Reviews for Beneficially Instructive Tribute Creator's Handbook
jakey121 chapter 22 . 8/25/2020
Holy shit
Although I have never been the HUGEST fan of Kepler, in each and every one of his POVs, you can clearly see how talented you are as a writer. It’s actually hypnotic reading his POVs and his thoughts and this one was probably the cherry on top honestly. Yes it was all internal thinking but we needed that to see Kepler with some new kind of drive to stand up and keep going because he had fallen so far down the rabbit hole, I didn’t actually think he’d be able to get back up. But he is. And whether or not he can kill again, he’ll take it day by day, because small steps are much easier to focus on than larger hypotheticals and what-ifs. Loved his way of thinking this POV – it brings together both his scientific nature and the beliefs of his Father and it leaves him feeling as if he’s settled on something that’ll give him a shred of motivation to continue. I don’t know if he has it in him to make it much further but I was so enthralled this POV you have no idea.

It’s gooooood to see some vulnerability to Caelle even if she’s doing her best to ignore that those thoughts exist. She’s been such a driving force in this story with her competitive edge but also this willingness to keep her alliance together and lead them to the very end. I think she really would have been fine with herself, Andros, Shelby and Cyrus making it to the final four without any act of betrayal. It was Cyrus and Shelby that made a move that fractured that and in her mind, it’s the biggest insult to the game she’s been trying to play.
I like the remark about her wishing she had company because she now can’t rest because no one is there to watch her back. Caelle is the strongest remaining tribute but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to any sort of attack and if it’s done properly, she could falter and end up being killed. I see her as a final-three tribute imo, she feels so central to the plot, and that wouldn’t upset me. She’s one of my absolute favourites and has been for some time.

Shelby and Cyrus fucking is so funny and so… believable? Like honestly it feels like this just had to happen and the relief of Andros dying, having an actual bed and the comfort and security of each other. There’s always been chemistry between them, not really sexual tension but something close to that, so why not go for it when one of you has to die for the other to win? Makes perfect sense.
Only gross thing is that neither have showered for days and uh… they gon’ stink. Oh well. Get it while you can.

Fuckkkk tributes about to die.
This was a gooood POV. Action packed with a dragon that’s been quickly growing until it was big enough to cause some proper damage and a fun chase scene. I love that they stumbled over Sharif’s sleeping body and if done properly, I do love a good gamemaker intervention to shepherd tributes together. I’ve heard from some people before that they don’t really like gamemakers interfering because it detracts from tribute on tribute development but… that’s literally their job. They aint gonna sit back with a cocktail and not do anything to the Arena. Their job is to make it interesting and you did it in a way that is going to create dramaaaa
Ugh im not ready for the next chapter

I’m not inventive enough to come up with a name for a dragon lmao id call it like Smokey or something cliché

I think sadly Sharif is about to die. And I’m going to say either Caelle or Inaya. I’d be surprised if Malek and Inaya were the two to survive. I mean for all I know you’ll only kill one, or three, or all four of them so who knows. But I’m going to go with two and say Sharif and Inaya.

Ok update you know how much im obsessed with this story
sock-feet-and-stirring-sand chapter 22 . 8/24/2020
welcome back!

it’s good to see kepler again and i want to say he’s in a better mental state than I thought he was, considering last we saw of him. I really loved how poetic his scene was, describing the possibility of god, of life outside of the planet, especially as it’s quite uncommon for tributes in this fandom to openly wonder about that. i’m still rooting for him, so long as he doesn’t remain the same kepler who turned on calandra...

and caelle. i still don’t like her, if i’m being honest. perhaps i’m not reading into it as deeply as I should, but she doesn’t seem to have developed much beyond the same girl she was in the capitol. aside from that she’s a pretty abrasive person so I wasn’t really a huge fan in the beginning, but as we see at the end of this chapter, perhaps something will change within her. you’re setting us up for something to happen so let’s see what goes down with her!

I can’t fucking believe cyrus and shelby like OH MY GOD
I mean I believe it for shelby but like... what does this mean for them LMAO
and their glee at andros being dead is so funny honestly! it’s such a dark situation and they’re just cracking up.
honestly the contrast between this and the next scene is hilarious but i’m mostly intrigued to see what this spells out for them as a pair!

and then here we are. I suspected inaya and malek were gonna be in more danger as it was otherwise a quieter chapter but we’ve also got sharif and caelle in the fray. god I wanna see inaya knife caelle... so bad. doesn’t she have that knife? she wouldn’t turn on any of the others. and she’s still somewhat injured... I don’t know. i’m quite excited to see what you do here, because we’re getting close to the end and everything counts from here on out!

