Reviews for How to Share a Crown
SweaterSloth369 chapter 12 . 6/18/2021
Great chapter! I really enjoyed all the dates, they were all amazing!
Fairysecret01 chapter 12 . 6/17/2021
Today I got up at 8 am, read the chapter and went back to sleep. I know I’m so cool.

Anyway review time!

Ugh I feel so bad for Taylor. Like his parents can go to volcano-land like in Wizards if Waverly place. I see the ship with him and Danny starting so :eyes: on that. Can Jolene pls do something about it. Like Jojo bestie issue a royal decree or something.

Damn I liked Karim. I’m honestly kinda sad about his elimination. I was like “awwww I ship it it’s so cute” then BOOM platonic friendship. Poor guy. He better be in the epilogue or one shots because I need more photography boy. Also I hope Jolene can get the photos they took because I bet they’re super duper cute.

Leander is certainly something. I actually went to the MET with my friend and we looked at the abstract art and we were just like “this is so dumb my painting should be in here.” I have to say I don’t get abstract art. Like idk but at least Leander seems to think there’s a story behind it cuz for the most part I just assume the painter was lazy.

Yeeee and my Marcus fix. It seems like in the end of each chapter Jolene goes to Marcus and I love that so much. Literal friendship goals. Also not to say I’m prophetic or anything, but I specifically remember saying Martin and Rustin are going to the elite. So ya know, I’m probabaly right here. Let’s gooooo.

Anyway I really liked this chapter in between all the Endra drama and secret guard stuff. Btw I still think Rustin is the guard. Pls no stabby-stabby in the next chapter uwu
sevenzeroseven chapter 6 . 1/28/2021
Ahhhh, the final Selected. Showing up late to the party just in time for Jolene to do some questionable things?

I actually really like her decision to not meet the Selected as herself since it would really show how others act to some extent, especially to palace servants. I do agree to some extent that it is a little hypocritical to hide at first and expect the Selected to also be truthful but to be honest, she's in a position of power here so it really doesn't matter lol. I still think it's a good idea.

I also can't take Chad seriously, but I also love him. He's the Himbo of the Selection and I'm glad for it.

Danny of Backalley Boyfriend, huh. I really hope he's not in any abusive situation from his bruises, but it does unsettle me a little.

And aww, Martin. It's not Jolene's fault for realizing, it's just how it is sometimes. But she is lucky that she gets to do over as herself the next time, it's like a little cheat. I wonder if "Willow" will ever make another appearance down the line, since it could be helpful in future situations though she might not want to considering how it'd be slightly unethical, lol.


Okay, we met all the Selected, but seeing how they were obviously quick first introducts I don't have many opinions on most of them. I need to see more, but I'm glad to see the return of CHAD and meet some others.

Leander and Alex pique my interest, Leander for being a unit and Alex for being a sweetie. Auden is very, very adorable.

I love how Jolene is already mentally sorting them into categories, lmao.

Shy, natural charmers, or cold and critical aren't the worst to have. I also liked seeing Martin again, but I'm glad that Jolene had a smoother meeting this time around.

YEAHHHH, RHYS. THAT'S MY BABY. And what's that? He was the only one to make her blush? HELL YEAH, TAKE THAT OTHER FLIRTS. I'm so glad he made a good impression, I was afraid he'd end up flopping terribly.

Rustin also piqued my interest! He's a little forward for asking to explore so quickly, but I appreciate the boldness. I can't believe you introduced everyone in one chapter, but you did the same thing in OCCW so I shouldn't be surprised, LMAO.

I'll have to form my opinions as I read more though, hehe.
sevenzeroseven chapter 7 . 1/28/2021
Jolene kicking ass and taking names, I love it. I'd honestly be intimidated if I was in the Selection and she outright told me that she'd be looking for the best practical partner, but if none of these boys can handle that then they don't deserve to be there!

