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Discord SYOT Verses chapter 1 . 12/26/2020
Hello Joseph! I was going to try to conceal my identity but you literally know that it is me. Still, I am a sucker for intrigue so I want to sound vague and not like me, which is why I am using formal grammatical conventions for this review. I know, I’m also surprised. Anyways, here I am, having just read Premonition, and I have things to say. I was thinking of updating this review as I read, but I then forgot because I am the worst. So what I’ll do is I’ll give my thoughts on all the POV Tributes and then just overall what I liked. Got that? Great!

Jasmine Softwing: I really, REALLY enjoyed Jasmine! Her arc with Lannister was really neat, especially seeing how it affected him in the end, and I genuinely found their relationship to be extremely endearing. She was always very selfless, and that’s a trait I rarely see in Careers, so I really loved her.

Lannister Saint: Well since he’s made by Silver, I was so prepared to stan him, and stan him I indeed did. He was such a sweet, sweet boy, and his death made me so sad because this dude just had so much going for him and you fucking ruined it for him. And you took away Jasmine? Freaking horrific of you. I’m embarrassed.

Alia Bernold: I will never not be a simp for Villains, and obviously Alila was no exception. She was just so delicious whenever she made an appearance, and I just found myself rooting for her even though she is sort of the worst. Still, you did a beautiful job humanizing her.

Zeus Strikon: Okay he simply was never it for me. I tend to love every single Career girl that breathes, but the dudes are very hit or miss with me, and he simply missed. I always hated his name, and I just thought he was too harsh at times, though his mom was sweet.

Chaos Chassis: Okay I also thought that his name was stupid, but not as bad as Zeus. I am always down for some edgy shit but I simply could not stand his ass. I was just underwhelmed.

Cleodora Mulroy: Okay she was also a sweetheart and I greatly enjoyed her presence. She totally deserved better even though she Volunteered for this shit. She was loyal, and I really love that trait as well, and I miss her dearly.

Devrell Sibley: He was truly a sweetheart too and I was rooting for him a lot. You rarely see insecure Careers, and just the way that he covered it up was really neat to see, and his arc was overall beautiful.

Marleigh Gaskawee: She was my favorite member of this otherwise stacked cast. I’m a sucker for pacifists, and I was so sad when she killed Reuben, though I understood and it made for a beautiful arc for both her and Evelynn. I really enjoyed the way she grew.

Evelynn Darby: Well well well, if it isn’t Silver’s second ethnically ambiguous 15 year old underdog Victor from District Six. I didn’t quite get her at first, but she really grew on me especially through seeing her relationship with Reuben come together and fall apart, and during his confrontation with Marleigh. I’m glad that you chose her to win, because I truly couldn’t imagine a more fitting Victor.

Reuben Koled: He was such a sweetheart and he, just like literally this whole cast, deserved way better. I found myself especially immersed during his POVs, and I could tell that you really related to him. I already said this, but him and Evelynn were such darling angels together and wow I am once again quite sad about this.

Rina Alcott: I genuinely thought that she was going to make it quite far, so I was shocked and a bit upset when she died so early. I felt really connected to her, and I wish that she lasted longer, still she was a darling.

Baize Lilliwin: Ah, I am a sucker for a good old rebel, so Baize had a special spot in my heart throughout all of this, and when he died I definitely found it fitting, though I think he could have died earlier and it wouldn’t have changed the story much.

Orysa Eldrei: She was so cool, which is again: classic for one of Dawn’s kids, and had it not been Evelyn, I would have been gunning for an Orysa W. She was a great character though, and I think that escaping and shit made for a great end considering how much of a free spirit she is.

Bryson Fields: I really fucking wanted to like Bryson at the beginning, and I related very heavy to his trust issues and all that. His alliance with Barrett was so unexpected and so wholesome, but lord that ending to the two of them. I knew it was coming because I read the finale, but after knowing the context, it really fucking hurt. Completely ruined his character for me if I am being completely honest. He was such a good yet misunderstood kid, but wow that was upsetting.

Elena Vogel: She was pretty passive in my mind. Not the best but not the worst either. Like she was clearly well thought out, but she just didn’t hit right and therefore I don’t have all that much to say.

Barret Adler: Well the only thing worse than him being killed by Bryson would have been the opposite so wow I am sad about this. He was so fucking wholesome and lovely and I cheered when he killed Alila and just lord I did not like seeing him die like this. He was just a giant teddy bear of a man and I am devastated.

Dove: Oh she was so sweet and another character that I wish didn’t die so soon. I really related to her genuine angst, but being that Premonition is canon and she’s from Twelve, I tried to not get too attached to her, which was hard.

Overall Joseph, this was an amazing story and a really enjoyable binge. Even though I knew the ending, I still found myself on the edge of my seat. I am horrible at constructive criticism so all I will say is that I enjoy your third person more than your first, but I really did love this.