I don’t have any good dragon names, tbh I need 3-5 business days to come up with a good pun for this guy and he’ll probably be decimated next chapter so! as far as who’s dying? i’m always wrong but give me caelle please oh please. I can’t take it anymore LMAO. although it would be nice to see her fall to shelby/cyrus so maybe she’ll just take some names here and get hurt or something and they’ll finish her off later. I don’t know lol!
BradiLain chapter 21 . 8/18/2020
District 1's sneak peek was short, but heartbreaking in such a beautiful way. being able to convey the feelings in such a short span of words is truly so impressive.

Caelle's sister seems like almost the complete opposite of her. more quiet, more humble, just wanting to live a normal life. it's an interesting dynamic that i feel like was a nice glimpse for her. It's also definitely interesting that Cyrus' family is the opposite of happy with him being a volunteer. it's too easy to have a stereotypical family sitting at home, glad that their son or daughter or sibling is risking their life for a petty victor title, but having all of his siblings pipe up about how the district two career made an immature and rash decision adds a whole new layer to his decision to volunteer. bella and klaus were nice to get another scene from too.

The Biachi family is exactly what we were expecting, now isn't it? they're so manufactured that it hurts. i kind of enjoy how they spent the whole time just teetering on the edge of saying the wrong thing on purpose, but they all know their place. i think that althea is more like her family than she would ever be willing to admit. she's playing into everything that her family would want. she wins and business booms, she dies and they have one less rebellious child to worry about. one less person to stain their picture perfect facade.

i love how shelby's family just wasn't interesting enough for the capitol to care. lmao poor things. shelby is probably one of my favorite tributes left in the games ~ she'd be my choice of victor out of the cast we have left, but i know there's still a lot of time for tides to turn and for things to change.

kepler's religious family gives me just the absolute worst vibes. they give me culty mormon / JW feels which really is some of the most uncomfortable things for me. i think that kepler himself is so interesting, and the layer that the religion brings to his character definitely helps him stand out, but his family... they've clearly made him the way that he is. it was not of his own mind, of his own decisions. i'd love to see him sort of snap out of the brainwashed melancholy that he's been in, but seeing his family just further cements for me that i don't think he'd make a very satisfying victor for me.

Malek's home life is very different from what you'd expect from just reading him as a character. there's so much tension the entire time we're with his family, it's practically dripping from the words. his younger siblings are so precious - a great way to sort of even out the tone of the pov.

inaya's family on the other hand almost feels like a foreshadowing of her death. i also worry about her without malek, but out of the two i defintely think i'd find myself more engaged with inaya. i also like how her family dynamic has a matriarch at the head, it's a nice way to sort of differentiate her family from the classic western style family that we see the most often.

last but not least, sharif's fam bam. it's odd that they are telling him to blend into the shadows, you'd think they'd beef it up more for the capitol. the gamemakers won't like the hidden boy in the shadows, they want something big. something grand and exciting. something they can sell. amira is a sweet little thing though. in another universe, if sharif had another life, i would probably ship them.
jakey121 chapter 21 . 8/18/2020
Oh shit. Ishan that’s so sad.
Imagine watching the camera crew just leaving because you know silently what has just happened. At least she didn’t have to see her brother actually die?

Supportive family with a Career-edge to them all. Caryne lmao ‘Karen’ whining a little bit about the idea of having to be a victor’s sister rather than just herself. Priorities. I love seeing these interviews because first off, NO ONE EVER DOES THEM EXCEPT YOU! and it’s morbidly interesting because literally as they’re filming, someone could die.

Love the two different sides to Cyrus’ interview. His loyal yet slightly hurt family who had on idea he was going to be reaped, and then Klaus who he volunteered for. It’s quite sad that Klaus can’t show his face so for that very reason I almost want Cyrus to win. It’ll be so interesting to check in with these families again once there is a winner if only to see the change from the interview to then.

Poor Althea. She’s one of my top picks for Victor so I’d love to see her win and to do all she can to fuck her family over. Or just cut them off entirely. This entire interview was a façade just to get their name out there and it’s sad they really don’t give a fuck about Althea.

