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E.T. 2000 chapter 26 . 10/16
It has been some time since I posted a review on this story.

but this chapter was not bad, it would be good if yuya did not depend so much on odd eyes and its alternative versions, it would also help yuya who can not always depend a lot on odd eyes and also on the deck that lotten's brother would use the only thing I can think of several that you can use would be jurrac, fabled, genex
Guest chapter 26 . 10/13
for a girl who lacked social skills Serena knows what the word “boyfriend” means?
charly12 chapter 26 . 10/9
Ah yes, this episode...I started to forgot Chojiro. It's not I don't like him, but he doesn't really mark me. So I didn't really feel involved in the duel between Yuya and him.
But the Yugo and Sawatari's duels were great, mainly Sawatari's duel. I'm happy that he's more useful than in the anime.
Oh the talk between the girls was short but fun.
But in Arc-V, if Serena isn't with the others Lancers, it's not because she's a girl, but because Roget knows that she is an important part of Leo's plan. So, in this situation, according to canon, Masumi should be with the ohter Lancers. But it's fanfiction so we don't care.
Sage the Hedgehog chapter 26 . 10/8
Awesome I figured you would but I though that I'd ask anyways, although can't wait for Odd-Eyes Raging and Odd-Eyes Venom. Enjoyed the Sawatari duel, making him a threat while keeping him funny. I feel like that's the best direction to take dude as making him too serous, like how he was in the Arc-V manga, feel a bit wrong if you get what I mean. Also, has Shun dueled in this fic yet or did I missing something? It feels like every other person had dueled in this fic, but Shun.
Ktsparks chapter 26 . 10/8
I really like the way you write Yuya in this story. In the anime it took me awhile to like his character. I’m glad he knows to get serious but at the same time entertain everyone spectating. I honestly thought it was really dumb when he tried to entertain the Obelisk Force while Kurosaki was hurt. Big no no in my book.
Ktsparks chapter 25 . 9/25
The more Sawatari the better. Given more spotlight, he could’ve been the best character to come out of the anime.
charly12 chapter 25 . 9/25
I didn't expect to a chapter without the lancers, but it was cool to see these characters, and Im' really happy Manjoume leaving Academia
I can't wait to see his futures talks with Yusho.
Sage the Hedgehog chapter 25 . 9/25
You know speaking of other versions of Odd-Eyes monsters are you going to give Odd-Eyes Wing and Odd-Eyes Venom different versions of each other like how, Odd-Eyes Rebellion and Odd-Eyes Raging were different versions of each other?
charly12 chapter 24 . 9/18
I read all your fanfiction in just one time, and I love it. The characters from GX, the exciting duels, the interactions between the Yu-boys...I can't wait for the next chapter.
Sage the Hedgehog chapter 24 . 9/17
You know, I'm kinda surprises that you haven't given Yuya Odd-Eyes Saber yet. Talk about stuff that didn't get enough screen time. That monster got used once and was never used again, and it had such a cool look as well. Anyways great read, also I love how you write Yugo, he's currently my favorite character in this story.
bladeWriter3 chapter 23 . 9/15
Aki is brainwashed and working under Rodger... 'A' for creativity, I don't think I've ever seen anyone take that angle before. Works as a nice call back to her working for Divine.

Blooming is... acceptable, for me. Effects are pretty good, especially with the revival effect the original lacked, and the summon chant is solid. The name though is most certainly the weakest element. I personally have always thought that if any ARC V versions of the 5D's team appeared with new versions of their dragons, their names would be similar to Scarlight's, i.e adding a 'New Word' to the original's name. Red Daemon become Red Daemon's Dragon Scarlight in the OCG/ Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend in the TCG (I mentally refer to Dark Storm in the same manner. Good name and all, but I have my preferences.) Maybe if the structure of Blooming's name was similar to Scarlight then it would have been better, and would also have made Blooming a proper 'Rose Dragon' monster like the original or Blue Rose Dragon. Still overall a good interpretation of a new Black Rose Dragon in my book.

The duels were pretty good. Seeing some of my favorite Female characters in Yugioh going at it was a delight so you scored some brownie points for that. Yugo vs Sergey was alright as well, especially since it never happened in the anime. Surprised to see the latter play a hybrid of both his Thorn Prisoner and Earthbound Decks. Kinda wished you'd have focused more on the former since Sergey had only 1 onscreen duel with Thorn Prisoners compared to the 2 he had with the Earthbound cards. Still, duel was pretty enjoyable.

On the character side of things, we get some more build-up to a PROPER Serena and Yuri relationship compared to... the train wreck that was the Arc V finale. Whether that translates to friendship or something more is still yet to be revealed.

Next time, things start to go down hill for our heroes...
Sage the Hedgehog chapter 23 . 8/31
Okay I was way off, I really thought that two were going to be Rua and Ruka (Not sure if I spell their names right) but Black rose and the duel crusher I was mu 2nd guess. But great as always.
Time Knight Leo chapter 23 . 8/31
Nice set of duels, but there's a bit of an error. When Yugo's and Sergey's duel started, you accidently spoiled Sergey's name after he summoned Thorn Prisoner - Van. I guess it doesn't matter too much since his name is still revealed normally in this part and we could probably tell it's him from the Thorn Prisoners he summons, but I just wanted to let you know about the slip.
Sage the Hedgehog chapter 22 . 8/19
Ohhh I'm super interested to see what happens next, if my guest of these cloaked duelists are right and if they are anything like their manga counterparts, at least from what I heard, then we've got some really fun stuff to look forwards to. But If they're just like their anime counterparts then just as good. Also I was not expected Yuya to lose to Crow, that duel was super unpredictable.
Unknowedz chapter 18 . 8/19
Starve Venom stealing the effect of Independant nightingale reminds me of a time where SKSD Starve Venom taking the effect from Independant Nightingale from GY which led to the ban of SKSD Starve Venom because it’s a tool for OTKS such as this and not to mention Odd Eyes Revolution Dragon and SKSD Starve Venom Combo (Just discard Revolution Dragon and SKSD Starve Venom will just board wipe the field with high amount of Attack to direct Attack)
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