Reviews for Beneficially Instructive Tribute Creator's Handbook
District11-Olive chapter 23 . 9/7/2020
Althea: OH IT'S GONNA BE A FIGHT FIGHT I GET IT. I love that as soon as an arena event or mutt happens everyone is like best friends because why would you fight eachother when there is a literal dragon behind you. I'm once again loving the direction with her and the fact that you didn't harden her so much that she just kills because she can. Althea still doesn't want to hurt Inaya but in her mind there is no other choice if she wants to win, which she does. Not that sad to see Inaya go but thinking of her family's reaction makes me sick.

Shelby: Okay she straight up almost died like 8 times in one section and I don't think I breathed that entire time? I don't even particularly like her but this fight scene was just so intense. I'm glad in the end that it was Caelle that killed her, not Althea, because it feels more personal. Cyrus having to leave her behind just pulls that bit extra at the heartstrings because he knows she's going to die but the fight isn't finished.

Sharif: I think he is quickly moving up the ranks as a favourite of mine. I don't mind the cowardice, actually it really makes me respect him more because he is playing only for himself. He's smart even if he hates himself for it. Just like his parents said in their interview, fading into the background is certainly not a bad thing right now. Final 5 though, like he's going to have to do something if he wants to survive past here. I find him really realistic and I appreciate what he brings to the narrative, even if he's sort of become weaker as the story goes on.

Cyrus: I'm glad that he is abandoning that moral high road that he was trying to drive down, because really there was no way for that to continue. I think he's neutral for me in the current top 5 because he's broken down by what has happened yet I still just don't like careers LOL sue me. I think that this 'feast' chapter really pushed in some last minute trauma for our top 5 and I like the effects that it is having on them. Cyrus is even more determined yet Caelle appears to have taken a step back being unable to kill Cyrus when she fully had the chance to do it.

Victor: I hope it's Kepler, but I think it will be Althea. Honestly I would also be good with Sharif depending on how it plays out. Just not Caelle or Cyrus please.

I have literally no idea what is happening with this sword? Like I know that there is a myth around the whole lady of the lake thing and I think she gave a sword to someone (was it Excalibur? I'm not great at remembering these things). I feel like it couldn't be too big of an advantage because then it would be unfair but also who tf knows at this point.

I would rather die in the arena, mostly because I'm starting school again so right now that's just the vibe I am in. No but seriously I don't know if I would be able to handle winning and living with the fact that people died because of me. I might be a bad bitch but I'm also sensitive as hell so that Victor life is not for me.

I finally caught up, be proud of me okay.
District11-Olive chapter 22 . 9/7/2020
Kepler: I'm so glad that he's having a bit more clarity now even if it's still very clear that he is broken. He's starting to pull himself out of the grief hole that he's crashed into and I'm so proud of him. I love that we get to see a bit more of him come out rather than just his father's teachings trying to suffocate him. The cosmology is nice and I like that it conflicts a bit with his perception of god but also Kepler seems to be able to hold a bit of both at the same time. I'm glad he is getting to focus more on survival because I was a bit afraid that he would bite the dust soon if he didn't. You go Kepler! You win this thing!

Caelle: I was right that I would like her more alone than in an alliance. I like the unsureness that is coming from her now, wondering whether she would be able to beat two tributes at once or whether Shelby/Cyrus would come for her now that she's alone. I would like to see her break down even more honestly, really lean into that story about falling out of a tree and the shame it brings her. Fear is something that we see a lot but shame I think is almost more interesting from careers.

Cyrus: I don't love romance in the arena so like not a huge fan of this but maybe that's personal preference. They're like those dumb teens in horror movies that decide to bang only to be caught by the axe murderer. Glad that there wasn't detail here because I'm too much of a child to read that without being uncomfortable. I guess that's one way to celebrate Andros being dead.

Malek: I KNEW IT THERE WAS A GODDAMN DRAGON AND IT MADE A RING OF FIRE I AM DEAD THIS IS SO GREAT I LOVE IT. I enjoy that this mutt isn't just about to burn them all to a crisp, it's just facilitating a fight between a trio that have probably gotten boring to the GMs. Getting Caelle in there is a good move but she also is injured, so taking on three at once might not be in the cards for her. Honestly I'm in love with this because they have to fight, like they could try and leap through the flames but there is still a DRAGON waiting on the other side. I'm so fking hype I love mutts and it's a DRAGON.