Lmao I love how her family don’t really know much about Shelby because they don’t get to spend much time with her because of her antics. And then her friends burst in, the energy changes, and they get the interview they wanted for Shelby. It personifies who Shelby is really.

The bridge between science and religion has always been so interesting in Kepler’s character and his backstory. His mum and dad have very different reactions. His dad is very much uncaring and if Kepler wins, then it’s happened because of some divine intervention, whereas his mum just wants her son back. It must be hard watching what Kepler has become. If he does win I doubt it’ll be that easy to turn back to who he used to be.

Tense af interview because of the expose on his backstory but also the difference between Malek’s family and his friend. And the idea that that guy who doesn’t see Malek anymore might turn up.
I like his little sisters for their authenticity and their obliviousness to some of the other stuff going on. It’ll be sad for them if Malek doesn’t come home.

I remember Inaya’s pre-reaping POV and lovvvviiiingggg her family connection. And it’s ugh so sad that they can’t accept the idea that Inaya might die. This is another example of if Inaya does die, I’d love to see a POV from this family again. It’ll be sad af but I’m interested.
Because of their dedication to seeing Inaya win, it’s morbid how flippantly they can just talk about Malek dying. Yes, they like that he’s made a connection with Inaya, but they are ready for him to go so Inaya can win. This is why I love these interviews and getting to see every layer to the family dynamics and views on the Games.

My love for Sharif is literally too much and this just makes me…
Sharif just has to win. Stop katie pls don’t kill him.
I love that his family had no idea about Amira. I love that they’re now united in their longing for him to return. I love that Amira has all these stories about the gruff boy that Sharif is but that she liked that about him and how he would open up. And then her confessing to the fact that she likes him and that she knew Sharif liked her back.
Ughhhh sometimes I hate emotions

Ok so I’m gonna like give my wanted placings for these tributes because I can and I’m bored so

Victor: Sharif
2nd-3rd: Althea, Caelle
4th-8th: Inaya, Shelby, Kepler, Malek

that was a fun 8 seconds
bobothebear chapter 21 . 8/13/2020
let's ball

valier: yo this was so sad wtf. beautifully written!

lovage: more or less a classic career family. i liked the humanity you brought to them still like the nod to being worried about caelle dampened with the scripted 'but we're like confident in her hehe! go capitol!' her sister's commentary was also nice because it's what a sibling would say yk like a light jab but underneath full support and luv. cute shit bro

augustin: LOVED this. ma and pa are blindsided and scared and have no choice but to remain faithful that their baby can come home UGH. seeing klaus and bella gegt the retribution they deserve... we love to see this

biachi: LMAOOOO alysse is me. flex ur ring baby girl u earned that shit! it's full circle for althea since we just heard her gripe about her family last chapter - in my mind that reminder cements her as a central narrator in the story and i'm nothing but THRILLED at that. queen shit

leone: wait stop this was? so sad? we see a different side of shelby's flippant attitude here and it's how that affects her family/the people she was once close to. sad shit! darya and kendra swooping in to save the day - icons!

mallis: in the arena kepler's in this weird middle ground place now that he's more or less gone bonkers and we see the repercussions of that on his family here and shit's sad as fuck! going through these is sad bc like. seven of these families are going to be just like ishan in one yk like their babies aren't coming home :(

trevelian: you SLAPPED this. i remember naming sanna after sheridan,, queen. missing her

stratton: VERRRRY interesting interview here! focus is on inaya minus malek is this,,, foreshadowing O_O i thought this one was so cute like veschi calling inaya GAWKY im laughing baby boy this is NATINONAL TV your sister needs SPONSORs.

nafti: STOPPPPPPPPPPPP this one was SAD AS FUCKKKKKK. enough fucking said this was beautiful amira and sharif make me UWU and UGHHHHHHHH.

bobothebear chapter 20 . 8/13/2020
i've reached the point of being behind where i don't even realize im behind this is truly embarrassing i am sorry legend

andros/caelle: LETS GOOOOOO. caelle shaping up to be finalist/victor material with all of the individual action and focus she's getting. with andros, i loved the exploration of someone whose absence of emotion WAS his emotion yk like that self-doubt and like "am i supposed to feel something here? why don't i?" was something fresh but ultimately played second fiddle to the stronger narrative that caelle puts on. excited to see where she goes from here - undoubtedly a face-off w shelby and cyrus down the line!

