Reviews for Prehistoric Park: Reimagined
A-LionGleek chapter 10 . 1/15
And now for 'what could have been':
* Initially, from what Nathanoraptor has told me, this chapter was initially planned to be posted as part of a quintuple feature alongside both the upcoming Bonds and Bridges chapter (aka. the Castoroides mission) and a trio of Extras chapters that I helped write that are set to occur in between Devils of the Deep and Bonds and Bridges. As you can see, Nathanoraptor appears to have decided (possibly for reasons related to timing and desire to be extra careful in finishing up the necessary work on them all) to at the very least post Devils of the Deep separately yesterday before similarly posting the other four parts of the planned quintuple post later on as he sees fit. Considering the high workload that's come for the both of us with this continuity, I don't blame him one bit.
* Some of the scuffles I initially planned to be even longer (with the final one in particular having Leon manage to follow up on Jack's pointing out the matter of Andrias' role in helping save Yolanda by pointing out that it was thanks to his being in the crassigyrinus pool to fend the critters off long enough to allow Andrias to successfully intervene at a point in which his assistance wouldn't have been rendered completely useless through Yolanda already ending up killed or severely injured before Jack would have then followed up by saying that it still wouldn't have changed the fact that even Leon's delaying the crassigyrinus in their efforts at mauling Yolanda would still have ultimately proved useless if Andrias had never been released into the pool in the first place immediately before finishing off with the words he said immediately before Leon finally loses it in the final product as you can see here). But as you can see, Nathanoraptor had all the scuffles set to what I'm guessing he must have considered appropriate lengths (particularly in the case of the final scuffle before Drew's rescue from the dunkleosteus).
* Speaking of those scuffles, remember how I once said that I initially planned for Jack to initially have an ambivalent opinion on Yolanda via toxic influence from Colette before eventually properly getting to know her and befriend her real much later in this story and how glad I have since been that Nathanoraptor chose to scrap that idea? Well another idea tangentially related to that particular plan that I now feel equally embarrassed to have ever even CONSIDERED was to have Jack resort to underhandedly slandering Yolanda over the course of his and Leon's final clash just to get a rise out of him. And much like with the idea of Jack initially being toxically influenced by Colette into having an initially negative opinion of Yolanda without even getting to know her first, this idea of him trying to get a rise out of Leon by slandering her despite her already being his friend at this point is likewise an idea that I now wish I could forget having ever thought of/considered using AT ALL by virtue of just how uncharacteristically mean this would have had Jack come across as. Yeah, the sooner I put all memory of these two disgustingly uncharacteristic ideas I once had for Jack regarding Yolanda behind me and into the garbage to rot (NOT 'ROOT'), the fricking better. *snarls in disgust and humiliation over having even considered making such ideas canon in this story*
* Moving on from THAT, the rescue list initially included moythomasia as well as the animals present in the final product. However, over the course of writing, Nathan and I both realized that moythomasia was actually a freshwater creature and logically incapable of showing up alongside the other animals present in this chapter. And while I was initially willing to have a newly discovered saltwater species of moythomasia be present for the sake of trying to salvage the idea of rescuing it, Nathan and I eventually both agreed it would be easier to just remove moythomasia from the rescue list altogether for this chapter.
* Also initially on the list during planning stages was something that Nathanoraptor labeled as 'minya'. Unfortunately, things got very tough for me when I could not for the life of me find an appropriate animal that would match up with this identification word (with the closest thing I eventually managed to find at one point being what appeared to be an appropriately in existence Devonian ocean beetle apparently called 'minia'). But then Nathan and I both proved unable to even find THAT over the course of our efforts at finalizing the work on this chapter, so we eventually both agreed to just turn the 'minya/minia' into the undiscovered Devonian anomalocarids that are rescued in the final product.
* And on the subject of Rommel, I initially had planned for Rommel to show off signs of him being immensely aggressive and temperamental as a result of him acting out to show off his own independence from the other dimetrodon (which I had been viewing at the time as an actual pack). Furthermore, he was also initially planned to outright do battle with Otrera before they mated as well as chase and almost attack Matt over the course of a feeding attempt as a result of said temper and aggression. But then Nathan later first had the dimetrodon (as well as the sphenacodon and secodontosaurus; plus likely the ophiacodon) only occasionally aggregate during feedings like alligators instead of actually living in packs together 24/7. And from there, yet more changes occurred until we got the end result you now see in the final product. And honestly, the way it now is does honestly feel a bit more realistic in all honesty. So yeah, once again, no complaints on my end :).
* As for why Stavros and Kira were unavailable to immediately put a stop to Jack and Leon's final clash that ran the risk of either killing Drew or costing him an arm, my initial suggestion was for them to have to go down below deck to help the crew deal with a situation in the Ancient Mariner's boiler room. Naturally, I was quite eager to accept Nathan's suggestion of them going below deck to help ensure the ship stayed afloat over the course of a storm when I realized that actually seemed a lot more dramatically fitting and compelling.
