Reviews for My Hero Academia: Unchained Predator
Guest chapter 21 . 9/20
Did somebody already downloaded or saved a page of the original version of the rewrite? If so, then is it possible to somehow send a link or perhaps in google docs, discord so all of us can get the original version somehow kept?
Guest chapter 21 . 9/19
Will Doom guy declare war against the league of villain and criminal underworld of my hero academia before the Demon invasion?
vegeta134 chapter 21 . 9/18
to be honest i like the oeiginal more than the rewrite the story is very good i look forward to the next chapper.. ..
Alpharius chapter 21 . 9/18
Hey the heroes signed up for this. They knew the risks lmao. "Just doing their jobs" doesn't mean anything when you take said job willingly and knowingly.
Glad to see them get their fair slices of humble pie.
Guest chapter 21 . 9/19
Can't wait for more :)
Lukas chapter 17 . 9/17
When Midoriya, Uraraka, Kirishima, Todoroki, Bakugou, Mirio met VEGA for the first time. I wish you would made VEGA create a great comeback against Bakugou when he refuse to follow.

VEGA's counter would be like: "You have no other resolution, Mr. Bakugo. You can either do what I've instructed you and your classmates. OR, you let your irresponsibility and tempered-ego as a hero, distract you."

And then Bakugou would ALMOST be speechless at first until he would trashtalk at VEGA and smash the TV with his exploding fist.

Couldn't think of anything else but this. But what you have write in chapter 17 was fine and fantastic!
ghostmarine51 chapter 21 . 9/17
amazing! I love doom stories and this is perfect! my only gripe would be it's doom 2016 slayer and not 2021 slayer, I prefer 2021 because the armour is almost taunting, he's not fully armoured and yet still shrugs of and beats demons AND literal gods. be interesting if you could somehow bring it in. besides that I love It and can't wait for more!
reader Rana chapter 20 . 9/16
The updates are slow but the wait is still worth it
samuelfoster646 chapter 21 . 9/16
This was fucking fire
deathwing chapter 21 . 9/15
We all finaly hope heroes will learn about doom slayer's past and i hope that miruko will get preator suit like the slayer and like will rip and tear the demons to the pieces . Moving to demon invasion from doom universe maybe this is authors choice to decide ?
Guest chapter 21 . 9/15
I’m calling bull on all might hurting doom guy
Anonymous chapter 21 . 9/14
I hope it isn't getting cancelled, I love this series!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/14
You know most things I read here are usually forgotten about not this time
Guest chapter 21 . 9/14
You know what guestA that is pretty logical theory considering Doomslayer just annihilated the top pro heroes around the world, the rescue pro heroes, and all might. Never think of that actually well even then if they actually try to hunt Doomslayer down wowie they should expect a few broken bones
GuestA chapter 21 . 9/13
With how events have transpired, there will be an international joint effort will be conducted to stop the Doom Slayer, similar to the one that was called to fight Shigaraki.
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