inaya/malek: BABIES! i think this was an mf masterclass in how to give characters development and action without having to kill/be killed. they're both so frightened and that fear fuels paranoia and that paranoia fuels CONFLICT and we saw that here before a heartfelt (?) talk brought them back together. im curious as to where they'll go from here - sharif's plot line seems intrinsically tied to theirs but i feel like one of them will die before reuniting w him O_O

althea: this was a SMACKING pov from althea. the resolve at the end highlights her threat potential down the line but i thought the most profound part was the beginning where she's battling this guilt and how her killing val altered her mindset of killing gareth and YUHHH. touching base with her family/backstory before the interviews is also a nod to her importance as a character and i am simply WITH it. would love to see her win!

finale predictions!
think: cyrus, caelle, althea
want: cyrus, althea, malek (tehe!)

i like to play tennis! or swim! those aren't like games hm.
i also ,, dabble in minecraft,,
i LOVE board games my favorites are betrayal at house on the hill, avalon, and cash n guns
House Elf Liberation Front chapter 21 . 8/12/2020
This was great! I loved seeing all of the interviews and getting to understand more about each of the tributes. Have fun on your trip and I look forward to the next update!

Remus98 chapter 21 . 8/12/2020
Top eight interviews! Fun! Let’s get started.

Poor Ishan :( and after she was mentioned recently, as well. So sad.

Caelle’s family actually seems nice? Well, nice by district two standards, at least. Her sister had a bit of an edge to her, but she wasn’t wrong. Calle was very show-off:y in the beginning, in the Capitol during training even, but she didn’t end up with a score of ten for nothing. It’s become a part of her charm by now.

Cyrus has one large clan backing him up. A clan of peacekeepers at that - very menacing. Was that ever mentioned before? I can’t remember him ever talking about it. Anyway, it was interesting to see this portion split in two, and how both parties reflected upon his volunteering. I want to feel bad for Klaus, but asking your friend to die so you can raise a child doesn’t earn any sympathy from me. Sorry ’bout it, boo.

And then comes Althea’s horrendous excuse for parents and siblings. It was enjoyable, once again, to see how much of the form actually got used, and in so little space! Her parents’ ”fake it till you make it”, Alysse’s engagement, Atticus’s poor attitude. It was perfect. Maybe now folks will see why she’s a lil’ brat.

Shelby comes from humble beginnings, then. Despite the amusing ditziness her friends bring, the most intriguing part of this interview was how stark of a contrast Shelby is to her parents (and seemingly her brothers). Just the concept of awkward fishermen in a career district has me sold. Very unexpected, this.

It doesn’t surprise me that Kepler’s parents let religion influence the direction of their answers. They might have tried to be subtle, but their faith came across loud and clear. I can understand them, in a sense. Being told you’ll never walk again and defying it s a real miracle! It’s just unfortunate how naive they are, to believe Kepler was actually going to the library. Perhaps they should’ve questioned the constant ’why:s.’

Malek’s family interview could have been really sweet, if the interviewer didn’t have to mention the arrest, and if his mother hadn’t been so obsessed with ’optics.’ Maven and Sanna stood out like gems, tho. I’ve missed them a lot. They heightened Malek’s likability for me in the pre-reapings, and they still do now.

Inaya has some really good people backing her up. I do think they’re making a mistake in not preparing for the worst, though. I have no problem with them rooting for their sister/child, but with three careers still left in the running, and a healing wound in the way, her chances are rather slim. They won’t handle it well.

Amira and Sharif’s parents did a banging job of hyping up their man! Sharif, as I’ve mentioned before, has a tendency of slipping into the shadows. I’ve come to realize that’s a strength, tho, and not just because it was spelled out clearly for me in this interview. It’s a testament to both the character and your writing, that he’s sneaking under the radar in such an intentional way. Right now he’s feeling like a real contender.

