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TF2Bill chapter 22 . 4h
I took a moment to read through the reviews before I took the time to type this out. Personally speaking, While the Slayer does have respect towards the heroes for what they do and try to get things by the books. But I what believe him to be is the wake up call that the Heroes of MHA probably needed? As it's been stated that eventually Hell will be making it's way to their world sooner or later. I understand that the beatdown a lot of them got looks like they are shelfed for good. I'm under the impression that Slayer held back...I mean held the fuck back from what he normally does. While I could see him dodge and weave his way around the heroes. Hell even do what he did with Endeavor to just get them of his back. But at the end of the day, a few others probably have their thoughts laid out more then just mine. Figured I'd throw my two cents into it, Despite all of it We are enjoying this story you are doing. Keep up the amazing work!
Guest chapter 21 . 7h
Really love the story so far, got reccomend this is a yt comment section and don't regret reading it!
TheMutatedNut chapter 22 . 7h
No don't change the ending, don't change the part where he kind of fought all might, it was good enough, but if its for future developments then go for it!
TheMutatedNut chapter 21 . 7h
Wow that was a big whopping thick chapter to take it, was it good YES , was it epic? YES YES YES
The sheer KO's in that chapter was insane it was literally the number : YES , because it was way to sheer awesome.
gameovergirl217 chapter 21 . 12h
this was so fucking badass. i hate how many authors nerf the slayer but you really did an amazing job here
Betrachter chapter 21 . 8h
Duude it's been a while, and this comes to a new chapter and after reading (of course, while listening to Doom music) it was awesome, but I'm pretty worried about the heroes they seem to be almost dead or can't do heroing anymore but recovery girl will go there right or another person who can help them right? if not they are probably just gonna suffer there. And with the All Might part, quite frankly it was cut too short, I'm sure you did not rush the last part but it's the (shouting) UNITED STATES OF SMASH! and there could be a bit of a fight. anyway, love the new chap keep on going and try not to be too stressed out see ya!
SocietyEnder chapter 21 . 11h
the payoff was incredible. I'm a salivating at the mouth for more.
KenSanders chapter 21 . 11h
As I read the chapter, something was chanting in my head. just 3 bold, hardcore letters.


Joey Styles was like "OH MY GOD! Doom Slayer brutalized every Heroes with a barbwired steel chair!

Even the female Pro Heroes were given the 'gender equality' treatment! Beautiful or sexy, brutality doesn't discriminate! That's t how DS delivers it with a capital B! "

Everything felt normal despite the 'damage' been dealt by DS. it was all ok; its how it should be. Twas awesome beatdown, mate.! Thanks a bunch for the chapter.

P. S. You don't really need to rewrite it but if you look at another angle, Nezu's entire U. A. staff got chucked on the ground . Leaving U. A. school with 90% of the staff out of commission permanently or not.

But seriously it's already good on its own. Stays safe and congrats, mate.
Stormzy chapter 22 . 12h
To be honest I think the way you handled the heroes in chapter 21 was fine. He's a demigod who traverses hell and destroys any enemy he meets. His way of putting the heroes out of commission without killing them actually works with his character. His mercy simply being not killing them.
trialway01 chapter 21 . 12h
I'm glad you got your dream job you wanted, especially with what's going on in society right now.
trialway01 chapter 22 . 13h
As long as the story is enjoyable to readers, then we can understand your decision.

Even still, just take your time with your story.
Spotter chapter 22 . 17h
This is one of rare times I'll leave a hefty review. I'll point out which part requires your attention.

To start off. First I have nothing against ch 21, the beating of Heroes is fine by me, I simply chucked it up the doctors of their world could fix it. I mean there's Characters from different media taking horrendous injuries that would've killed us real people and they're fine in the end.

Now on the topic of Heroes beat down ; since you're adamant on rewriting it. To be fair you did describe their injuries as 'shattered skulls' and 'broken heads' a lot. And that's a dangerous injury to most people.

But you should keep the message clear both to the characters and your readers, no matter what they do they'll never going to best the Slayer and that's a fact, he will always be away and above their league. Those who could give him a hard time are extremely rare. (not counting Darksiders)

And they should take their defeat as a lesson and humble them a bit like what you did with Endeavor, there's someone out there who could easily backhand them like child play. Hopefully this will give them some experience when dealing with such scenario.

And let's be honest here, once the demons starts knocking on their door, there WILL BE CASUALTIES EVERYWHERE from heroes, civilians, criminals, demons, angels, you name it! And they are less merciful compared to Doomguy. Again I can't stress this enough their defeat by Slayer's hands should act as a wake up call for those heroes. And they should be grateful for it, for what's about to come in their world. If you think of it, the Slayer kinda helped them in a indirect way.

Let's not forget about the story's description. '... But when the Demons invade the alternate world, the Slayer's crusade against Hell will lead him to different worlds and revelations alongside newfound allies...and their guardian Angels'. It seems to hint there's a possibility of alliance between Doomguy and the inhabitants.

Now about All Might... Well I'm fine with their skirmish. I mean he's already on a time limit, any super moves he'll attempt to pull off will cost him said time limit which already been depleted. Like his fellow heroes this shall serve as a lesson for both him and his next inheritor to prepare themselves when the demons arrive.

As for Miruko, I think I have an what she's feeling but for some they didn't see it that way. You shall clarify your intentions with her. She amazed because of what? Because Doomguy beat her friends? Or is it because the Slayer plowed his way through them in the pier and slaughtered the Steel Sabers and crushed their leaders and saving the innocents in the process and fixed her wounds and again beat her comrades despite throwing everything they had at their disposal at him and still lost while he won with no signs of him slowing down.

See what I mean? Clarify the character's thoughts for the crowd since many of them misunderstood.

I read in the reviews someone mentioning the Slayer should flex and mess with the heroes mentally. That's fine by me if it's not excessive like Dante's.

You can have him do the same thing what he did with Endeavor, swiping for any invisible wounds just to mess with the heroes' moral. Or make him do the 'come at me' or 'come here' emote like how martial artists do in the movies. Or make him tilt his head to his sides like how Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees does, it's like the non-verbal message of 'Is that all...?' or 'anything/anyone else?' after he took zero damage.

I hope this helps. Don't stress yourself too hard ok?

Good luck.
Stormzy chapter 4 . 17h
Yooooo this chapter had me laughing for real. Amazing plot and writing
HellWraith chapter 21 . 18h
Amazing finale to the Steel Sabers Arc, glad to know you're employed too, which is a W, but good God there are so many typos in this chapter. I'd recommend giving it another proofread and fixing some stuff, but other than that, hats off!
qazse chapter 21 . 20h
Oh. My. God!… That was PERFECT! DS not only manhandled, he absolutely destroyed the heroes. And the way he dealt with All Might is EXACTLY how I hoped. Catching both fists in his hands and bending them back to literally bring the Symbol of Peace to his knees.

And I hope he scares the shit out of Bakugo. I mean, of course he ignored the arrogant asshole. That kid is SO self centred and delusional that he thinks EVERYTHING has to revolve around him. Seeing all the Pro Heroes absolutely broken and the vigilante not even get pushed by by his explosions should at the very least, show him just how in over his head he is, thinking he can take on a man that can kill Hell itself.
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