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Frenchie Is French chapter 7 . 8/21/2020
Aww, Jolene and Martin were actually cute together, :pleading_face:. Also, yes. Marcus is me, I am Marcus. We both need the spice and the tea to live on. And Rustinnnnn, I feel like I made him so shameless that you can just dump all shameless questions/plot stuff onto him, and I love it. Great chapter! xx
SweaterSloth369 chapter 7 . 8/21/2020
I love Jolenes outfit. The leather really says badass. Also I love the cute not date!
Guest chapter 6 . 7/29/2020
I didn’t read HWC but this story looks really cool! My fav guys this chapter would definitely have to be Karin bc he was so awkward, Rustin bc he was funny and Alex bc he seems really cool and he does fashion.
Guest chapter 6 . 7/26/2020
Ohhh boy my boy. He warms my heart.
Fairysecret01 chapter 6 . 7/27/2020
Wow. I can’t believe you managed to introduce 17 boys in one chapter. Seriously, I didn’t believe it. When I read the A/N I went back and counted how many meetings there are because I thought there was absolutely no way it was 17. They were all so fun and different, the chapter didn’t feel like it was dragging on and all, yet it was 17 people. Oh my that’s amazing.

I’m going to try to do a review for each boy, but I might forget some

Chad: Sweetie.

Jacob: He seems like...I actually don’t know what to make of him. I do want to see his parties though

Hunter: He seems cool. I mean, it’s a Llama character, so he’s definitely hiding something. I loved the conversation about Jolene’s outfit. It does look insanely uncomfortable. I pity her. Petition for Jolene to wear business casual

Brent: He seems like a good guy. Shy, but sweet. I don’t know if he’s necessarily my “favorite” but I like him

Sam: Hmmmmm. He seems a little abrasive, and not a very warm person. Still, for some odd reason that I can’t quite explain. I like him.

Elias: ELIAS MY LOVE. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I love him so much he is an amazing person. Don’t hurt him. I swear Oz...don’t hurt him.

Danny: The “good side” get a life dude. Something about his whole meeting rubbed me the wrong way. He just seemed so forced and so ditacthed. (I know that’s not how it’s spelled but it autocorrect isn’t working)

Leander: This dude reminds me of Sam. He seems very closed off, but I hope he does open up. An architect? Very cool.

Alex: My quarantine crack child. Ahhhhhh I love him so much. Also the fact that he wore an purple gemstone earring to his first meeting with the princes...this kid has some nerve. I gave him too much confidence I knew it! Now he’s doing stupid things like wearing a purple gemstone earring and tuxedo to his first meeting with the princess. Idiot.

Auden: I live Auden. Please don’t hurt him. I begging here. I swear, if it comes to it I’ll sacrafice Alex! (Me in a few months will come to regret this statement, but that’s ok.) a little baker with a southern accent...awwwwwwwwww we stan

Max : Another musician eh? What a coincidence. He seems like a shyer version of Brent. I do think I like Max better though. He seems really interesting and please give him and Jolene matching oufits

Lance: Another baker? And oh my, he has a whole bakery chain? That’s impressive. I do wonder if he had family or something helping him out, because tbh it seems kinda unrealistic for him to have a successful chain in his 20’s.

Martin: Jolene please come clean. This boy is literally so sweet and he comes with a dog! A dog Jolene! He’s like Christmas morning and your birthday all rolled into human form.

Taylor: I love this kid. Seriously, get this guy happiness and a good life. I’m begging here. I’m begginggggggggggg

Rhys: Edgy boi. I like him. Also he has piercings too? Ooh. He and Alex can bond over that.

Karim: He seems cool

Rustin: This guy has some nerve. And Jolene? Do you not like people calling you by your first name? Kinda weird not gonna lie. Someone is on a power trip. Also, Rustin is totally going to find Endra. It’s going to happen. Please have Rustin go missing before dinner.
Sylea chapter 6 . 7/27/2020
I have to tell I'm pretty much surprised by how different or eerily similar the guys are! That's a good thing I guess!
They all look like they have something interesting to bring to the story and Jolene.
And oops, I may have made Leander a bit too cold? Well, let's just hope Jolene and the other guys will help him becoming warmer! :)
I don't really have a favorite for now, but I'm intrigued by Taylor, Auden and Alex (I wish I had his fashion taste).
I wonder if Jolene will prefer a heart-warming, charming or a more down to earth guy. :)
rysarium chapter 5 . 7/1/2020
ILLEGAL DISTRIBUTION OF WEAPONS? If this is related to Endra I swear I’m boutta fight because if this kind of thing didn’t pass the first round of security checks, what’s going to get through the second round and eventually find its way into Jolene’s Selection? I’m worried for homegirl.