Loved this! Have fun in the woods :)
Josephm611 chapter 21 . 8/11/2020
Okay! Interviews!
District One is heartbreaking... I liked Andros and welp he's gone.
I don't remember Caelle's family; did we ever meet them? They seem annoying too, just like she is.
Ooooh it's interesting to see their backstories that we didn't get before! Cyrus comes from a Peacekeeper family? Was it mentioned? Maybe I just forgot. Aww... his family didn't even know! Poor guys. And poor Klaus. Though it is a bit of a douche move to ask your friend to die for you like that.
And... Althea's family... Aiyah, they're annoying too—though there's zero surprise in that. They make Althea look nice, and that says a lot.
Shelby's background is a bit sad, honestly. Like her family clearly isn't close. Really causes people to reevaluate the time they spend with their families, doesn't it?
Kepler's family is interesting for me to read, since I'd consider myself on the more crazy religious side of the spectrum (especially on this website). It does sadden me to see how out of touch the parents are with their son (esp dad), even though they clearly care for him a lot (esp mom). It's a stereotype of devout families that's sadly based in some reality, though I'm fortunate to have parents that very much are in touch with what I think and feel and where I am.
Malek... I'd completely forgotten about the drama with his family. And oh my goodness... that's rough. Stupid interviewer!
Inaya's family! I do remember them-ish! They're surprisingly confident in her ability to return—or the denial is strong with this one...
Crap I'm forgetting about Sharif. I think I liked him? And something about a tower in his intro? It's sweet, though.

Ok you can't me for reviews because I'm back and swingin' and keeping up after my disappearance last time.
Acereader55 chapter 20 . 8/11/2020
Miss Chaos! Coming in hot with a result i was not expecting! Ugh I am so invested in this story and so many of the characters it really is insane how much I love this story and your writing. I can't believe we're already down to the last 8, it's flown by so quick.

Andros: This was such a great way to round out his character and have him end on a positive note and making an impact rather than being the stoic guy with zero emotions that doesn't feel or do anything. I feel like he had this big thing of wanting to be a role model for his sister when we first met him and this interesting backstory about protecting his family and wanting to help them which was all very emotionally involved, and then we sort of went stoic in that and never really touched base with that much again. So to have that rounded out here was great. I think him talking about how he can't feel things and is very unemotional but that he wants to feel all of the emotions that others are facing was really compelling. And I think it was also very clever of you to include that here to sort of explain why he's been so unemotional and doesn't have any outbursts. The pairing of him with Caelle who is super emotional and bursts out all of the time was a very fun pairing, and I thought they worked well together and bounced off of one another. While he was never one of my favorites because he lacked an oomph about him, he was fun to read about when he was with the others.

Caelle: This was by far her best POV yet. You could feel her insecurity seeping through within her when she saw Andros sizing her up, and then her nerves kicking in realizing that this was her best shot to get rid of him without having any more damage to herself than the injury to her arm. The action in this section was great, I thought it was very clear and easy to follow, and the description of what Andros and Caelle were doing and why they were doing it made it that much easier to follow the action. The two of them clearly worked super well together as a duo and being so strong in combat for sure helped that, but this was the time to wipe out the biggest competitor and while Andros fought more honorably, Caelle has that deep rooted insecurity and desire to prove herself as the best and this was her chance to rid herself of the biggest threat and she took it. I love her comment about how pain is good because it is manageable, and then the ending line of her saying good enough for me was such a good closing line. I think she's absolutely destined to run into Cyrus and Shelby at some point, and while I think Shelby is a goner when that happens, I have no clue who will survive between her and Cyrus but I am very excited for that reunion given her visceral reaction to realizing that the two of them abandoned her earlier in this POV.

Inaya: This alliance is bound to crumble sooner rather than later either organically or by some outside factor. I think with Caelle killing the big mutt within the Arena, the mutt that Inaya is seeing is bound to enter the equation the next time we enter an Arena chapter. I think that the conflict between Inaya and Malek is great because it feels very organic and feels like something that would naturally happen to people in the situation that they're in. I also like we get some sort of update on her injury where she said she's feeling much better than she initially did. Her and Malek talking about their fears and their families and everything is such a nice touch, and I like how even though they're having issues they come together and swear that they'll always have each other's backs. I was half expecting Sharif to burst through when they were getting stern with one another but he's holding back until the mutt attacks I'm assuming. I think this trio of people are bound to be broken up soon, and I wonder how long it will be before Malek realizes Inaya took the knife without telling him and how that will affect their relationship once again. I do find them a *touch* boring because their arena experience after the bloodbath hasn't been the most exciting thing ever, but their organic issues are refreshing compared to other manufactured drama or drama resulting from fights.

