Reviews for A Shinobi Among Monsters
Damien Evermere chapter 8 . 9/21
...why do you have one of the three most pacifist and loyal to Olympus gods betray Olympus? Pan would rather desteoy his own domain than betray Olympus no matter what he is offered.
Dak1on chapter 22 . 9/19
Found it today and binged it, great work man! Even if your upload is a bit slow xD
Great blue chapter 22 . 9/18
please update
Nathair1 chapter 22 . 9/5
Angelo47 chapter 22 . 8/28
Thank goodness, i dont think apollo or naruto would like orion much less if he was in a relationship with Artemis.
For parings i would like to see piper and naruto get together.
I would say Naruto x Hestia…but she is a virgin goddess and im sure naruto wants kids, so probably not?!
x6568tank chapter 22 . 8/27
wait so the gods vs giant war happened during the Roman empire?
Wolfsrainrock3 chapter 22 . 8/23
Loved binge reading this for the past few days! Can't wait for the update in the future
Guest chapter 22 . 8/20
Eh, as long as they didn't try to throw that rasenshuriken anywhere close to Naruto their plans is fool proof as Naruto can just take it back and throw it back to them (like when Naruto vs Edo 3rd raikage). Though they can't just throw it around as rasenshuriken need Naruto concentration to keep it stable. It probably going to explode when they release the time loop. As contrary to what most people thought rasenshuriken won't just explode when it hit things. Naruto need to release the shape manipulation for it to explode. Otherwise it will keep the shuriken shape infinitely or until Naruto lost control because chakra exhaustion.
LuckyMaggy chapter 22 . 8/14
I love the story, I don’t mind the delayed updates, this is hands down one of my favourite Naruto/PJO fic. Thank you for the amazing read dear author, I can only hope that you’ll update this soon once again. Best of luck with your creative swings! 3
maalik chapter 22 . 8/13
I jsut binged 200k words in two days lol.

i hope you come finish it off btw this was excellent
maalik chapter 19 . 8/13
great fight.
I feel you jumped the gun when you implied Naruto and Zeus are equals. Its a little early for that, even if you think its justified power scaling wise. Zeus is the peak of Power in this world, he needs to stay above Naruto for a while, not forever of course because that would be silly given the feats of Six paths sage mode.

I enjoyed the fight, but it felt a little hollow. They were only going for a sparring match, it would have been better to see Naruto and Zeus slowly amp it up. That would have been good for showing the difference in the Narutoverse and the Greekgods universe. Since in base, (or just sage mode) naruto would need to use more trickery and shinobi abilities.

But in six paths mode, he pretty much does mindless blasting. That is something that many fictionverses have, and doesn't show the character of the narutoverse well.
maalik chapter 18 . 8/13
i love this story but I shouldn't ever read zeus saying
"i know, right?" .again, its just a cheap attempt at comedy.

Zeus should not behave like a quirky teen girl. Zeus is Zeus.
maalik chapter 17 . 8/13
I don't get the big deal about puberty?
if anything it will allow him to handle more of kurama's chakra.
maalik chapter 13 . 8/13
goddamn I love this story.
maalik chapter 10 . 8/12
there's no way naruto is talking himself out of this one.
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