Reviews for Green Light in the Dark
OryxGreen chapter 98 . 7h
yessss . I wanted this to happen so long... I didn't like how she was trying to fit in a society that doesn't really want her. and how she was trying to be an adult when she is just a kid. I am glad this happened.
Janeth16 chapter 98 . 13h
Aurora said I love you to Sirius!, to her dad! this scene was beautiful!

Aurora has a lot of pressure and stress on her shoulders, I hope that with what she discussed with her dad and the idea of involving Andromeda, Aurora can have a relief.
Ghost Claw 001 chapter 95 . 5/17
Damn, she is only 15, that's too many responsabilities
Lost chapter 97 . 5/14
Ghost of Danton chapter 97 . 5/13
Hope Aurora and Hermoine do a team up take down on Skeeter
Janeth16 chapter 97 . 5/13
Thanks for the chapter!
Ghost Claw 001 chapter 94 . 5/8
The suspense si killing me
Lost chapter 96 . 5/5
Ghost Claw 001 chapter 93 . 5/6
Damn, all of them are really scared
Ghost Claw 001 chapter 92 . 5/2
Holy hecho, didn't expect bellatrix
Janeth16 chapter 96 . 5/1
God!, poor Theo, he is going through so many things, so many worries and stress, Theo opening up to Aurora to tell her the situation he is going through, both trying to comfort and support, this part was so sad and heartbreaking.
Eyneliese chapter 95 . 4/25
This is great! I am waiting forward seeing how the plot with Karkarov and Crouch develops out of canon.
Janeth16 chapter 95 . 4/22
Thanks for this chapter!

What happened to Theo? I'm curious.
Eyneliese chapter 1 . 4/16
I really love the story and how well characters - especially Rory - are developed. Also the interactions between Sirius, Rory and Harry, becoming a family. Waiting for more now that darker times are coming.
Janeth16 chapter 94 . 4/15
Thank you very much for this new chapter!

This story is so addictive! I never get tired of reading it, it is so excellently written and developed. I love this story!

You have me intrigued by the meaning of the dreams and nightmares that Aurora has recently had, mainly because they are connected to Bellatrix.
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