* On the subject of the portal grenade (something that readers of the Extinction World mythos will likely remember quite well), this very chapter was what I was initially considering to have serve as its introduction point. Naturally, as you may or may not remember, Nathanoraptor chose to instead have it get introduced in South of Heaven. And in the end, it wasn't too difficult for me to still incorporate the portal grenade's usage here while working around the fact that this chapter was no longer going to be its introductory point.
* And finally, there were also a few other minor details and such that Nathanoraptor has either changed or deleted due to what I presume to be pacing reasons, too much detail being included in descriptions, at least one minor detail possibly seeming to be a little too cartoonish in context, etc. Those I'll leave him the opportunity to try to explain further when the time comes for him to start leaving trivia of his own for these chapters.
All that said, once again hope you enjoyed this chapter, found it worth the wait, and are looking forward to what's to come (not to mention have a happy new year).
A-LionGleek chapter 10 . 1/15
And now for the promised further explanation on how I worked to help improve upon this version of Jack and Leon's series of scuffles in this mission compared to the similar turn of events in PE:
The way I personally saw it, there were several factors in how PE handled Jack and Leon's antagonism in Life in Transition that may have realistically contributed to both the embarrassing way I reacted to it and Nathanoraptor having since come to feel like the antagonism between them felt too blatant in retrospect:
* As far as I can remember, in contrast to how buildup was given in PE for Kyle and Nikolai having a rivalry that ended up ultimately amounting to nothing, the antagonism between Leon and Jack seemed in my eyes to have only been just introduced for the first time in 'Life in Transition'. This, naturally, may have likely helped contribute to the following additional issues.
* Jack and Leon seemed to engage in only 3 scuffles over the course of 'Life in Transition', which likely contributed to how I reacted to it as a result of it seeming too rushed.
* In PE, all three of the scuffles between Leon and Jack in 'Life in Transition' seemed to end with Jack more or less always getting the last meaningful word in while seemingly having Leon simply unable to adequately hold his own. And this, combined with just how much MORE harsh and meanspirited Jack seemed to be in comparison to Leon in my eyes, how Jack's first round of mean spirited behavior seemed to occur immediately after what could have been interpreted as Leon making a reasonable effort at expressing a reasonable concern, and how Jack seemed to have quite a lot of stuff about Leon for him to latch onto and use against him while Leon himself seemed to have much too limited of an arsenal against Jack in comparison, left Leon appearing in my eyes to look too much more like a victim in my eyes that Jack was being too unfair towards.
* As I basically described in the above point, Leon and Jack's confrontations and antagonism just simply seemed too unbalanced in my eyes over the course of PE's 'Life in Transition'. And to basically sum it all up further, while Leon and Jack were intended to both be very unsympathetic over the course of their scuffles and antagonism, the way this plotline was executed in PE resulted in my eyes to instead have Jack come across as TOO unsympathetic and Leon come across as not unsympathetic enough.
* Naturally, the first point I mentioned was already taken care of earlier in the story thanks to signs of their antagonism being shown and provided as buildup in several much earlier chapters in this story and Extras to prevent the antagonism from seemingly coming out of nowhere the way it seemed to do in PE's version of the events. The rest of the problems I likewise worked to help fix myself over the course of Nathan and I doing the writing for it all by working to have the scuffles unfold in ways that would allow Leon and Jack to be much more evenly balanced this time (so to speak) by virtue of the both of them being able to go toe to toe and hold their own against each other more comparatively equally, the both of them having something they could successfully latch onto for the sake of using against each other (Leon's seeming incompetence, apparent lack of skill outside his noise broadcasting device, and inability to take a joke, and Jack's recklessness, overreliance on luck instead of proper strategizing, and seeming disregard for safety and inability to take things seriously even in the midst of incredibly dangerous situations), stronger emphasis being placed on the 'both sides have a point' aspect, and Leon having a lot more moments of outright jerkass behavior and comments to go alongside the ones that Jack had to offer. Thus, with the both of them more evenly balanced comparatively speaking this time around, they're hopefully much more likely this time around to come across as equally unsympathetic in their own ways compared to how much more unsympathetic Jack seemed to be in my eyes compared to Leon during PE's version of these events.