Merry Christmas!
Firedawn'd chapter 46 . 12/8/2020
joseph? seeing ‘epilogue: premonition’ truly hits different… i can’t believe this fic is finished. it almost feels like yesterday since premo had opened for tributes, but at the same time it feels so long ago since we had those FFnet DM ecxchanges (which, by the way, i’m so glad we moved to discord, because if we didn’t… madness).

evelyn hurts me, per usual, but oh my gosh… i am so happy for her though, the fact that she’s won? OUR PRESIDENT?! this is madness, i am crying, evelyn sweetie we’ve been campaigning for you and you’ve! come out! successful! god when until she’s the president of panem. but like honestly, im so happy that she’s won… she deserves it.

oookay and i haven’t even started reading yet.

;-; SHE’S MEETING REUBEN’S FAMILY. WHY DOES THAT HURT SO BADLY. AGH. her panic is so real and just reminds us that, really, she’s just a kid after all… and gosh. seeing Victor and Evelyn together makes my heart happy but im also so sad for her i guess you call this bittersweetness?

“she forced herself to move on” hi who called? angst? ;-;

and that ENDING. so perfect. “things would be okay” … i am getting goosebumps. in the best way.

our capitol plot! i hate that rufus is wracked in so much ambiguousness… he deserves to know what happened to silvia but he doesn’t and he can’t and. wow. the theme of loss is strong with this chapter, i love it. WHERE’S MOMMY stop it hurts. ‘ill always be here for you’… what an end to them. ;-;

THE WILDS. ORYSA! AKDLFGLDSKFGDFLKGDSFLKG HI GIRL. IVE MISSED YOU. YOU DOING GOOD? girl can freaking survive and i love that. YES HI ANOTHER HUMAN. mazie omfg it isnt the same but im getting flashbacks righttt back to orysa’s og name. D13! BDKSFLGKDGDLFKG I LOVE THESE VIBES OMG. #orysaisasurvivor oh god she can join jordyn. im JK but! DFKLG NEVER WAS I EXPECTING THIS BUT I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. “tell rye edrei that his daughter is alive, will you?” and that ENDING god what a whopper. so stunningly done.

adrastus! ;-; he is leaving… agh am i weirdly nostalgic for him? yes. and THAT ENDING IS BRILLIANT DFLKGSFLKG. “what a ridiculous idea” and THATS A WRAP. and that is amazing.

holy heck i almost don’t know what to say after all of this is done… this is unreal to me too joseph ngl. i agree so much, you’ve done absolutely brilliantly in characterisation. every time i read a pov i just feel like you hit every single character head-on, and they’re so wonderfully done. i did love how you tied everything together; the jasmine/evelyn connection was one of my faves, and the way you interweaved storylines together was truly masterful. i do get what you mean about arcs getting murky — sometimes that happens with stories, especially those sprawling an impressive length as premo does with 200k! but i truly think they were done super well; and which engraved in my mind very well too.

as for your portrayal accuracy, hot take, i disagree with elena and orysa bc they deserve to be in excellent. just saying.

AND FINAL PLACEMENTS. ;-; AAAAA I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Dx im so glad i could inspire a lil something but ugh i love them all. some faves are rina’s (“wall of mirrors”), cleo (“duty over heart”), devrell (“thought he didn’t care”), elena (“superior path…”), lannister (“discovered his heart”), alia (“disillusioned”)… and to say i didn’t grin at orysa’s “and beyond” would be lying. and “out in confidence” ofc 3

i think thats a wrap for my review! i feel like i still have a lot more to say but alas i have 2 tests i needa revise my ass for, but this was a brilliant treat ;-; ill chat more in your channel once im done tmr, but for now, thank you so much for writing!
AlexFalTon chapter 46 . 12/8/2020
I kinda wish I could review as much as some of the other guys here. In any case, Premonition was great read! :)
I wish the best for you and I hope to see more from you in the future!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 45 . 11/29/2020
I don’t even go here but I read the finale and Joseph, i’m SO proud of you. This chapter was beautifully written and congrats to silver on the w
Firedawn'd chapter 45 . 11/29/2020
hi joseph this was just so, so good. this review will probably be relatively sentimental and rightly so—it’s been such a journey from the beginning of premonition to the end of it that i can’t even really begin to encapsulate how i feel. i think it’s right to say that we quite literally began our respective syot journeys together, if in separate ways— you for premonition and me for ttatts. and it’s been such a delightful 7 (has it only been 7?) months with this all.