Name: Agnes? Keith? Gerard? Herald? Edgar? Annabelle? I feel like they need an old lady/man name idk why.

Die: Uhhhh... Malek? I hope not ugh. I hope it's Caelle but I think it'll be one of the trio.
District11-Olive chapter 21 . 9/7/2020
D1: Don't do this to me I did not even like Andros but showing me the kid sister that he was trying so hard to be redeemable for? How dare you. I'm not upset, you're upset.

Caelle: Just like her, not terribly surprising glimpse into her home life. I think the way that the Capitol people talked about Caelle was more telling because obviously we know that she is a big player but having them report on it just seems so strange. I like seeing perspectives outside of the games for this very reason, that we see how much life is just continuing as the tributes are dying.

Cyrus: Interesting checking in on what his family thinks about all of this as well as the impact it's had on Klaus/Bella. He really did make an immature choice and his family are probably at odds a bit because they never had the chance to try and talk him out of it. I'm still loving how excited they are to be on camera though like? All of them showed up LMAO I guess the hustle never stops.

Althea: Ugh I hate that she was so right about how her family would act at the interviews. It really does explain a lot of why Althea is the way that she is because her family legit does not care about her at all. Her sister talking about her wedding after she just said basically that if Althea dies she doesn't care? Using their kid to just further the business when she will probably DIE. I honestly hope that Althea makes it out (if Kepler doesn't) just to fuck them up.

Shelby: I like the change up from the earlier families that were so comfortable talking about their tribute to this one that doesn't know how to act. They're clearly uncomfortable but also just don't seem to know a lot about her. I do wonder if that's more because of nerves, grief than anything else though. Her friends just prancing in like LOL Shelby get some new friends.

Kepler: Ofc they'd be devastated to see their son like this but I'm glad they don't seem to be totally giving up on him. It must be difficult to try and answer for his breakdown and the fact that he's killed two people now and clearly is not handling it well. Skirting around the religion makes sense but yuck I do not like the vibe of his father. They do really provide some context for that first POV we saw of Kepler, why he's so sheltered and wide-eyed. Ugh baby child.

Malek: Another one where there are some taboo issues happening but the interviewer is not skirting around that one at all. His younger siblings are sweet, especially the part about trying to convince the Capitol to choose him like my heart. I like the tension presented here and it goes well with what we've seen of Malek in the arena.

Inaya: This is my favourite one so far? Her family is so positive even when they're arguing about what they should/should not be saying about Inaya. Their set idea that she is going to come home, that she is showing parts of herself still, that she is doing good are heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I don't see her as a Victor but I also don't want to think about her family having to come to the realization that she's actually gone?

Sharif: This is also incredibly sweet like you go D8 messing with my feelings. The family being content with being forgettable but then really enjoying that his son was special to someone besides them is adorable. Amira is a lot like she is intense especially contrasted with his quiet family, but I think that's what really made this section work. His parents are sweet and really remind me of the Sharif that we've seen in the arena. I like him more now?
District11-Olive chapter 20 . 9/7/2020
Andros: I'm not terribly interested by these two but I think that's just my general dislike of Careers coming through. I do like the fact that Andros assumes he should be feeling more emotion than he is, that kind of gives me some hope for him being not another hardened perfect career. I'm excited by the fact that they aren't just going to wait and see if they run into Shelby/Cyrus by chance, like those mfs took all their food. But yikes, a mutt? Shit guess there goes that plan for the time being.

Caelle: I really enjoyed the part of this section where Caelle was panicking about being made into prey when she is usually the hunter. I think that really made a good impact and showed that the Careers are not perfect and that things can still scare them, especially was a good point for Caelle who seems just a little too perfect for my tastes. Her betraying Andros like that... girl he is your only remaining ally not sure if that was smart. I get that she needed to ensure her own life but this decision might come back to bite her. Excited to see her alone because we might get some more vulnerability from her, the lone Career moments tend to be pretty cool. RIP Mutt...oh and Andros too I guess.

