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Atomsmasher927 chapter 27 . 10/2
Kinda hipe the update comes out soon, my cake day is coming up also when did everyone start loving october so much?
Guest chapter 1 . 10/2
Happy Halloween everybody, time for us to rip and tear and play good old Brutal Doom with the mod called Project Brutality Baby! and wait for reeleffendeel to upload a new chapter!

Happy Halloween everybody!
Bruhman chapter 1 . 10/1
Welcome to spooky season doomers.
In this month we have to wait for reeleffendeel to update this fic again and in a meantime ya'll have to make a bunch of theories, speculation and play brutal doom with extra chips and soda don't forget to rip and tear the demons.
Hope to see ibara in this arc and happy October doomers.
Z chapter 28 . 9/30
To Bruhman:

Soon the war between Heaven and Hell will bring the instruments of destruction! Also do you know what would be even sadder if the Seven Deadly Sins creat an illusion around the Slayer, where he is living a happy dream where his family isn’t dead and his Earth isn’t a burning cesspool of fire; but the only way he can escape this fantasy if he has to let go the things he care about and let it die again, so he can save his new family.

And he won’t just be heartbroken a second time, he will be beyond livid after leaving that perfect world and losing everything again, so he’ll take his anger out on the Sins, and kill them so brutally and viciously as possible, not even God would recognize them!
Bruhman chapter 1 . 9/28
It's kinda sad that all of the hero student's dream is being crushed in the future, if you think about it their dreams, their passion, their future is literally going into the garbage bin once the Armageddon start, they are kids they barely know about their world how the hell are they going to cope with spiritual realms actually exist, in the hospital they already question are they going to encounter more gore case after the steel sabers and they already seeing brutaly mutilated body with their own eyes causing a ptsd because of it, it would be detailed if kirishima or denki have a thousand yard stare because of the incident after they go back to school.
And all of hero student(not just U.A) will face a terrible reality that their time is up and they have to abandon their dreams for survival.

Also regarding what rumi and lady nagant's clothes they wear post mha world, I think it would be fitting if mirko wear mix between preator suit and armor like fury or like uriel, her clothes act as a bridge between darksiders and doom makes up her identity and for lady nagant I kinda wants her clothes to look like bayonetta, not only she looks badass she looks beautiful to and the clothes fits the theme of the story.
Bruhman chapter 1 . 9/28
To deathwing:
I'm guessing end of the month or early next month, somebody said that the character was press release so its close but we don't know when but all we have to do is be patient and wait until the chapter release.
Guest chapter 18 . 9/27
To bruhman
Do you think doom slayer could survive one piece just like in this fanfic?
Deathwing chapter 26 . 9/27
How long we have to wait for another chapter ? I'm really like to watch the Slayer is faceing Lady Nagant , they become partners and later Mirko to , revealing to the world the existance of heaven and hell , angels and demons , the magic is real , other worlds existance and who is the Doom Slayer . I also very much hope that demons , monsters and undead from darksiders will show up , maybe like in the first darksiders opening cinematic they will make their grand and chaotic appearance , even so i like to see face reactions to the people of this world when learn about the Slayer .
Guest chapter 28 . 9/27
Hope to Ragdoll's first moments of regaining sanity, if only to see her be beyond confused by all the cheers and tears from her teammates.
Z chapter 28 . 9/26
To Bruhman:

Taggart might actually get annoyed if he gets a Fandom and Fans In the MHA Universe, because he doesn’t want to get innocent people in his way or hurt by following him in his footsteps, they way he deal with Villains is just too vicious. Also on the Stain Topic: it feels like Stain might either hate or respect Flynn, because he might hate him for becoming an even more feared being on the than himself; while the other half will respect Slayer for slaughtering the Steal Sabers and rescuing innocent people from certain death, because let’s not forget Stain was once a Hero himself a long time ago.

Plus Taggart has already got three admirers from Miruko who was once a violent vigilante and slowly returning to that old habit, to Lady Nagant who became a vigilante herself and isn’t afraid to get her hands bloody, and surprisingly Ryukyu who silently agreed on DS annihilated the Steel Sabers. But the Ascended Realm are still worried about Flynn causing changes in this universe.
Bruhman chapter 1 . 9/26
Imagine if after this doom slayer have a fans just like stain, because doom slayer didn't kill innocent just villains, that would become the ideology for his fans, and his fans would adore him so much that they aquire guns by any means like home made or aquire them through black market, they would use the "Rip and tear" as a symbol for any villain to fear.
It would be funny and great call back if some of his fans were to recreate his praetor suit but ended up making the doom 1993 suit, these would bring nostalgia to DS when he was a marine and reminded him of his night sentinel days.
Roswelll chapter 26 . 9/22
Will this fic return?
For'Sleep 3rd chapter 16 . 9/22

The idea Quirks come from ascended being and tied with fruit of life is good. But I cannot said it's a good thing in long run. I don't know what author gonna do because Quirks cleary become more dangerous in the future even Canon stated it and we don't know what those ascended being thinking to do that because consequences exist by doing that?

I mean humanity in Doom Slayer world even don't have a quirks but able to Space travel?

About Devil? Well it's just suggestion so Author has a right to choose. But Isn't it's more challenging if Doom Slayer facing against an Intellectual Devil that has Aizen level of Brain planning? Considering majority Darksiders and Doom saga Demon is a Grunt that attack first. VEGA is the only one that able to piece the clue together and facing this Devil intelligence.

Why i prefer Quirks will non-exist in the future. I think it's has more meaningful message for the story Like when In FMA Brotherhood the Truth applaud Ed sacrifice the Door because that the Right Answer. More explanation exist in Internet...
Bruhman chapter 1 . 9/22
Also to For'Sleep 3rd:
Which devil are you talking about davoth?, lucifer?, moloch?, samael?, Icon of sin? There is going to be alot of demon lords here.
Bruhman chapter 1 . 9/22
To For'Sleep 3rd:
I didn't say ofa is special or ofa is the salvation, I'm saying that ofa have something interesting that might caught the attention of some the ascended beings, I mean a mortal that creates its own pseudo dimension, it's not special to the gods because they can create like 900 more but for a mortal its impressive.

I don't think removing quirk is a good idea because quirk can be tie to something much greater and can be connected to some point to some mythology, quirk can be tie to the 12 fruit of the tree of life, Quirks whole origin is changed here so that its more allined with both doom and darksiders make the origin more mythological.

It's enviable for Mha cast to meet the ascended beings, because if they were trying to meddling with slayer(like catch him and bring "justice") they later find out that they just got involved in things that they shouldn't.
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