Althea: It was good to hear from her because it's been a little bit and she's having a bit of a lull in terms of the action. I do however love her character in this story. A lot of the time in these stories, trauma and action changes and molds a character so that they change their perspective on things and really transform. For Althea, it has done the opposite which is very refreshing. It has made her more focused on getting away from her family and being her own entity. She is still that bitchy, uptight, prissy girl that we originally met, but she's doubled down on it and realized why she likes herself and why how her family operates is unacceptable to her. She has what few others have which is a story beyond just the Arena. She's got a plot line to follow up with if she were to be the Victor and that's something few others have which really interests me. She's grown on me so much throughout this story and I really appreciate how she had to process and deal with killing Val compared to killing Gareth, such an interesting insight to explore. I have no idea what is in store for her but I'm excited to see where you take her!

Finale predictions: Cyrus, Kepler, and one of Malek/Sharif
I think there will for sure be a Career showdown at some point where Shelby bites the dust and Cyrus comes out victorious instead of Caelle. I think Inaya/Malek/Sharif will face a mutt next time, and soon one or two of them will die. Kepler feels too central to die before the finale and he's had such a huge part in this story, and Althea could have anything happen to her at any time, no idea where she's headed but I'm excited!

Mine: Caelle
Like: Cyrus, Althea, Shelby, Kepler
Neutral: Malek, Inaya, Sharif
BradiLain chapter 20 . 8/10/2020
Love the dichotomy between Caelle and Andros. They're so different, despite both being your classic Career types. The fact that Andros is such a rock that he struggles to have any fear is an interesting way to go about it. If the two were to go head to head, I'm not sure I'd be confident enough to put my money on either of them. But I do think that Caelle is more compelling to me, so she's the one I think will outlive him. Now we've got the two pairs of Careers against each other

OH WAIT NO WE GOT A MUTT! The twist of a century, folks. Glad I didn't spend too much time really mulling over how I thought that would go, bc we are most definitely going to lose one of these two here. I'm calling it now. I wish I could've had more to say during this fight, but I will just leave it at the fact that the action was great. The pacing you had during this fight was phenomenal, and like I would've guessed, Caelle made it on top over Andros. At least he finally felt fear. That's gotta be something.

Malek is straight up out here gaslighting my girl Inaya. Yikes. BIG oof. I hate that. I don't know whether or not she's hallucinating, but from my perspective as the reader, knowing that Sharif is hiding not too far away, I think it's very likely that she could be seeing things. Maybe Malek has more backstory about being lied to that justifies his actions to some, but I'm not having any of him. I would like to see him get a taste of his own medicine - whatever Inaya's been seeing, it should totally attack him. That'll show the hoe.

Althea is finally starting to wear me down. I don't wanna like her. Little hot headed, privileged, diva thing. But I'm starting to soften to the idea of her at least being able to do her own thing. Do I like her? No. Do I still think a lot of those words still describe her? Absolutely. But I can at least see why other people might be rooting for her.

What games do I like to play? Depends on what you mean by 'game'. Lol I'm pretty good at Disney Scene it. Video game wise, anything will chill vibes. Love the Sims, City Skylines, pokemon mystery dungeon. I've started playing this new game called Moonlighter that I really adore too.

Top Three: Shelby, Caelle, Sharif
Others: Inaya, Althea, Kelper
Next to Go: Malek, Cyrus
BradiLain chapter 19 . 8/10/2020
Cyrus and Shelby are such precious beans. I usually prefer my Careers to be brutal and bloodthirsty. But I will be the first to admit that I am constantly changing my mind about what I think i enjoy lmaooo bc i love these two. I just want them to kissy kissy so bad, i'm a sucker for an arena romance. But even if they don't, we love a good friendship with a guy and a girl too. I stan either way. I think that their likability makes them unlikely to be the Careers that make it the farthest - gotta keep an antogonist somewhere, right - but my feeble heart still yearns for their new training academy to become a reality. 'this is like ghosting a boy when the spark is dead' big yikes shelby, girl I feel you there. Lmao just pretend that nothing's going on. But when that 'boy' you're ghosting is a pair of bloodthirsty and trained killers, maybe it's best to play along just a little bit longer.

Calandra is still a character that I just can't force myself to root for. Her and Redmond both left their ally to die - and for what? For killing somebody? IN THE HUNGER GAMES? Smh they are both a bunch of hoes, but not even the fun kind. The imagery of the stained glass here was stunning. Love that. Love that Calandra is now realizing that she made a decision that might not have been the right one. And now we've got a stand off bc one of these two is gonna die.

