Reviews for Ripple Effect
owtena chapter 8 . 10/5
I won't stop commenting how amazing your writing style is and I'm sad that FF doesn't allow emojis, even if you use dots and brackets. I love your stories!
And I'm so happy that with every new story we discover something new about that bond. Also you really are torturing us with that mysterious Ancient box. LOL!
owtena chapter 5 . 10/4
These two need to be chipped for easier search. LOL!
gabumon7 chapter 8 . 7/11/2021
Yah, more info on the link! I love the concept and really hate not being able to guess were the story will go. Keeps me coming back for more
Silverthreads chapter 8 . 6/30/2021
So Edeilon (or however that's spelled) is a severed bond partner. I don't feel sorry for him/her/it, though.
mittengal chapter 8 . 4/27/2020
Poor guys! That unbreakable bond would be awful. Liked the story.
shestarsky chapter 8 . 4/18/2020
Interesting tale, very enjoyable
ElisaD263 chapter 8 . 4/7/2020
*contented sigh* Well done on this story! Looking forward as always to the next installment. Thank you for sharing them with us!
ElisaD263 chapter 7 . 4/6/2020
Oh wow...the link can heal...a very handy ability to have. Ronon...he's so smart!
ElisaD263 chapter 6 . 4/6/2020
We learn a little more about the link...interesting.
ElisaD263 chapter 5 . 4/6/2020
Enjoyed John and Rodney spending a little time together. But now they are gone! Oh my!
Salchat chapter 8 . 4/6/2020
I enjoyed your story, thank you, and especially the part in the caves. I liked the painting of Atlantis and the idea of it hiding a secret cave. The description was atmospheric and the dialogue true to the characters. Thank you!
Jennaya chapter 8 . 4/4/2020
Another excellent story, thanks for sharing your talents with us.
sheppardlover928 chapter 8 . 4/4/2020
Ok, pretty much a no-brainer. john has always said he didnt want to ascend and wasnt sure he would ever want to—and he definitely is not a “follow the rules” kind of guy. If he ascended and couldnt help where help was needed, it would be too frustating! Love that they both agree to just go on as they have been!
sheppardlover928 chapter 7 . 4/4/2020
Too bad about the ZPM...but the met Yana and she helped John heal Rodney! I thought Ronon nd Teyl already knew about their connection, but guess I was wrong...John and Rodney need to tell them asap—Ronon already suspects!
sheppardlover928 chapter 5 . 4/4/2020
Secret passage?! Or something bad?
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