Also, the "not-date" with Martin was very cute and wow, to be riding a motorcycle with Jolene through a grassy forest, sigh. THEY HAD SUCH A CUTE MOMENT. Maybe I'm already Team Martin or Team Elias, since they shared a cute little smile moment as well.

Marcus calling all the Selected as different types of sexiness or attractiveness... perfect. He's such a great pair for Jolene, their dynamic is great. It's also really nice to see that Jolene is aware of her "weakness" of not wanting to let people in, even if she's still not wanting to take the next step. It's really refreshing.
sevenzeroseven chapter 8 . 1/28/2021
LMAO, JOLENE CHASING AFTER MARCUS. The way that Ray groaned as if he knew what was going to happen and immediately they just took off sprinting is PERFECT.

Okay, wait a minute...

I literally should have realized Chad was from Florida the moment he said "alligator" but I was still surprised when he said he was from Clermont. Green really made him THE FLORIDIAN MAN. We actually do have alligator-wrestling here, but the alligators are always so chill, I feel bad, LMAO. I'm guessing for his fraternity, he just went and wrangled a wild one or something which is... not wise, but interesting.

IAN REALLY IS TRYING TO GET JOLENE ON HIS GOOD SIDE, HUH. Well... to be fair... that was quite smooth of him. I actually really like flower gifts and bouquets so I would have melted into a puddle like the weakling I am. Only if it was arranged nicely though, I have standards.

Endra calling Brendan a "boy-toy" is so demoralizing and nasty, I would like to personally stab her just for that. Honestly, like I know she's family, but what if they just executed her, LMAO.

Like, I'm sure the rebellion could still go on, but... it'd certainly be a message.

And honestly yeah, as far as approaching Jolene goes, I'd be confused if I was the Selected. Should I be bold? Should I let her take the lead? She pushes and pulls, so it's up to them to figure it out or get lucky, lmao.
sevenzeroseven chapter 9 . 1/28/2021
I really wasn't expecting Jolene to tell one of the Selected about Endra, LMAO. I thought it would have been more like, secretive. But the book is interesting, does that mean there's another lineage somewhere? They might be part of the rebellion coming to usurp the throne and take what's their birthright if they actually have claim to it.


At least Rustin helped her, but he's a little... quirky? Like, I don't know about him. He does definitely stick out, but in an odd way,

Oh, my theory was literally confirmed, MUAHAHA. Guessed right. I think she's being a little stubborn in regards to Ray, but I get that she's mad and he is withholding information from her, but like, with reason.

Ian really trying to be the shoulder for her to lean on, huh... I'M SUSPICIOUS. I just know that you're planting seeds for later plot revelations and I WANT TO KNOWWW.
Fairysecret01 chapter 9 . 10/20/2020
Flashbacks to a month ago when you were talking about fun scenes with Rustin and you mentioned Jolene falling in a hole. Safe to say, I thought that was a joke. That it would never come to pass. But no, here we are with Jolene in a hole and Rustin being her knight in ghostly armor.

Also, psa: who’s going to tell Rustin that ghosts aren’t real? He’ll be devastated.

Side note: I now believe that Rustin is the hidden guard. Why else would he be in a random deserted hallway right when Jolene was there? Coincidence I think not!

Also, the list of names. The old brother. I have a really, really, really bad feeling about that. He doesn’t have a name yet, so for the sake of this review I’m going to be calling him Dale. My thoughts are that Dale’s kid is either in the selection as a selected or that Ian is Dale’s kid if he’s not Endra’s. I mean, if Ian’s here and trying to get close to Jolene it must be for a reasons. He’s very sus. So Ian wants to take the throne by marrying Jolene.

