing such a fantastic, sweet, heartbreaking, lovely story!
shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 28 . 10/23/2020
Holy moly this was heartbreaking. I had forgotten he'd only known Johnny a few days too, you've put so much work into planning and describing this story so well. The emotions were super well written, and my heart aches for both of the brothers, Sam for his grief, and Dean for feeling like he can't help at this stage. Awh :( but wonderful job!
SilentDragon02 chapter 29 . 10/23/2020
Loved the hole story, it's heartbreaking but very good story. You're writing is fenomenal, you could have written supernatural yourself.
scootersmom chapter 29 . 10/23/2020
This was so very sad...
I hope whatever your are sad over, will get better, someday soon.
Long Live BRUCAS chapter 29 . 10/23/2020
Poor Sam. But he still and will always have Dean and Cas. its not much but he knows he is loved and cared about with them.
Kathy chapter 29 . 10/22/2020
nice complete ending with Dean taking care of Sam, I am so choked up, was crying well before I read the part with the little elephant stuffie, oh my, now the tears are leaking again, so very sad, yet so realistic, powerful writing, (as I just wiped tears off my face as they were literally dripping off my cheeks,) thanks for finishing this, and sharing your incredible story with us, please keep writing and sharing, what incredible talent
Kathy chapter 28 . 10/22/2020
so very sad, how heartbreaking, your story was so lovely and so full of details that I somehow didn't realize that Sam had only known his son 3 days, it seemed so much longer, all the wonderful family fun and how they welcomed Sam and Dean and how they fit and then the little house and then the unexpected but thankfully not supernatural horrible incident and then poor little Jonathan gone too, I am crying, and Sam so stoic, after all he's gone through and now to lose so much, and he cannot hide it away, he will not forget him, I'm still crying here, what great writing to make me feel so much
MichelleAKF chapter 27 . 9/7/2020
Very well written! I can’t wait for more.
SilentDragon02 chapter 27 . 9/7/2020
You keep the story surprising and very interesting! I love it!
OldGirl-NoraArlani chapter 27 . 9/5/2020
What did I say last Time? :-D
Bad feeling about what was laying ahead... And here we are!
I love Dean not even departed yet, rushing back to "the kid".
Kathy chapter 27 . 9/4/2020
oh no,oh no, so did NOT expect this, so sad, yet is this Winchester luck at its worse? Good that Dean found out it is not supernatural at all, poor Sam, will Johnathan be ok?
Long Live BRUCAS chapter 27 . 9/4/2020
awe so sad. I think dean will need to say a bit to offer comfort and support to the family.
shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 27 . 9/4/2020
WHAT. How could you?! ;) That caught me so off guard, but I love that we got an introduction to the truck driver in the beginning so it didn't come completely out of left field. But my heart is still broken oh man, poor Sam and the whole family involved *cries* *also would've loved to have seen the extra words but we all know how editing goes*
OldGirl-NoraArlani chapter 26 . 8/29/2020
Since I'm terrible with goodbyes (that don't feel good in every way), it was suite emotional for me.
I can't help thinking something ominous is on it's way.
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