Well at least it got us Sam in the Selection though LOL

Jolene’s strategy is… Interesting. This might be the first time I’ve seen someone meet her Selected through a disguise first and that’s going to make the actual first meetings very interesting indeed. I can’t say I’m very pleased about it, because while it might indicate some of the boys’ attitudes towards people in different positions, I doubt anyone with a shady backstory is going to spill everything to Jolene in disguise anyways.

Also, you know, just being dishonest with your Selected right off the bat is a strategy I’m not sure how to feel about lol, but it does seem a little hypocritical of Jolene. But she’s trying to protect herself so I obviously can’t blame her for that. I get where she’s coming from, but execution is not a 10/10 from me LOL. Good that she is reflecting on her own actions and feeling a little guilt though!

Chad Chaddington III is… an interesting specimen. Rip Jolene having to pluck his eyebrows when first meeting him, but I actually kind of like Chad? I thought he’d be a kinda-douchey frat guy but he’s actually kind of lovable? His fist bump and explosion sound was so iconic. I don’t think he’s king material or Jolene-husband-material but I love him already and he’s going to make this Selection very interesting.

Okay, boyband Danny is quiet but that bruise promises some very interesting discussions and perhaps secrets later down the line, so I’ll keep an eye out. I’m curious if he’ll be a little friendlier or more positive around the princess as opposed to Jolene-in-disguise.

Alexander is the one where Jolene on the report was like “damn how did I miss his visuals” right? LMAO to be honest his sentiments are kind of sweet even if he’s very confident but I feel like Jolene needs someone fairly confident to keep up with her anyways. I’ll keep an eye on him too as a possible frontrunner bc I find myself liking him already.

Good thing Jolene’s sneaking-around actually came to some fruition, and she was able to find some nasty boys to eliminate, because blegh.

Aw Martin is friendly and I like him! I’m not sure how he’d react if he found out the nice Willow girl he talked to was actually Jolene, so I’m a little worried about that, but A DOGGO (my heart eyes are already starting to form). A quick glance at your profile tells me he’s a paramedic (and that his fc is Xavier Serrano, so, SWOON) so maybe it’s some form of PTSD? Aww either way I feel bad for Martin because of Willow/Jolene’s reaction… Hopefully Jolene-without-a-disguise is a little more tactful! And Fairy’s hunch about that potential convo between Martin and Jolene I can 100% see happening lol

Finally all caught up on my reviews phew! Can’t wait to see what’s waiting for us :)
rysarium chapter 4 . 7/1/2020
WAIT SO DID I JUST SKIP OVER EARLIER MENTIONS OF DAMON SECRETLY BEING A MUSICIAN SOMEHOW OR IS THIS ONLY INTRODUCED NOW because woahhh this presents such an interesting dynamic! So he’s kind of living that Hannah Montana double life? His dads don’t even know about his budding music career! This makes SO much sense for a kid with Brendan’s genes, lol, but I’m worried if it’ll put him in danger, especially considering he’s a prince.

Jolene just eating cereal and more cereal and more cereal is a mood. Her reactions to the guys during the Report are also super interesting; it’s a shame that she has to be nervous about the public approval every step of the way, after that Teddit stuff and the talk with dad. Though it does make me wonder if the palace’s hand in selecting 5 of the men will be revealed eventually, as that won’t have a pretty fallout.


I feel like I expected Ray to agree with Jolene, but it’s surprising, yet also makes sense, that he has even more repercussions to worry about now that he’s king. Aw man. Makes me wonder how many other members of Ray’s cabinet are awful human beings lol.

