Reviews for A Sorcerer's Ambition
satanclaus1975 chapter 24 . 9/22
What does your version of Molly Weasley look like? I tried to check on the Discord server but apparently I'm a bot because I can't use my psychic powers to reply to a timed captcha message that I didn't get until four minutes after it expired.
Carlmike94 chapter 24 . 9/14
Damn, Gray kicked it up a notch! And I feel like there's gonna be some really rough sex with a very angry Veela in the next chapter
Sfirot1Talleyran chapter 1 . 9/12
Thanks for your creativity! Excellent fanfic, like many of your other works!
It's already chapter 24, will Luna Lovegood be here?
abelgordon123 chapter 24 . 9/9
Thanks for the chapter, I hope this series will be one that you plan on completing, this is my absolute favorite fic amongst everything you've written.
Beerboy chapter 24 . 9/9
Good to see some more development. I wonder how Grayson will inflict his revenge. Will it include some form of debasement of the angels or flat out destruction?
Frosty09 chapter 23 . 9/6
hey can you write more
Guest chapter 24 . 9/4
I myst admit, I am torn. While I love the idea of more frequent updates, I read through your chapters so quickly already that cutting them down in size and scope feels as though I'm not receiving a proper payoff for my patience.
All in all, I'd prefer more substantial but less frequent chapters compared to these little rinky-dink ones. It's not like any one story is getting frequent updates regardless, with how many you have going at once. Might as well make the update worth reading and waiting for.
Guest chapter 24 . 9/3
he should totally combine all the knowledge of his slaves family magic to make them all stronger collectively

since hes goin for the subtle mind fucks

oh and control of the majority of the European's magical economy

share all the power so he could get quality and quantity

and maaaaybe give the inner circle some magical devil boost to compensate them sharing the special magic knowledge

like could he upgrade them into dxd devils? with a second more demonic form unique to them like a semblance

would be aweeesome
Aetherium21 chapter 24 . 9/4
Bahahaha this “argument” between Ginny and Molly is hilarious
Aetherium21 chapter 18 . 9/4
Ha! Funny how Lucius of all people will actually get on fine with the Raums despite everything
Aetherium21 chapter 11 . 9/4
Damn good story as always, enjoy reading your stuff again months after the first time
Guest chapter 24 . 9/1
Big balls, big plans!
Guest chapter 24 . 9/1
Mind manipulation really is an op and terrifying power
Guest chapter 24 . 9/1
YAYYYYY A NEW UPDATE! Great one at that. Looking forward to the next one
Guest chapter 24 . 9/1
So everyone is gonna just insta lose mind controlled?

Dropped. This was the better version buy you seem to have the uncontrollable need to kill every one of your quests in some form or fashion.

Mind control is a shit fetish and requires just as many words to get to the sex scene.
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