Reviews for Unraveled
Guest chapter 21 . 9/27
por que no lo terrminaste
Joana A chapter 21 . 9/26
So good to read another great chapter of this Story! I hope Jim returns the message :-). Looking forward to the next update.
Guest chapter 21 . 9/24
Thanks for the update ️
dopeysac chapter 21 . 9/23
I love this interaction between Kate and Johanna. This is definitely going to be a hard journey to forgive. I hope Jim responds soon if know what's best. Looking forward to the next chapter.
lkwill39 chapter 21 . 9/23
Good chapter! Glad that they had a good talk and reached an understanding.
Carolina chapter 21 . 9/22
Bueno historia
Cwardpm1 chapter 21 . 9/22
I love the Kate and Jo dynamic in all your stories. Kate: still wants her Mother yet is also her biggest protector. Jo: still the mother and comfort for Kate but yet a woman with her own feelings very much like Kate. All beautifully intertwined in this chapter.
guiguita chapter 21 . 9/22
Excelente capítulo, ame toda la charla madre-hija, fue hasta tierna, la forma indirecta en que Kate le pide que se quede con ella esa noche, cómo Johanna pudo consolarla cuando al fin se desahogo de tanta angustia. En fin, gracias por continuar tus historias .
RoShell1978 chapter 21 . 9/22
I wouldn’t say lovely mother/daughter dinner… although some parts were quite lovely
Typical mother/daughter dinner is more like it… and I wouldn’t have it any other way

Thanks for sharing

Jbug47 chapter 21 . 9/22
Great chapter! When I think about, if there was a possibility my Dad could have come back after dying at 60 years old, I can’t imagine feeling like Kate regardless of why he left! She should be thankful he survived! I’ll quit now! Love your story! Looking forward to more!
Guest chapter 21 . 9/22
Wow that was awsome... looking forwards to more chapters ...
Anja1983 chapter 21 . 9/22
Good chapter!
Glad Kate feels a bit better about everything, she had a good talk with Johanna.
TORONTOSUN chapter 21 . 9/22
I like the talk between Johanna and Kate. Very well written.
TonyCastle78 chapter 21 . 9/22
Oh I’m glad to see this story’s continuing. This was a good recap of where we are in the story.
c.rogers7761 chapter 21 . 9/21
Thanks for the latest chapter I have missed this story
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