As many people have already said, Ian is sus. I’ll keep an eye on him.
rysarium chapter 3 . 7/1/2020
Wait it’s so cute that Kara is a certified Aunt (tm) to the sibs aww love that. But wow what who gave you the right to make the beginning of this chapter actually kind of emo? Nooo Jolene has so much to worry about and so much on her plate and it’s devastating me?

Endra grrrrrrr two-faced lying evil [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. Even 24 years in a prison cell wasn’t enough to make her, idk, gain some morals? Still feels zero remorse about betraying her own family and causing the death of her own mother? I’m mad. And if the rebels are really on the rise again and Endra gets released or something, I will SCREAM.

“I wouldn’t let go of your family just yet, dear brother. You never know when you’re going to lose them.” NOW YOU’VE GOT ME WORRIED OZ. Considering you killed off the queen in your old one, and we kind of need Jolene’s POV for the story to keep going, who the hell is going next? If Endra says the rebels won’t target her… I mean, it makes sense for Endra to hate Ray and Brendan the most, but I feel like Damon’s also in danger here, and… Yikes. DON’T DO IT OZ.

So is there ACTUALLY a rebel spy among the Selected? :O Oh no. I do not like this one bit. Or maybe there’s an insider helping with the Selection that is on the rebels’ side? Maybe someone we totally don’t suspect, like Endra 2.0? Oz you’re giving me trust issues here.

“a totally moan-worthy bad boy aesthetic” um I’ve got my eye on you, Marcus, but for entirely different reasons.

Very interesting to see that Jolene was like “I want to pick 4 boys myself” and then just left the last one up to random chance anyways LOL but congrats Elias I guess! And the other guys!
rysarium chapter 2 . 7/1/2020
I love how these two chapters have started with the randomest, somewhat cute little things (but also WHY oz I am desperately craving cookies right now). But what I love MORE is the banter between Damon and Jo here. “Thank you, Damon, for your endless support and words of wisdom, truly, a gift to man” HER SASS JUMPED OUT. They really are Brendan and Ray’s children wow.

And the bonsai tree is back already! Yay! What a cute hobby for a princess to have… I think I need to stop calling her cute before she roundhouse-kicks me.

Despite what Robert did on the Report, I feel like what Jolene said was reasonable, and really reveals her current stance on romance—she doesn’t want to be “completed,” she wants to be “supplemented,” ya know? Ya feel? She doesn’t believe she’s missing anything right now, which is why that “other half” talk is probably so annoying to her. The internal conflict is SO juicy! How to “share” a crown amirite?

hi that imagery of Jolene living her messy imperfect life and someone willing to love her throughout all that is so sweet, please let it happen Oz. I have faith in you and your reasonably happy endings even if people have to die along the way so MAKE IT HAPPEN.

(also Jolene really has the most AESTHETIC hobbies and I am living for it)

So it seems like the cookies list is once again being used as a sort of coping mechanism? Very interesting. It sucks that Teddit users are getting to her so much because we all know the T in Teddit stands for TROLLS but it was sweet to see that one positive post. If Jolene’s positive attributes, like her honesty, are going to be used against her, I’m worried about her for the rest of the Selection :(

Interesting that Ray as a dad is like this, hmm. I know he’s only trying to protect Jolene and probably trying to save his family from another type of rebel attack, but I’m not sure what looks like it’s going to become a tendency to micro-manage his daughter’s own Selection or be overly concerned is gonna mesh well with Jolene’s desire to be independent, and her own previous confidence in herself. I feel like Jolene’s gonna be learning a lot of humility in this Selection ;)

This undercover guard is VERY interesting, especially since it’s a user-submitted OC. I’m curious to see how this will affect Jolene’s interactions with the other Selected! And also my own feelings of them, lol, bc I’m gonna start squinting real hard and stroking my feathery bird chin at all of their interactions now. An inside spy from their own side is a cool touch—but more importantly, it signifies that the rebel threat is pretty serious, which is worrying.
rysarium chapter 1 . 7/1/2020
Hello! I am embarking on some long-overdue reviews now, so here I go pretending that this is my first time reading this chapter!

