Reviews for Fate: Beyond the Gate
Guest chapter 24 . 7/6
Also is gate earth different from shirou earth
Guest chapter 24 . 7/6
Also wanted to ask if dead apostles and dead apostle ancestors will make appearances
Also will gods eventually come back to earth
Guest chapter 24 . 7/6
Really good story
Can't wait for next update
You may already know this info but I will say just in case
Albion's strength can't be compared to other dragons
He was likely the strongest dragon on earth and his age was could be measured in billions of years
He technically is still alive in a way
dragonfox123 chapter 24 . 6/20
Amazing chapters and world building and characters development and can’t wait for the next chapter update
W8W chapter 24 . 6/6
So we have 2 lies. One that Merlin is god(still with his knowledge he can offer Clock Tower something juicy) and second that Shirou is king Arthur. It will be interesting to see how Grand Britan from Gate world react.
Guest chapter 24 . 6/2
This is hilarious. He just became king Arthur. I love it. I love the quote at the end from the story that all poem it was great.
Prodigal Priest chapter 24 . 6/1
Merlin is a liar and Magic (and HILARITY) is Afoot!
ledesmajoaquin418 chapter 24 . 6/1
Brutal, todos saluden al rey de Gran Bretaña
Dumbell chapter 24 . 5/31
I actually don't mind the idea of Shirou being a pseudo messianic figure for the GATE Earth, it be really funny.
aGnamZer0 chapter 24 . 5/31
Like usual, it was an awesome chapter!

I do wonder what Merlin might have told Reines and co. to make them back down and how he's gonna manipulate them (as well as the JSDF from the Muggle World).

Looks like if Shirou ever wants to leave the World of Gaia behind, he'll be accepted in the Muggle World with opened arms (not even counted the Gate World).

I'm very excited for how everything's gonna unfold.

Thanks for the chapter.
ALEXIELLUST chapter 24 . 5/31
Me encanto este capitulo, me dejo a la espera de mas interacciones de shirou con el grupo de itami, ademas de si van a invitar a shirou a la conferencia en la otra tierra que edad dira que tiene considerando que tiene orejas de elfo.

Espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo.
grudgematch chapter 24 . 5/30
Why do i get a feeling that merlin is going to try to get shirou to indulge in some of his vices
silverhawk88 chapter 7 . 5/29
Now I can’t wait till Reines gets the boot by Shirou! LMAO!
Guest chapter 24 . 5/29
Good chapter
Cyricist001 chapter 24 . 5/28
Great chapter. it reminds me of David Weber's "Multiverse series" where through portals a scientific and magical societies clash because of a "who shot first" misunderstanding that escalated.
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