evelyn was such a deserving victor; honestly the best choice, especially after bryson emerged as the almost-finale antagonist, what with his initial gloating and his later MURDER of barrett which you hinted at in the previous chapter? my heart oh gosh. and barrett’s death was so wonderfully written, so painfully written? the way he guided bryson to where to stab… jesus christ joseph what are you doing to me. i hope he rests well… we were all hoping for victor!barrett but alas, after his thoughts about killing last chapter, and the primed deterioration… we knew it couldn’t’ve have happened. his arc was so well done, and it hurts.

bryson! ugh i just wanted to say that… the finale fight? done so well. i love how you switched from pov to pov in third person to keep the tension up. i really love the callbacks to the past happenings of the games in the entire chapter; it really helps tie everything together so wonderfully, and in such a near bittersweet way because we’re saying not only goodbye to these tributes but to premonition overall.

and evelyn, just so broken by the end… oh gosh, it hurts. you write so beautifully and the finale is just so wonderfully done. from the parentheses to the little memories like the garden gnome and all of them just wanting to go home… really hits home that they’re all really just kids, man.

so well done. it has been such a crazy journey… insane to believe that verses only started a while ago, and that through your story and verses and everything we’d snowballed to where we all are now. crazy. thank you so much for writing — this has been amazing, and i will feel so nostalgic for this story for ages to come, and i’m honestly just incredibly thankful for the friendship that’s come out of it too. i’ll see you in the epilogue(s) and you have done so, so, amazingly. thank you for everything!
timesphobic chapter 45 . 11/29/2020
ok so, i'm not in this story, nor am it however here i am reviewing! this was highkey such a banger of a finale joseph, and you did not need to go so hard. the dynamic between the finalists, everything with bryson and barrett, bryson killing barrett and all? fuck man, it just hit different and i don't even know these characters that well. congrats finishing & posting your finale, finale buddy!

BradiLain chapter 45 . 11/29/2020
Aghhhhhh I wish I could leave a longer review to really reward you with my thoughts but I feel that my live reaction was hopefully sufficient to let you know how I felt. Once it was down to Evie and Bryson, the action was impeccable. The way we switched from person to person and how neither one was really outmatched by the other? brilliant. the entire battle kept me right on my toes until the very last moment. a brilliant display, joseph. i applaud you.

Barrett... our sweet boy from District 10. you and i both knew that i would struggle with this death. i knew that if we lost Barrett that it would have to be by either his hand or a betrayal from Bryson. I cannot fathom how he got this far and fell so easily. Our poor sweet teddy bear of a tribute. I know that he will rest easy, which is the only thing that can help my sadness to see him go. the victor!barrett moment that i have so long awaited, taken from my grasp.

Bryson, on the other hand, I don't think I once enjoyed. Sorry Ty. Not that he's a bad character or was poorly written, but he was just the opposite of my cup of tea. I have a soft spot for the tributes that have the strength to be optimistic in the arena (which you can probably see from my own little Marleigh who made it much farther than she probably deserved). Not only that, but I'm really not a fan for the underdog young tribute. Idk why, but it's one of my least favorite kinds of victories to see unless there are other circumstances to change my mind. After being carried the entire game by Barrett - WHO HE FREAKING MURDERED IN HIS SLEEP WTF - Bryson wouldn't have been a very satisfying victor for me. Nonetheless, I think he was interesting to have in the story and I can't imagine the narrative without him.

AND OUR MAIN BITCH PRESIDENT EVELYN DARBY! If anyone said they guessed Evelyn as the Victor they are full of doodie. It was a long journey for her, but her arc was strong even from the very beginning. Not only that, but I think that she has the potential to grow even more as a victor so I cannot wait to see her epilogue. When I was droning on earlier about not liking the underdog, Evelyn is a character that is an exception to me. She used her kindness as a strength and was always powering through her obstacles, which made the jump from underdog to victor much more palatable for me. She's a peach and I'm glad to see her as the winner because I love her to bits and pieces.

Overall, great job, Joseph! I know that we probably have a bit of wrapping up to do, but your Hunger Games have finished! I can only imagine how you must feel now, and I'm so prouuuuuuud. I remember when it was just you me and Dawn on the server with our few stories, so seeing you grow to the completion of your SYOT makes me feel like a proud older sister. I could cry (I might already me crying stfu). Fantastic job. I'm so excited to see where you take Justice now! Much love - see you in the epilogues.
silversshade chapter 45 . 11/29/2020
joseph this has been such a fun and such an incredible journey and im so glad i've been here from start to end. i absolutely made the right decision sending lan and evelyn your way - everything you did with them was so in-character and so perfect. lannister's relationship with jasmine and his internal struggles, and evie's whole character arc...going from being so incredibly dependant on rueben, to managing to look after herself and from friendships by herself...she grew so much within this story and its been so much fun to read.

on a more sappy and stupid note, this story means a lot to me because without i wouldn't have joined the syot verses server, and without it i wouldn't have submitted to incredible stories and met incredible people. i think it's always going to hold a lot of sentimental value to me!