Jolene is really such a cutie—I feel like she would not be too happy about me calling her that, but I absolutely love her. You can really tell that she’s very independent, but also looking forward to taking on the role of queen. As a Raydan shipper back in (the last two chapters I was actively reading) of HWC, it was cute to see Ray’s little nostalgic monologue about Brendan, but I can totally see why it almost gives Jolene some more pressure, in a way, since her parents’ marriage is like a fairytale. Since this is a sequel that I’ve had the pleasure of reading the first installment of, I’m very curious as to how the way Ray and Brendan raised Jolene, and their impact in her life, will factor into the rest of it! It’s very cool that she isn’t 100% against having a Selection, just worried about it, and I hope her worries will soon be eased once she sees what a nice, calm, wholesome, normal bunch of guys she has :) (hahaha NO)

I don’t know if you’ll like this comparison but I feel like Damon and Jolene have such a great dynamic that, in a way, he’s almost like the Ahren to Jolene’s Eadlyn—he’s a voice of reason, willing to tell her things she might not necessarily want to hear, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him around. Hopefully Damon won’t be running off and getting married without any precaution, sending Jolene into an existential crisis about her own ability to love, but I’ll keep my eye on Damon just in case LOL. Also, after what you did with Endra, I have the right to be wary of siblings, right?


Aww Christivy being cute library nerds as always. Marcus also sounds cute! And since a peep at the profile tells me that he is into men, I wonder if he’ll be getting any romance through this Selection? pleading clown emoji?

“Jolene frowned, she didn’t need anyone to help her rule” OOOH I love the way this was phrased in reaction to what Ray said. I’m sure Ray didn’t *mean* for it to come out that way, but I feel like Jolene’s willingness to rule and inability to accept help or assistance from others might make this Selection very interesting. My hunch is that part of her development will be learning that loving someone else or accepting someone else’s help doesn’t make her any weaker, but no matter what happens, I’m excited to see it!

“If she can handle a rowdy family all her life, then surely she could handle a few months in a Selection.” Jolene, Jolene, Jolene. Boi do I have some news for you. Have you met these SYOC authors? Do you know how much stuff can go down in a few months?

This was a great intro chapter, from the cute little bonsai-cutting (which I hope we see more of!) to establishing the dynamics between these characters! Now onto the next :)
Fairysecret01 chapter 5 . 6/24/2020
Illegal weapon distribution...hmmmmmmm. I do not want to give you any ideas about this so I will save my theorizing for inside my head and then if something actúa happens I’ll share. But really royal security, step it up. Having a selected be a criminal is just embarrassing.

Ian Miller, what are you hiding. “Hanging around a lot” jeez dude, you’re going to get yourself killed or kill someone. Both of which I would not like to see because as I have stated before, he is so hot. Like seriously, he’s hot.

Seems like bad ideas run in the family. Jolene, let me get this straight, you were going to wear a wig and pretend to be someone else to meet the people who you will one day marry? That’s illegal on so many levels (not that the laws apply to her of course) but other than legal issues, the morals there are really messed up. We do not stan Hairdresser!Jolene. Because that is Liar!Jolene. I expected more from her.

Speaking of people I expected more from, MARCUS, I have a few choice words to say to you. Listen, you’re her cousin, you’re supposed To stop her from doing dumb stuff like this, not encourage it. You literally bought her the wig so she could commit identity fraud. Ivy and Christian were so smart, how did they produce Marcus? The genetics just don’t work out.

She’s actually doing this. She’s actually dressed up in her black apron and blonde wig and is pretending to be a hair stylist. I pity the poor selected who have to have her tweezing their eyebrows. What if she completely botches it? Those poor boys

Chad Chaddington. Sorry, Chad Braddington. Sigh. We love Chad. A beard though, I don’t know how I feel about people with beards. Ah well, he sounds cute. And he’s a red head.

An alligator bite? Dear god this kid is a bigger idiot than Jolene. Why would you go wrestle an alligator. He does live in clermont though, so I guess he’s the Florida Man June 23- Frat brother tried to wrestle alligator but miraculously survived with only a bite in the wrist.

Danny, it feels weird writing a review that talks about the bruise because obviously I already know what it’s from. I’m not going to say anything because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone not in discord. Although, Danny seems like a jerk. It had to be said.