A-LionGleek chapter 10 . 1/15
Happy new year everyone! Boy it's been a while, and things have definitely gotten crazy. But at the same time, there is also light at the end of the tunnel and reason for hope for the future. And all that in mind, I very much hope you've all enjoyed this chapter and feel it worth the wait, not to mention that you'll be looking forward to what's to come. And all that said, time for trivia:
* As you all probably guessed from the sneak peek for this episode at the end of South of Heaven, this is PPR's equivalent of the events of 'Life in Transition' from PE. And naturally, that makes this the point where Leon and Jack's tensions finally reach the ultimate boiling point and almost get Drew killed (or at the very least cost him an arm) in the process. And now, just like in PE, they now have to work their way back into Drew's good graces and resuming active work as rescue team members. But of course, also much like in PE, the immediate chapters to come (in this story and Extras) are only the point where now things can only go up from here as far as Leon and Jack's working dynamic and relationship are concerned.
* Speaking of Leon and Jack's clashes, I'll freely admit that, even after a good couple years since PE's Life In Transition was posted and I made my reviews for them, I'm still GOBSMACKINGLY embarrassed over how I behaved in a couple of the reviews I left on some of that PE 'episode's' chapters. And in saying as much, I'm now very relieved indeed to have been able to view the similar events in this version of the continuity more objectively. But even so, while I'm not at all trying to justify my childish behavior from those humiliating reviews I left for the offending 'Life in Transition' chapters in PE, I will definitely say that I didn't entirely react without reason. Heck, even Nathanoraptor has since admitted in his PE retrospective posts that Jack and Leon's antagonism in those chapters in PE seems too blatant now in retrospect. And I'll freely admit that, with his permission, I put in a lot of work to try to help improve this story's version of these events to hopefully avoid it causing reactions in other people similar to the way I reacted to PE's version (with the exact specifics as to how I made this effort being a topic I'll cover in another post within the near future).
* Furthermore, also here we get a slight bit of additional development for Stavros and Kira (particularly with the former showing off his 'Let's get dangerous!' side), get a quick introduction to minor key player PP aquarists Mia and Laura (the former of whom you may or may not remember from the Phase 1 chapters of PE), and also get an expansion and resolution to the subplot involving Rommel first introduced at the end of South of Heaven and given a small bit of additional focus in the PPE chapter 'Two Sides of One Coin' (by virtue of him being shown to have had enough time to settle down amongst the other dimetrodon he now lives alongside, form a bond with Kyle, and now hopefully gain the ability to further settle down and become easier for everyone else not named Kyle to work with thanks to his now having happily mated with Otrera). And that said, I apologize in advance in the (hopefully not to high likelihood) event that anyone just so happened to be hoping he'd end up serving as a major recurring antagonist over the course of the entire 1st phase (if not entire story).
* In case anyone has any trouble with as much, the identification of the animals Jack rescued on his 'solo run' are as follows: the two 'pumpkin faced' predators were the eastmanosteus pair, the small creatures he got from that crevice were gogonasus, and the five prehistoric lungfish species are (by order of individual species description) rhinodipterus, griphognathus, xeradipterus, chirodipterus, and holodipterus.
* On a minor note, I took inspiration for the outward appearance of Ripley's Aquarium for the design of the aquarium building's exterior.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/14
As suggestion for the next chapter and the one for Kelenken
Yolanda shows pity for Leon and comforts him and while at the Carboniferous dome Leon is feeding Felix the Arthropleura while venting his frustration about Jack the same would go with Jack and his sister Alice though angry at her, but shows pity since she’s her brother, and Jack talks this to Duke the Dromaeosaurus. (About the two animals even they show no emotion expressions or understand what humans say, there’s this bond that they show empathy and can’t help feel for them.)

For Drew, he talks to Adrian and possibly calls Theodore about his problems like was he too hard on Jack and Leon. They give him advice about being a better leader and friend and try to understand them.

And when they go find the Kelenken around a campfire at night, taken from Prehistoric Earth when they go to Mongolia to find the Therizinosaurus, Jack and Leon take turns why act and behave who they are like how Drew and Leon met each other and his autism and Jack explained that he thought Leon was a walking textbook, and he never hated him, it’s just he felt he was unsuited for the job. Soon the two got over their differences.
54godamora chapter 10 . 1/14
Why do I get the feeling that Jack & Leon actually like each other?
Guest chapter 2 . 1/9
Can you make a full list of how many individuals and species of the Assorted Morrison lizards, Turtles, amphibians, fish and christoderes we’re brought during the first mission?
Guest chapter 9 . 12/23/2020
Another suggestion for the giant beaver mission
If there are gonna be mastodons
The ones in the park from the La Brea Tar Pits turn out to belong to the recently described Pacific Mastodon species (Mammut pacificus) and those the crew encounter would belong to the American Mastodon (Mammut americanum).
Guest chapter 1 . 12/12/2020
. .
A new discovery with the cave paintings made by the first humans who arrived in South America during the ice age Depicting that they encountered the strange and bizarre extinct animals that call this place home, and one of the painting depict what looks like a Macrauchenia supporting that they did have trunks after all.
