Reviews for Lord Doom by RustPony
Fox of the snowy night chapter 19 . 8/17
Sorry coil, your fucked
BowmanW chapter 1 . 4/5
Giving credit really is not enough. Unless you've got permission, this is literally stealing someone else's work for your own gain. I'm amazed this is still on the site.
zeckron chapter 17 . 2/14
Defenestration him!

Great word and ending for a chapter.
Dredgen Ruvaak chapter 19 . 1/25
This is fucking awesome man.
Mr.Varga7 chapter 19 . 12/6/2020
This is a great story, much better than many with more review and favorites.
vigilent chapter 19 . 12/1/2020
This was AWESOME.
PristinelyUngifted chapter 19 . 11/17/2020
Oh shhhiiiitttttt
MB80 chapter 19 . 10/22/2020
Nooooooo! Please, at least write the part where she beats up Coil? Those are always fun to read.
MagniThorsen chapter 19 . 9/8/2020
Epic ending to a fantastic story! I both want a sequel and think it's perfect as it is.

Excellent, well done!
Lupa Lazuli chapter 19 . 7/29/2020
Finished this story in a day! Loved it! I would love a sequel at some point but I totally get this as a stand-alone piece as well! Great story
Boread97 chapter 19 . 7/25/2020
Just finish this and my thought of the ending is "That was epic". Hope you produce more good worm fanfic. We do have a shortage of it compare to good naruto/HP fanfic.
H Max Marius chapter 19 . 7/19/2020
ARRRRRGGGGHHHHh! How can you leave us there!
Nonyaarb chapter 8 . 6/7/2020
I forgot how much I love this
THEtoken1 chapter 18 . 5/20/2020
Truly liked this story. I can't wax poetry about it cause I'm tired. But if I wasn't, i would be.
Nonyaarb chapter 19 . 5/14/2020
Cool ending of this chapter. Wish there was an endbringer fight to read soon. That was awesome
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