Brown hair...silver earring...purple shirt...ITS MY SON. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Alex, ugh I love my quarantine crack baby. Kinda happy that Jolene- I mean willow- didn’t comment in his earring, we love progressive women. Anyway, I am very happy that Jolene likes Alex. Please, love him just as much as I do. I would say don’t break his heart, but you can’t break what was never there. Joking, Alex is a softie.

Awwwwww puppy. Cutie. The palace let a selected bring their dog? Huh.

Ohhhhhhh it’s a service dog that makes sense. And Jolene/Willow/Willoene that was not a very nice reaction to Martin. You have some apologizing to do missy. Just imagine if Martin And Jolene are talking and he’s like
“the first person who met my service dog at the palace didn’t take it well when she found out what she was for.
Jolene “who”
Martin “Some Make up artist named Willow”
Jolene “ know those stylists...”

To sum it up, great chapter. We love.
GreenWithAwesome chapter 5 . 6/24/2020
Okay first of all, the heck?! The Selected from Allens involved in some illegal weapons trading?! What kind of Selected... no, I daren't ask. I suspect Endra had a hand in that, it's the only explanation I can think of. She didn't try very hard though if they found out immediately, ahahah.

When I tell you I snorted out loud at Chad fist-bumping... I snorted out loud at Chad fist bumping (like, it's roasting here, the windows are open, some poor schmuck in the street probably leered at my residence, kind of snort). Chad. My man. My guy. Why. Also him flirting with totally-not-Jolene sent me. Oh boy. He was great, though; I loved his portrayal! I can see he's in good hands.

I'm stoked there's a doggo in the story, but obviously not stoked as to the reasons for the doggo in the story. Alas Martin seems like an interesting character. I'll be eagerly looking forward to getting to know him better... and the doggo...

Great chapter! Keep writing! :D
SweaterSloth369 chapter 5 . 6/23/2020
Great chapter! I loved the idea, though I’m not sure how it will fair in the future if anyone found out
sevenzeroseven chapter 4 . 6/16/2020
Ohohoho, here I am. It seems every time I catch up on reviews for your stories, you post another update, so here's hoping I get more deliciously wonderful content soon.

Damon, Damon, Damon. Sneaking out? No, no, no. I cannot abide by this tomfoolery. He really is the Edge Lord:tm: of the family, hmm? "I'm in no danger." You clown. I hope the Selection knocks some sense into his Green-Day-loving-ass.

IM TAKING NOTES ON WHO JOLENE LIKES. And also just my personal comments, hehe.

Auden is going to make me soft, I can already tell. Baker boy with curly hair and gentle features? Yeah, okay, I'm sold.

CHAD. I never thought I'd see that name in a fic, Green has done it again. I'm automatically suspicious on name and submitter alone. He could be literally anything. A werewolf in disguise, the leader of a cult that worships a very specific bag of potato chips, the chosen one? I'm watching him.

Rustin already leaves a good impression. YOUTUBER HAS ME SHOOK, I would have cast him off if I didn't do some sneaking and found out that he hunts for ghosts LMAO. But, he's back in the club, and his "mischievous smile" has roped me in.

BACKALLEY BOYFRIEND. I'm sent. Jolene already has a passive dislike, hm? We'll see if that changes.

JOLENE BEING DONE AT HER SELECTED MADE ME LAUGH. She's self-aware and I love it. I know it's bad that she has so many famous people, but I just find it kind of funny in general LMAO. At least they'll have a lot in common(?), but that's a double-edged sword because Jolene might be on the lookout for something different. Anyways, a small celebratory party for my boy being the only one in a caste under five, CHECK. Caste Sevens unite! Seven, the lucky number, muahaha.

Ewwwww, Mr. Adams gets two thumbs down and a kick in the ass from me. Jolene is just that much more of a queen for telling him how uncalled for his behavior is to his face.

Ian, HMMMMMMM. Enough said.

Anyway, I know Jolene is ready to be large and in charge, but I know for a fact she's going to meet some of these boys and swoon. Or... they're going to meet her and swoon. Swooning will happen! At least for Rhys and I, LMAO.

Now to catch up on OCCFW.
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