A-LionGleek chapter 9 . 11/19/2020
Hey everyone. Hope you're all doing ok in these current times. And for those of you who are wondering when to expect an update, please continue to be patient. Nathan has told me that he's currently gotten most of his remaining work to be done for both an upcoming chapter for 'Extras' and the next chapter of this story finished (with only a few finishing touches and edits left to be done for both on his end). All that in mind, and with my own work on both of the aforementioned future updates long since taken care of, just keep being patient and both updates will be ready and posted sooner or later; and hopefully without another glitch causing even further problems like with the most recent update for 'Extras'. And with all that said, I shall now also take this opportunity to go over a couple bits of trivia that I meant to include in the previous two rounds of trivia and might as well get out of the way now before I forget them again:
* To start, in case it hasn't already been made clear, Nathan and I have taken into account how several of the animal populations rescued in earlier missions may have been a bit TOO large (and quite frankly, I can admit that I may have gotten a little carried away in picking large numbers during those particular missions). And so, we have since started following a system that so far appears to be doing a good job at keeping the numbers more manageable (with Nathan himself even editing a couple previous chapters to have some of the especially massive population numbers reduced to more manageable numbers). Hopefully, we'll be able to keep this system running long enough to likewise continue preventing rescued animal populations within the main park from becoming too big to manage (with any need to increase the rescued populations for future breeding purposes very much on the table to occur at some point or other (offscreen or otherwise)).
* Next, I'd like to mention an interesting little bit of facts about Rommel the dimetrodon. Crazy thing? He first started out as a rejected animal partner suggestion for PE. Specifically, when that particular story was still in the idea stage, I ended up having my interest in the idea of animal partners for the characters piqued after Avian ended up suggesting a couple small pterosaurs to serve as APs for Adrian (a character he himself had suggested). And in the process, I included potential animal partners amongst the information that I sent with my own subsequent character suggestions. And with that being the case, the initial plans for Rommel when I first suggested him for inclusion in PE was for him to be an andrewsarchus serving as an AP for Kyle. At the time, Nathan chose to have Kyle be exempted from having an AP for reasons I have regretfully since forgotten. However, the name Rommel stuck with me, as I knew it could definitely serve as a decent name for at least one of the rescued animals (particularly since the idea had first come to my head from the Rottweiler character of the same name from the 2nd live-action Garfield movie, A Tale of Two Kitties). And as a result, when Nathan and I started having discussions about PPR while the story itself was still in the planning stages, I chose to make a second effort at having a rescued animal named Rommel be amongst the characters. But this time, I chose to have him be a dimetrodon instead. And now, as you can see from what's happened as of 'South of Heaven', Rommel the dimetrodon has indeed successfully seen the light of day. But whether or not he'll end up an AP for Kyle the way I initially suggested for him to be while he was still intended to be an andrewsarchus character in PE? That you'll just have to wait and figure out in future updates for now.
All that said, I once again hope you're all doing well and that you continue to wait patiently for the updates that are hopefully soon to come. Trust me, I am just as genuinely hopeful as all the rest of you that said updates will prove very much worth the wait.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/3/2020
Some additional information if you like to add
For the Ornitholestes or other small Dinosaurs, skewered it’s prey through a dead branch of a tree like the loggerhead shrike

There’s a new study showing that Tanystropheus was semi-aquatic in coastal waters and there are two separate species, the one in the series represents the larger species.
Guest chapter 9 . 10/25/2020
Another suggestion
Can you add more information detail like how Nigel Marven describes the animals they encounter like in a nature documentary in the original Prehistoric Park, but with Drew.
Also perhaps using the unused and never explained missions from MortalKombat247’s Prehistoric Park series like how you did the La Brea Tar Pits Story?
Guest chapter 9 . 10/16/2020
I agree with Imagination guy
Animals that went extinct of man’s actions even though the only extinct animal that went extinct due to human’s overturning it and habitat loss Was the Passenger Pigeon during the la brea tar pits mission.
For example: Dodo bird, Great Auk, Moa, Haast’s Eagle, Warrah, Bluebuck, Quagga, Aurochs, Tarpan, Thylacine, Carolina Parakeet, Heath Hen, Ivory-biller Woodepecker, Baiji Dolphin, Steller’s sea cow, Caribbean Monk Seal, and Golden Toad
Imagination Guy chapter 9 . 10/16/2020
But maybe you could also do chapters of saving historical extinct animals
Guest chapter 1 . 10/15/2020
Or maybe perhaps the rest of the three of the six original missions of Prehistoric Park.
1. Ice age with the woolly mammoth, Elasmotherium, and cave bear
2. Microraptor with Asian feathered dinosaurs
3. Deinosuchus
Guest chapter 1 . 10/15/2020
How about Giganotosaurus and other fauna of the Canderlos formation like Andesaurus and Ekrixinatosaurus.
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