Inaya: SHE DID TAKE THE KNIFE. Oh good I was kind of convinced that a dragon took it idek. I love a good ally fight like tensions are high and these people really only just met so I feel like it's realistic. Kind of glad they worked it out but I also don't see that lasting forever. I see both sides of the argument so I'm not even sure whose side I am on, probably Inaya's because like better safe than sorry you know. I hope we do get to see what is down there because I still think DRAGON.

Althea: She's one that I really do love, the fallen rich kid with a vendetta against her parents is not exactly new but I love the direction you're taking with her in the arena. She's bitter and is looking for some motivation to live, but she also accepts that Val kind of broke her down. I do love that she is remaining adamant about winning because yeah she's already done something pretty horrible so she shouldn't have an issue doing it again. I do wonder if that will be true for her, but I really enjoy her sections.

Finale: Althea, Kepler, Cyrus (this is my hope but like... I'm going to believe it to be true thanks)
District11-Olive chapter 19 . 9/6/2020
I have not forgotten about you I am just... tired. Let's go though I'm going to try and catch up a little before sleep consumes me.

Shelby: Nice lighthearted scene after the last chapter, but the fact that they wanted to leave and actually are? Iconic. I do wonder if they'll run into Caelle/Andros (or more like when) what will happen. I prefer these two far more than the robots they're leaving behind honestly. They're just a little light for my liking though because this is still a murder game after all. Hopefully they can get serious when they need to.

Calandra: She feels pretty broken, like yeah a lot has happened and she is valid to be upset about it all but also she really isn't doing so well. Stopping out in the open, unable to control her thoughts, and then begging Kepler to take her back. Okay I love Kepler and I am not emotionally prepared for him to die right now so if that happens I apologize in advance for what this review is about to become. She's not my favourite but her reactions are realistic, she's fine.

Kepler: Man this was f-ing heavy. I love the regression into his religion, especially with the chapel and then the shattering of the stained glass like yes please. He's so broken and all he can think about is blaming himself and all of the bible sayings going at the same time makes it read as the frantic, chaotic thought process. He's now killed two people and he's trying everything to justify it, but he knows that he can't. Ugh I am in love with him and I really like the direction you're taking with his arc. #KeplerForVictor amirite?

Sharif: Yes we love to hear these mundane details about how the tributes piss and how periods are handled YES. These are the answers I need honestly because imagine dealing with cramps and bloody panties ON TOP OF literal death games. I could never, like men do not deserve that advantage. I like that you are making the fact that I don't remember him at all... into something I remember? How? The image of Sharif standing outside the door listening was kind of heartbreaking but I wonder about this idea of his. It could spell good news for Inaya who now has someone looking after her, but also how long will it take for him to get caught.

Kepler is the most interesting to me, not only because I like him the most but also because he just seems to have lost all control of his thoughts, emotions, etc due to the trauma of the games.

I would probably write if I didn't worry about bills like, it'd be much more fun than all this schooling bs.
JabberjayHeart chapter 23 . 9/6/2020
So much happened here...

The fact everyone was involved apart from Kepler speaks volumes to his part in the story, too. He plays the internal monologue role where he stays alone, thinks alone, as his interactions with other tributes are too bizarre to do in this setting. Althea also thinking for herself has made me like her even more. She really has grown.

Inaya, Shelby, Malek. I'm a little sad about Malek as he had a lot of substance to him, but him and Inaya pretty much done nothing the entire time they were in the arena. They were so waaay out of the action that you almost forgot about them sometimes. Although, Malek is a gem.

Losing Shelby here, too, I guess reinforced the sex scene prior. We met Shelby in bed, after sex... she dies, after sex. A little foreboding. Either way, not super sad, but she had a good run.

You wrote Inaya really well, but I was definitely more involved with the other tributes. I'm surprised she lasted this long when she didn't do much besides whine! She was a good egg, too good for the Games. At least she died before you broke her entirely. A small feat!

As for Top 5, I think it'll end up like this:
5th, Kepler.
4th, Cyrus.
Top 3: Caelle, Althea, Sharif.

My logic being is that Kepler has had the most development but his story feels like it has run its course, sadly, and you can only do so much internal monologue before you start repeating it. Cyrus has also done the most he can do (unless he kills Caelle, in which case I will be soooo happy) but I think he'll die in a fight with Caelle.

Sharif is an enigma, but he plays it safe, so I imagine he can make it.