Also, I do not like Ian teaching the boys self defense. He’s probably going to purposely teach them awful stuff so they’re easy to overpower.
SweaterSloth369 chapter 9 . 10/19/2020
Good chapter! Loved it!
Sylea chapter 8 . 9/14/2020
Marcus is really hilarious, I love him so much! xD
Jolene has a hot temper, drawing conclusions so fast! Poor Martin ;)
Endra is really creepy, Idk what she is up to. Probably something big.
Fairysecret01 chapter 8 . 9/11/2020
Okay, I legit got so excited for a second that one of the selected (preferably Auden, Elias or Martin) sent Jolene rose’s and it was going to be this really sweet gesture. But no. It had to be stupid Ian Miller. Damn this guy is shady. He’s definitely to something g and is trying to get Jolene to trust him.

Wait. Crack theory right now.

Ian is blond. Endra is blond. Endra has like a secret kid or something and it’s Ian. So Ian’s dad is like a major rebel leader and somehow Endra stayed in contact with them or something. They’re trying to overthrow the monarchy together. Like, he’s 24 so the math works out.

Yes, I know this is completely wrong and everyone reading the reviews is laughing at me.

Moving on.

Marcus. I love you. I want a Marcus. Can I purchase one?

Chad, my man. Doofus, just join another frat. Like, I would never wrestle an alliagator nor would I marry someone who did. If they wrestle and alliagator who knows what other levels of stupidity they would be capable of reaching. Clearly not trust worthy at all.

Endra I hate you so much. They’re are 26.8 million words in the English dictionary and not one combination accurately describes my urge to hit you with a chair.

Loved it.
The Pocketwatch Ripper chapter 8 . 9/11/2020
Yo Jolene be wildin! I just imagine the benny's hill theme as Marcus runs from that wild girl. Everyone must be either amused or afraid.
Frenchie Is French chapter 8 . 9/11/2020
idk why it reviewed for chapter 1 when that was supposed to be for chapter 8 wtf ffnet
Frenchie Is French chapter 1 . 9/11/2020
Jolene throwing hands at Marcus, Chad Chaddington being surprisingly endearing, Ian decking out all the sus energy, and Endra planning some sinister shit... I love it. It's such an engaging chapter, not-so chaotic but not-so boring either. Great job! xx
Sylea chapter 7 . 8/24/2020
Jolene is so badass :)
I think she is afraid to fall in love because she has so many responsibilities already, and the weight of the future crown on her head is heavy. She probably pressures herself, because she doesn't want to disappoint her parents and all the people counting on her. So she acts cold, but I have the feeling she is soft on the inside. Am I right? :EYES:
Martin is so cute! Jolene shows she is the one in command for sure. But as she says, it's hard for her to choose those with their career planned outside of the Selection, like would they be happy to be picked if they have to quit what they worked for?
And Marcus. As I probably already said a lot, I want a Marcus in my life so bad. He is so hilarious and funny, and also such a drama queen. Marcus is us all wanting to know the tea. He really is a polar opposite of Jolene, and it's good to have him next to her. :)
Fairysecret01 chapter 7 . 8/22/2020
Just imagine you entered the selection with this whole fairytale romance in mind and then the princess is like “I’m not going to fall in love. You are essentially a pawn.” Like that would be the time for shocked pikachu face. As much as we stan Jolene being confident and independent, these boys have feelings and like she’s should try to be a tad bit nicer.

Also, Rustin. Lmaoooo he’s so funny. I’m surprised Jolene actually answered his question.

Ian Miller...damn to think I actually liked him in the beginning of the story. Granted that was mostly because I though he was hot, but still. I love that he’s threatening them with a lap around the palace. I mean, I would probably come in dead last if I had to run around the palace.

Awwwwww Martin. He’s adorable. Also, it’s good that both their survival instincts work, but the royal guard is just totally cool with the heir going onto cliffs that might fall at any second? Step it up guys.

I really wished her and Martin kissed. I love Martin so much, but I get that you can’t kiss on the first date. Well, most of the time at least.

Marcus is iconic. Like seriously, he’s the literal best. I want a Marcus in my life. Although, if I was Jolene I would be thrilled about his shouting “sleep with all of your selected.” There’s a reason why Marcus didn’t get his own selection, and I think we’ve found it.
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