I feel like the more desperate Kepler becomes, the more he's been leaning on this sort of religiousity. I'm wondering to myself if I'm just dense or what, because I feel like I don't remember him being such a bible thumper in his thought processes. Regardless, I like the paralells he was constantly creating to the bible in his POV. Even someone as poorly versed in the bible's literary techniques as me could make the connections and it was very telling. I did expect Calandra to be one of the next to go, and boy was her death satisfying. I can practically see the stained glass shattering in slow mo around her. Crazy cool sight.

Periods in the arena... The things that Sharif makes me question lmao. I do think it'd be something the Capitol would do - some sort of hormone injection to make sure that the tributes with uteruses wouldn't have that happen to them. An odd thing to even be contemplating, but i digress. I feel like Sharif is almost right about his towing the line sort of personality. It's definitely mot as big as some of the other characters, but there's a quiet strength to him that I enjoy. I like reading his thoughts - as jumbled and rambly as they sometimes are - so I do still soldily hope to see him in the top five.

Emotional journeys... I think Kepler tops that for me. He's just had such an intense change in him from what we've seen. I never would've labelled him as a bad guy but he's almost unhinged now. Two kills on his belt. And I can easily see him getting one more. The family interviews, I don't have anything I particularly want to see. I'm excited for it nonetheless! And lastly, if I didn't have bills to pay. that's such an easy one for me. i'd be on a stage, singing and dancing and bringing life to people's stories. That's where my heart longs to be.

My Top Five Predictions: Shelby, Caelle, Cyrus, Inaya, Sharif
The Next to Go: Althea, Malek
The Others: Kepler, Andros
jakey121 chapter 20 . 8/9/2020
Caelle is growing more and more emotional about things (in an angrier way) whilst Andros is internally debating why he can’t feel something like anger or fear or guilt or anything. He’s always been so logical and almost robotic in the way he deals with things. Even the calm manner in response to realising Cyrus and Shelby have ditched them… he just accepts it, knows what now needs doing, and that’s that.
But then he does finally feel fear because of a mutt and it’s a foreign feeling for him. Tenseeeee.

This made me consider the idea of Careers planning for mutt attacks. They can’t really. All they can hope to do is be interesting enough to avoid mutt attacks and let the other tributes deal with them. But sometimes, like this situation, it doesn’t matter how strong Caelle and Andros are. They cannot prepare for a fifteen-foot monster trying to rip them apart. I wonder how the academies try to prepare the Careers for those sorta fights.
And bye Andros. Honestly, it was Caelle or the mutt that had the capability of taking down Andros. I LOVE the irony of Caelle acknowledging that she has to work together with Andros to take down the mutt, when on the flipside, to take down Andros, she almost needed to work together with the mutt inadvertently. It’s made her the strongest thing in this entire Games now but taking on Cyrus and Shelby by herself might not guarantee her survival. I love Caelle and can’t wait to see where this goes for her. RIP Andros.

I’ll be honest here, I’m hella surprised to see Inaya make it this far.
Loved her a lot in the pre-reapings and the Capitol. And I still like her. But she just hasn’t got that… spark? Idk how to explain it. There are always going to be tributes in the end-game (final 8ish) that haven’t been through as much as the others. There just has to be. And for me that’s Inaya and Malek so in comparison to literally everyone, I see one or both of them going next. I’d be so surprised to see Inaya and Malek survive over such huge players like Caelle/Kepler/Althea etc. But you might prove me wrong and have something huge in store who knows!
Their relationship is still such a fun one because it was originally built on trust but it’s the kind of normal friendship you can tear down through the heightened fear and paranoia that the Games cause in the normal tributes. They’re just scared and because they’re the only person the other has, they lash out at each other, and the tension just boils even more. They ended on a good note tho – although I don’t see that working out.

Is this what being poor feels like lmaoooo
I love Althea tho because she’s got the kind of development I live for in the Games. Development that doesn’t make the character seem like an entirely different person, but builds on what’s already there and takes them down a route that shows different shades to their character. I get that with Althea. There is still the materialistic rich bitch in there, but there’s such a drive and an acceptance over what needs doing, and a genuine fear and vulnerability, that she’s still one of my absolute favourites. Even when she her classic self back in her very first chapter, I’ve loved her, and she’s done wonders for me this entire story. She’s just a fun character – I like fun characters. I mean I’m not one to talk as I make pretty dull characters myself, but I want to be entertained, so give me the drama of someone like Althea and Caelle.

God I live for this story honestly. From the very beginning, you’ve made this one of the best SYOTs I’ve ever seen on this site. I’m obsessed pls updateeeee.