Caelle is the strongest but, in my eyes, the least developed left. She's changed very little and I cannot relate to her on any level. She was the least compelling Career and currently sits at the least interesting character remaining. That being said, on a realistic view, it makes sense for her to get here.

Althea is the strongest voice left, has had the most development, plays the pivotal role of stronger non-Career female that you, yourself, have been known to create... she ticks a lot of boxes and is my personal choice for Victor at this time. I hated her, I was okay with her, and now I love her! It's been a journey.
JabberjayHeart chapter 22 . 9/6/2020
Kepler's placement is at a very strange crossroad where I think he's too far gone to make it into the Top Three, which is super sad, but also he has had the most interesting course so far which is the most compelling. To see him from the beginning to what he is now, fully devolved into religious thought (Limos...), it's intriguing.

Eh. I'm still so eh on Caelle. We finally got some emotion from her! But for me, it's a touch too late? I'm far too attached to some of the others so Caelle is just... there... for me. She's the strongest player left (albeit injured) but that won't stop her. The development here was sweet but I think I'm far too past the point of being able to like her much.

Once I realised what was happening in this section, I just skimmed past it...
Probably on the minority end here, but... it wasn't for me. I know emotions are high and things happen, but it was a little cringe. Doesn't change my opinion on either of them — I just don't think it added anything either. It felt out of place.

At this point also, I've come to realise — I'm not even attached to Inaya, haha. I much prefer nearly everyone around her to herself. Nothing against you, of course! Nearly everyone else is more compelling to read, so when I see Inaya, Malek and Sharif together, I'm content with losing Inaya.

Great chapter!
JabberjayHeart chapter 21 . 9/6/2020

The Valier scene was probably my most favourite. It was so simple but effective — what a way to find out they had died then watching Capitol people ignore you, pack up, and move on.

I loved this little interlude as it provided more clarity and depth to the tributes. We got to see what their families thought, high emotions, a variety of opinions and reactions that melded together rather lovely.
JabberjayHeart chapter 20 . 9/6/2020

Quick reviews so I can catch up.

Andros dying here felt rather surreal. Despite being one of the biggest threats, he really didn't have that oomph that most of the remaining tributes have. It was always going to be the main question — who would kill Andros? I really wish Caelle died here instead, but she had an inkling more development on her side. At least now we might see some real emotion from Caelle... although a small part of me doubts it.
House Elf Liberation Front chapter 23 . 8/30/2020
Hey there! I loved this chapter a lot, the fight was crazy and it’s wild that only Kepler wasn’t in it! I’m gonna miss Malek, but I’m clinging to the idea of Sharif being victor! He’s who I want to win, but I wonder if Cyrus will be your pick. But I’ll just have to wait and see! In the Games, obviously I’d love to live but I don’t know if I’d be able to live with myself after everything I’d have to do to get there. It’s an interesting question to think about!

jakey121 chapter 23 . 8/30/2020
I thought it’d be just D8/Malek vs Caelle and here you throw in Cyrus/Shelby and Althea? Kepler is literally the only one not here. Lucky bastard.
I love Althea’s tactics of… well we’re near the end, I’m not stupidly going to join a Career fight, and I’m not gonna be a pussy and step away from what needs doing. Yeah it makes me a callous bitch but it’s not a stretch from what I’ve always been. And down goes Inaya. I’m more sad about Inaya’s death because of the reaction from home than I am my feelings towards her character but she was always a sweetheart. Althea is just doing what needs doing and she held her own here. And I loved the lil snippet at the end – the idea that it’s not effecting her as much as it used to. It’s development in a sad direction but sadly it makes sense for her character.

Ten minutes ago Shelby was asleep and literally… dragon and death. Fuckkkk.
At least she got the d before she kicked the bucket.
Loved this fight scene. You balance a clear action set-piece with fast paced emotional heft as well as showcasing what’s going on around her and keeping the characterisation on point. Loveeeeed the quick throwback to Shark’s death, Shelby hearing it for the first time, but in the moment, not being able to emotionally deal with it because Caelle is a fucking monster. And then Althea and then… ugh RIP Shelby. I liked her a lot more when the Arena came around I’ll miss her for sure.

