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MyBeewing chapter 17 . 9h
I had a mini aneurism when Ginny mentioned Vivian. I was just so happy :). And of course, the big reveal ! Yay !
lyssabun chapter 17 . 13h
hi so I did a few doodles of some scenes from this chapter :D if you’d like to see them they’re on my tumblr: froctus
PoppyRosaLawston chapter 17 . 5/31
Confession: I first read this at 4am having not gone to sleep the day you updated. I remember freaking out as I read and then promptly falling asleep and honest to goodness I thought I’d dreamt that you’d updated? But I just finished rereading and Asgshsjkafj such loveable idiots! Idiots in love! The mutual pining has ceased! What a beautiful chapter and so perfect (perfectly evil not letting them kiss and yet it suited Josie and Bill and felt so right!) They’ve come so far and I’m so proud of them! Ginny was a firecracker and the way you handled Fleur was amazingly sensitive and just brilliant. Molly was so Molly Weasley like shuffling them out the house for a date! I’m counting this walk in the moonlight as their first date cause obvs its super romantic and confessions of love, it was just *chefs kiss*. I’m running out of ways to say this was a perfect chapter! Haha! Not gonna lie, I squealed out loud when you mentioned Sirius! It gave me hope and I’m going to hold on tightly to this chapter whilst reading RegimentumI have a feeling I’m going to need it!
hella-sirius chapter 17 . 5/31
Words can't even describe how fulfilled I am by this chapter. Utterly and truly fulfilled. All the ladies in this chapter were STANDOUT LEGENDS. Ginny? Iconic, hilarious, delightfully 14 years old and a fucking menace. Fleur? Beautiful, haunting, groundbreaking, considerate, loving. Molly? Fucking everything that comes with Molly Weasley being an icon. JOSIE? JOSIE THO? ABSOLUTE LEGEND. THIS IS PEAK (PEAK!) ROMANCE BRUH! Their ENTIRE conversation gave me life. Idiots in love! We STAN! The repeating each others words with new meaning reprise GOALS. The best of friends being the best of lovers absolute legends. I'd say some of my favorite quotes but that's entirely their whole conversation out in the moonlight, like oh my GOD. BARS! Bill being a little shit about Josie liking him for 10 years when he's loved her just the same. Love that!

Also, I truly felt for Fleur in this chapter. I never really gave her the benefit of the doubt with her feelings and their talk at Gringotts really put that in perspective for me so thanks for handling Fleur with sensitivity here. It would have been really easy (but then again really out of character) to just have her be mean to Josie, but I really appreciate the thought you put into still making Fleur likeable (even if Ginny and Molly don't agree). But I'm glad we got a little bit of Josie sticking up for Fleur to them. It's a good character moment for both of them.

P.S- don't think I didn't notice that they didn't get their romcom "in the light of the moon" end of mutual pining kiss at the end of their confessions. I expect a FULL, EARTH-SHATTERING return on that soon lmao. Can't wait for that complete resolution.

P.S.S (P.P.S? idk)- love how the Vivian reference reinvigorated me to catch back up on Vivicendium now. Congrats on finishing S1 of that by the way!
MarvelDweeb chapter 11 . 5/31
I'm still really irritated that Josie would believe someone who gave her a very potent DRUG. Dang like I know you wanna be independent and all but rlly. what about research jshdjdh researches temples so well, but unknown potion or drug? ngek
MarvelDweeb chapter 8 . 5/31
AH RICARDO PROTECT JOSIE. honestly wanna just YEET bill... or josie... Ricardo is a good man imo ùwú
MarvelDweeb chapter 6 . 5/31
okay, I love Ricardo. honestly josie just... idk... Marry him? or at least get engaged, man jealousy is bad but fricken pay back ig HAHA
MarvelDweeb chapter 4 . 5/31
I get a feeling I know why it's getting worse and tbh I kinda don't wanna hahdhd
MarvelDweeb chapter 3 . 5/31
huh, I really hope she's fixed her wand already
MarvelDweeb chapter 2 . 5/31
I'm only two chapters in and it's like there's spit in my stomach and I really can't read through this like I did with vivicendium hshdh
joanne chapter 17 . 5/30
this chapter was so well written i could CRY! the stunning realization between them and how it wasnt so fairytale, happily ever after, but that's how real life goes! i love that you mentioned sirius and viv as well! (worlds colliding and its too much for my brain) their confession to each other was so heartwrenchingly perfect and how above all, they were best friends first! love this so much
Dreampuddle chapter 17 . 5/30
I come back and am rewarded with two amazing chapters. Yes.
I love the very real and genuine tension that follows after their confession, this is so realistic and close to their characters! Arrrrh I should definitely reqd your other story set in this universe to discover your portrayal of Sirius and your other OC. Glad to know Fleur’s character won’t be painted negatively! I am so happy these two blind idiots finally got their minds out of the gutter and faced each other. And this curse, I like this ending definitely a bit less dramatic than gold cursed but I love your take on raw magic. Ginny sure is confident straight after Voldemort’s come back haha
Anyways I’m excited for the next final chapters!
Marnie Quiera chapter 17 . 5/30
Firstly LOVE this story it’s the best. Secondly, I actually did a spit take at Rosalind becoming a journalist. It’s so on point with her character. Mauve - quidditch, Rosalind - trashy journalist, Morrigan - socialite with lots of male friends and no maternal instinct and trashy pureblood parties that Vivian gets invites to, Gavin - professor. But I digress finally Bill finally boi.
haleygur7 chapter 17 . 5/30
cherryorpeach chapter 17 . 5/30
Vivian is alive?! Hahah, I was clenching my jaw in anticipation when Josie gets to the burrow. Great chapter!
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