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hyperomegasonic26 chapter 144 . 6/4
Well, I see that Shirou's son's trip with Lancer Arturia (formerly Goddess Rhongomyniad) through Chaldea.

I wonder what servant name will be summoned in the next chapters, one that will shake Shirou's peace?
Suzuya Akabane chapter 144 . 6/4
Hahahaha! Oh dear! Merlin get a disaster from kenzaki and knights of the round! XD
Jareth Arian chapter 144 . 6/4
Honestly, I was expecting for Kenzaki to be called Princess and not Prince, and Mordred insisting to be called Big Brother and not Bg Sister.

Also, would it be Possible for you to make a new Fic. Specifically 1 where Zelretch decided not only to keep Shirou from loosing his Memories during the Fuyuki Fire, but made him interested in Recreating what he sees in Anime, Manga, Light Novel, and Games, due to Zelretch Revealing that he already did some with Proof like Kaleidostick Ruby and Sapphire. It won't be considered as a Crossover Either, since Shirou, or should I say Luca Saijou, well, Luca Emiya as he still got Adopted by Kiritsugu, won't be focusing on him being or going in other worlds through Zelretch, but him Recreating and Using said Creations of his in the 5th (Stay Night, all 3 Versions in 1), Great (Apocrypha, where he convinced Jack to be her new Master), and be a part of Chaldea.

Just imagine him having he same Semblance as Ruby Rose from RWBY, aka Petal Burst, and be mistaken as a 2nd Merlin due to becoming a Troll due to Zelretch's Influence, and using the Mechashift Weapons, then Summoning what looks like a Phantasmal Beast due to him Successfully Recreating how High Beast from Ascendance of a Bookworm were Made, even going as far as him having his own Schtappe, but with a Twist as it also has the same abilities as the Legendary and Vassal Weapons from Shield Hero, since he made it that way, even him using both the Chakra Control Methods and Techniques from Naruto, and Mana Compression Method from Ascendance as a Bookworm to have more Od and Prana than Normal to the Horror of many, especially combine with Tracecraft, Statuscraft (which he made due to how useful to not only see his and others Perimeters, but also having his own Item Box and Map, that he could visually see and interact with, but also writing notes without the requirements of a book), and so on. It's like seeing Lloyd de Saloum from Reincarnated as the 7th Prince, in the flesh.

I could literally see Gilgamesh and Archer EMIYA being dumbstruck when he recreated Babylon Gate itself and use it to multi-analyse all of Gilgamesh Weapons, and use Spell-Stack to make all of his Projection as close as the original, and nearly surpass it, showing the real reason on why he lost his Memories and Original Origin and Element wasn't a Mere Accident, but a Planned Accident by both Gaia and Alaya, as they fear the Existence of someone capable of Learning and Obtaining all True Magic. Though Gaia would be Greatful if Luca Emiya could and would use Senjutsu from Naruto to purify the Lands.
OniTenshi500 chapter 144 . 6/4
Mordred calling Arturia "Father and Shirou "Mother" while Kenzaki calls Shirou "Dad" and Arturia "Mom" and then them getting into fights over it is going to become a running gag, isn't it?
keybladelight chapter 144 . 6/4
Well can wait to see Gilgamesh meeting the prince of knights.
Midnight49 chapter 144 . 6/4
Next the Fairy Knights reaction to their Queen’s Nephew and Morgan’s reaction to having a new nephew.
R-king 93 chapter 144 . 6/4
Awesome chapter
Guest chapter 1 . 5/22
Ill never get over the disgustingly infuriating decision to call Mash fucking 'Mashu". Thats not and has never been her name.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/19
Can next you put mama jalter doujin as new story in chapter?
Guest chapter 1 . 4/21
can you make a chapter where Ayaka is summoned just for Proto Arthur to be happy... pls...?
R-king 93 chapter 143 . 4/14
Awesome chapter
XL1 chapter 143 . 4/12
For a moment i have thought in this chapter that you would mention EMIYA alter's backstory, but regardless of that, nice chapter as always.
duffhigh702 chapter 143 . 4/12
nice chapter
keybladelight chapter 143 . 4/12
Hope Kenzaki meet her mom knights and Morgan and her big sister mordred. Speaking of mordred I wonder if Kenzaki timeline whje they first met I wonder if mordred wanted to kill is little brother because of her obsession of be the King of Britain because Kenzaki as more qualified to be King and maybe he don't want to he a king and want to forge is own path which why he maybe let her sister take the throne while he respect and love her big sister mordred since she is family.

Since he knows Morgan the I wonder if he hate her PHH aunt of what the atrocity she did since lostbelt morgan is different from PHH morgan.
Suzuya Akabane chapter 143 . 4/12
oooh ! Sengo Muraramasa is full of enthusiasm with Kenzaki who inherited the art of the Muraramasa family ! ()
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