Reviews for Inner, the Kekkei Genkai
lovecrazyhedgehog chapter 103 . 10/24
Ok wtf thats all im gonna say
alstar101 chapter 101 . 10/20
kuriboh1233 chapter 101 . 10/19
I'm guessing it's similar to Kaguya's third eye. Either that or like the heat sensors of the screamers and assblasters from the Tremors movies.
Scythal chapter 92 . 10/14

Sakura transformed into Sasuke not Gaara, not like she though she would do.

Still, appart from some typo the story is good.
Prometheus-42 chapter 93 . 10/6
I was pretty disappointed in this chapter that Sakura didn't try a summoning. She thought about the jutsu Naruto was learning even, and didn't remember she learned summoning at the same time as him somehow.
lovecrazyhedgehog chapter 92 . 10/4
I won't tell you how to do things, as I have no ideas, but I really do not want Temari dying here.
kuriboh1233 chapter 89 . 9/28
There are canon examples of shared transformations. Naruto and Gamabunta that you mentioned and the two headed wolf that Kiba and Akamaru did. Neat things like that all but disappeared after the Sasuke retrieval mission. Thats when Kishimoto gave up the whole ninja thing to everyone can throw tactical nukes
Adran06 chapter 89 . 9/27
Officially, Transform is purely an illusion. Only certain fanfics (like this one) make it an actual, physical thing. Often only Naruto's unique Sexy variant is physical, but sometimes its all transformations. But do understand that the official version in the show is not physical.
Guest chapter 88 . 9/25
I figured Sakura was acting way to ooc (ooc for this Sakura) and now I know why, should have pieced that together sooner honestly.
lovecrazyhedgehog chapter 87 . 9/25
Ok that was satisfying to read.
Prometheus-42 chapter 87 . 9/23
Well the rails are pretty damaged now, but Orochimaru still might kill the Hokage even without the barrier.

I am surprised that Sakura would be dumb enough to try to attack 5 ninja who were good enough to be in a standoff with 2 jounin. I am glad she actually remembered her lethal attacks though.
Adran06 chapter 87 . 9/23
Wouldn't it be Maito Gai?
Adran06 chapter 85 . 9/19
You accidentally wrote "Lee" instead of "Gaara" in the last paragraph of the chapter. Might wanna fix that.
Adran06 chapter 83 . 9/15
The story is still really good, don't worry. Personally I just wish the chapters were longer. It feels like each update, barely anything happens because of the short chapters. It leads to rapid updates, which I love, it just feels like almost nothing happens each update. Really loved the fight btw, so don't worry about how good/bad you think you are at them. You managed to make an interesting fight that had me guessing how Sakura was going to win the whole time, even though it was obvious she would.
Prometheus-42 chapter 83 . 9/15
Well I don't really have much to say on this chapter, but you wanted some reviews.

I don't really think your quality has changed. I don't have the metrics you do, but I think it likely people got bored of the intermission between exams dragging on for a bigger portion of the story than any other I've seen. If it's in the chapters since the third exam was finally reached I really don't know then.

I've been kind of ambivalent on the Choji fight because you have a very different estimation of his strength than I do. I couldn't really see him winning vs Neji, whereas you saw it as obvious. With such different estimations of him, I couldn't really judge how he would perform here.

With Sakura still holding back so much it's even more like a slap fight instead of serious.
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