Ok so final 8 we’ve got: Caelle, Cyrus, Althea, Shelby, Kepler, Malek, Inaya, Sharif.

In terms of the finale I guess for me it would go:
Want – Caelle, Althea, Sharif
Think – Caelle, Cyrus, Kepler

So much of this story feels centred around Caelle and Kepler. They have been such driving forces that I cannot see them not making it to the end. I personally adore Sharif but he’s a bit like Inaya and Malek – I don’t see him making it much longer. Shelby is like second to Cyrus in my books so he seems endgame, but she doesn’t. Honestly tho I might be entirely wrong and I’m sure whatever decision you make, it will end up being the best one for this story because UGH YOU WRITE SO GOOD STOP
Remus98 chapter 20 . 8/9/2020
Andros: you’ve done it again. Like with so many other tributes, Loren especially, you’ve made me love a character i didn’t care all too much about before. I did enjoy Andros in the very beginning, his sister brought out something in him that i could root for. Then came the Capitol, however, and he faded amongst the other careers. Caelle’s headstrong grit, Eliana’s sly aggressiveness, Cyrus and Shelby’s natural charm. And Shark… Andros’s quiet but rational personality just didn’t stand out at much to me. He had moments, like when he was proud of Cyrus for having killed Shark, but they were few and far between. This last POV was amazing. His wanting to feel scared, feel guilty, feel SOMETHING, was beautiful. His plotting to get rid of Caelle, too, realizing nobody could take her out but him. And then the end - finally a real feeling!

Caelle: that Questing Beast did some real damage, huh? I always thought it was dangerous, but fatal enough to be a struggle for the two strongest tributes? Wow. And it looks like Andros’ tactics finally caught up with him, as well. Perhaps, if he had not seized Caelle up so obviously, he would have still been alive. But she was smart enough to see it and now her biggest competition is done for. I wonder what she’ll do from here on out. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to go after Cyrus and Shelby despite her injured arm. The gamemaker are obviously not ok with slowing down the pace. Exciting to see what will happen next!

Inaya: is she going to kill Malek? It doesn’t seem likely now, but with the continued mention of that knife in her pocket and the foreshadowing you’ve been brilliantly hiding from us before, maybe I’m on to something? I’m going to be so proud if I’m right, haha. And so sad, cause Malek’s a gem. I like that they had an actual argument here. The tension has been building up between them for a while. Also, is that thing Inaya keeps seeing an actual mutt or is Sharif shit at sneaking around? A new mutt would be fun :)

Althea: this POV made me incredible happy and super scared at the same time. It was the perfect lead-in to the family interviews, it was nice recalling her backstory and familiar relationships again (it’s truly amazing how much you utilize the submission form even this far into the story), but it also reminded me of a goodbye POV. She talks about how much she wants to live, how she’ll do anything to survive - that feels either like she’s making it all the way or that she’ll be the next to fall. Seeing as I’ve had yet to have a victor I’m obviously hoping for the former, but we’ll see. Her making it to the top eight is a honor in and of itself.

This was a wild chapter. Loved it.

My predictions for the finale, though feeling a bit narcissistic, has to include Althea. Maybe her, Caelle and Shelby? Or her, Kepler and Malek? For some reason, I think the top 3 will have two or no careers at all.

I’m a huge fan of the games, though there’s not a lot of fun people around so I don’t play a lot :( I did try out Magic: The Gathering for the first time last week, though. It was pretty fun. Go white!

Josephm611 chapter 20 . 8/8/2020
I'm /finally/ getting caught up. Idk if my tired rambles of reviews are any fun to read. If anything it adds to your count and I don't feel guilty anymore—win win, amirite?

Oh no... they're gonna return and find the other two gone. And Caelle's gonna throw a fit.
Yep. She throws a fit.
Are the tributes actually gonna take out the mutt this time? I'm tired of mutts killing the kids.
For once, Caelle acknowledges weakness. I'm proud of you.
ok i really dont like you now

Woah so she has the knife.
Disapproval. I'm calling it; Inaya betrays Malek.
NEVER MIND it actually turned out wholesome! Yay! I love myself some good wholesomeness. Pairing these two up together was a genius move. Their insecurities line up so well (rather, so horribly).

ALTHEA and guilt uh oh for her.
I still don't like her? But I don't hate her anymore? Either way, I'm caught up and I'm falling asleep so bye.
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