Sharif’s observation from the fight was fantastic and I’m very intrigued by what went on between Caelle and Cyrus. I can’t fathom why she’d let him live. Unless she thought maybe the dragon would finish him off. I’m reviewing as I’m going so maybe it’ll be answered in a sec.
Anyway. RIP Malek. A bit like Inaya in that I liked him, sure, but I wasn’t IN LOVE with him and he was a necessary death so my favourites could make it further lmao. Sharif is still clinging to life and I love to see it. Honestly my favourite three tributes are still around and in the final five so thank u.
Caelle/Althea/Sharif. One of you win this pls.
I like Cyrus a lot tho. And Kepler has always been hella interesting.

Cyrus’ inner conflict is so compelling to read. It puts him a fantastic place to win this entire thing.
His relationship with Shelby was really heartfelt and he almost wishes he had never gotten that close. Caelle left him because in the moment she couldn’t do it, but hid that behind some venomous threat that’ll no doubt come to bite her in the ass. And then Malek… his career conditioning kicked in as well as his desire to survive and even tho he wasn’t a threat, he killed him.
I love that Cyrus has completely thrown the whole idea of careers and D2 and volunteering into the wind for how bullshit it is but he will lean on it to get him to the end. It’s a fun bitter angle to his character to play with and I do see him as someone who could make it to the end.

Final predictions for Victor?

Ok ima do want and think for the final five. It changes each time I swear.

1st – Althea
2nd – Sharif
3rd – Caelle
4th – Cyrus
5th- Kepler

1st- Cyrus
2nd – Althea
3rd- Kepler
4th- Caelle
5th- Sharif

Special sword is like the lady in the lake stuff? Nimue I think it is? I don’t know much about Arthurian legend outside of merlin lmao

Im a wimp so I don’t wanna die but I don’t think I’d even make it to top 23 so
Remus98 chapter 23 . 8/30/2020
Althea is taking charge of her situation, and quite effectively at that. I’m saddened to see Inaya go, part of me almost wish my girl had taken her up on the offer of teaming up against the careers. But, seeing as that’s a much risker move, i’m happy with the way things turned out. Cause, in all honestly, i hadn’t really prepared myself for Althea to be involved in this whole debacle at all - i’m still shook at her (very) brief truce with Cyrus/Shelby and where they all ended up. You fooled us big time with the ending of last chapter, i thought Althea was in the clear. Feast-ish indeed. Or maybe Bloodbath 2.0. I liiiiive for the drama!

Shelby’s demise seems kinda perfect, no? Once the sexual tension between her and Cyrus finally comes to a release (pun intended…) she’s a goner. I mean, we met her in bed, it feels appropriate to leave her in one as well. RIP. All jokes aside, Shelby will be missed. She might not have been my favorite character overall, but she did have some very nice qualities. Quick wit, amusing commentary, love for Cyrus - come to think of it, her easygoing persona lightened the mood a bit, making more high-strung people like Caelle and Eliana tolerable. The things you realize when it’s too late! Ah well, you had a good run Shelby. Thanks.

Sharif continues to be a mystery to me. There’s power in his silence, I guess. Maybe I don’t get it. But then, I do appreciate him a lot. It seems like every time I talk about him, i contradict myself. First I couldn’t understand him, then I connected a lot with his struggles, then I forgot about him, and now I’m super confused. He’s very unlike any other tribute I can think of, which is why he’d be such an interesting victor.

R.I.P Malek - I loved you from the very beginning. You will be missed.

Cyrus had been in limbo for a long time - he’s a threat, sure, but can be really match Calle? This chapter gave me two answers: ’no’ at the beginning, ’perhaps’ at the end. Nimue stirred the pot real good, didn’t she? (only know her name because of the recent Netflix series CURSED, so that’s cool). She must’ve given him this arena’s version of Excalibur, right? If I know my arthurian lore right, that gives the wielder some sort of super fortitude, right? Maybe he’ll be able to cleave through any material? Summon water? Shoot lasers? Ahahaha. It suddenly feels like his fate to defeat Calle. Their showdown would - will? - be amazing.

I will split my final placements into want and think.

want - Althea, Kepler, Caelle, Cyrus, Sharif
think - (1-2): Caelle/Sharif (3-5): Cyrus/Althea/Kepler

It’s really hard, I like every single tribute left. And as for if victory is worth it - I want to say yes, but I could see why someone would say no. My survival instinct says you can make it through the trauma, tho.

”Strange women in ponds… distributing swords.” I’ve heard that phrase before. I want to say it refers to Nimue giving Arthur the sword Excalibur. If there’s a meaning beyond that, though, that beats me.

Update soon!
SongofFete chapter 23 . 8/30/2020
Out of the five that are left, I'd say honest predictions Caelle - Sharif - Cyrus - Althea - Kepler. But oh my...honestly, I want Cyrus to win he's got the special sword, I'm not sure he's going to? Are the gamemakers evil enough to create something that once his blood touches the blade it automatically finishes whomever he's fighting? Or will it transform him into a mutt and then he'll die afterwards?
Although I think Caelle's most likely to win, she's also the one I most want to lose...though she'll suffer the least afterwards. I don't think she'll care what happens to her after winning, whereas the others are going to have the guilt to deal with. Althea would probably cope quite well too, she's used to suppressing feelings I think.
I don't care. I'm still rooting for Cyrus. He deserves it.
House Elf Liberation Front chapter 22 . 8/27/2020
Wow, this chapter was awesome! Crazy to see these four grouped together-I truly hope Malek and Sharif aren't about to die, as they're my current favorites. But I can't wait to see what happens!

Remus98 chapter 22 . 8/25/2020
Kepler: he’s in somewhat of a better head space than before, which is great to see. Over the past couple of chapters, his mental health’s been deteriorating at such a quick pace, i was worried he’d go completely insane. He seems to be stabilizing now, though. There’s hope for him pulling through yet! I wonder what the path for him forwards is. He’s not ready to kill, he’s not ready to die either. If he wants to get some food, he’s going to have to leave the chapel, and then one or the other needs to happen. I could see him running into Althea maybe? She’s the only other one left in the upper half of the castle, right? That’d be a fight i’d love to see… if Althea wins, ahahah. Also, i had no idea there’re planets called Kepler. That’s cool.

Caelle: I like seeing her breaking down. It’s not that I enjoy seeing people in pain - well, I guess if you’re into hunger games fanfiction, you do a little bit (yikes…) - but she’s been so overwhelmingly strong this entire time that it’s nice to peel back the layers. Her facade of being the best only works when there’s people around, that’s not something I had ever thought of before. Without anyone to witness her greatness, what is she? The slight throwback to her falling down the tree was a nice explanation for why she acts the way she does. Now we understand why she claims to be so good all of the time, she wants to compensate for the time in her life when she was the underdog. She wants to rise above that, be better. Very interesting.

Cyrus: as I was reading this, I planned on saying that Shelby’s holding him back, that Cyrus would be so much more interesting on his own. But then came the ending and… wow. Not expecting that. I know I said there was some sexual tension between them in the Capitol, but full blown sex in front of all those cameras? Shelby, I’m not so sure they won’t be filming this juicy piece of… meat (aaaaaaaa! Did I just write that?!). It’s a reality show, after all. Does the hunger games have an onlyfans? I wouldn’t put it past the gamemakers. Anyway, *cough cough*, I do think that Cyrus would be more fun on his own. Also, now that we know they’re in the upper levels of the castle, as well, maybe Althea and Shelby can have their showdown? That’s another fight sequence I wouldn’t mind seeing. Maybe add Kepler, make it a 4some…

Malek: now that’s one hell of a resolution to the the ”thing” Inaya’s been seeing. I love developments like this, it’s another nod to how good you are at foreshadowing. The talent you possess as an author in general, to be frank. I didn’t see this coming at all, kudos to those who did. What’ll happen next chapter, whichever way this showdown will go down, it’ll be amazing. I have no doubt about that. As for who’ll die - I’m not certain. I have a feeling the gamemakers won’t put down the wall of fire until at least two of them are taken down. There’s a part of me that thinks it could be Caelle’s turn. When you think about it, there’s 3 vs 1, and she’s injured. There’s another part of me that so clearly sees her in the final, though. Don’t know!

Maybe name the dragon Spike? Toothless? Smaug? Doesn’t Kepler have a dragon planet in his book it can be named after?

There’s always Kilgharrah… thanks google :)
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