thank you so much for writing my children! i hope evie did reuben proud x
Firedawn'd chapter 44 . 11/27/2020
hiii Joseph I am SO SORRY for this taking so long but i’ve finally got to sit down and read this like thoroughly and give you the review you deserve so. hello. enough with the preamble, let’s get on with itttttt.

poor evelyn, still so wracked with guilt. that lil description of onimousness and marleigh being like nothing but a ghost made me shiver. i cannot BELIEVE our president has made it so far but i am so proud of her for this presidential campaign, i CANNOT believe it. but it’s amazing. oh my god she HUGS MARLEIGH omg “i’m giving a hug and you can’t stop me” THAT’S the president we know and love, the pr team will be absolutely delighted. what. a. president. but ughhh the reveal is shattering and i just. :(

ALIA YOU—omg. MARRRLEIGHHHH :( this hurts so much… because she’s dying and all she feels is guilt and how she deserved it because of reuben and oh my gosh. girl. this is pain. she is genuinely far too nice for the hunger games.

“i never thought i’d be so eager for the show to end” alia’s disillusionment is settling in and just. (‘: and then her slow realisation and then andreas and her reasons finally hitting her but she’s unable to tear away from being a career… AHH. so well. so fucking well.

brysonnnnnnn his hate is REAL lol. its so interesting that he dehumanises alia by calling her two? ne ways (‘: omg

ALIA. “but do dreams hurt like this? only broken ones do”… joseph this is done so well honestly i just… omg. she’s finally destroyed and disillusioned by the games and she’s realising her own mortality. and she doesn’t really know who she is cause andreas survived and it’s this in point in time when she figures out that… she’s nothing more than her sister’s shadow, because that’s what she’s /allowed/ herself to be made out to be. crying in the club.

and her not willing to show weakness… too real. and then she’s like “i’m sorry too” UGH GIRL. what an arc. so so SO well done. and then barrett comforting her before she dies despite how she doesn’t want to hear it… and he gives her some solace and GDFLSGFKGFDG. “you’re… not… crying” my heart. my heart. youve absolutely shattered me joseph wow. maybe in a different life they wouldn’t have been rivals like this (‘: but this was done so damn well holy crap. you wrote her so stunningly and every time i get her povs i am delightfully surprised by the content you make and just how you write her which was so so good and AHH. i’m going to ramble. i think i’m gonna start talking and never stop talking so ill leave this talk to when premonition ends when we can get emotional and just. everything. omg. (‘:

bryson is rejoycing in death and thats giving barrett pause… ugh love that. i wonder where this thread will go… dlfkgsdklg

evelyn and marleigh. talk about ouch. this was so painful and then evelyn crying i just… youre determined to break everyone’s heart aren’t you joseph?

DFLKSGDFGLK omg BRYSON WHAT DO YOU HAVE UP YOUR SLEEVE IM? AHHH. oh my gosh. youve mentioned premo having a wild finale and this has me fearful and excited i just ! can’t wait oh gosh.

HIIIII ORYSAAAA. IM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU HOLY HECK. she is beaten and hurting but she’s ALIVE. ohhh man this third person pov style is spicyyy. she’s in the actual forest! omg. SHE HAD ESCAPED. AAAAAAH I LOVE THIS.

thank you so much for writing omg. so so well. you gave alia the perfect ending, honestly, i loved that so much. and marleigh hurt me and she was oh so definitely the national treasure… this hurt. thanks so much for writing and i cannot wait for sunday!
BradiLain chapter 44 . 11/25/2020
Evelyn and Marleigh, the poor darlings. They're both such big babies and they both belonged dead on the bloodbath battlefield, so the fact that they're still alive is craaaaaaazy lmao. Marleigh is so dramatic, saying she's gonna jump out of the tree - i cannot with her. and that hug? the worst thing i've ever had to envision in my head. evelyn is painfully awkward.

ALIA! oh yes, she is gonna kill a bitch out here i am so here for this. my precious little marleigh, it is your time to go, but at least she can die happy knowing that she helped save Evelyn. am i rooting for an evelyn victory? i am definitely starting to think about it, but barrett still has my heart. an alia and barrett showdown... is my body ready? i don't think it is.

BRYSON OH MY GOODNESS I DISLIKE HIM SO FEVERISHLY. running away and leaving barrett to take on the real fight? little coward. i don't even care if his action is what got the career killed, i'm still mad about it. i want barret to DESTROY HIM. I swear, a bryson victory will have your girl frothing at the mouth. I will stop in this moment to admit, though, that I really enjoyed Alia's death scene. she got the final moments of pleasant thought that I think she deserved. she knew in the end that she was better than she had started. i've gotta say that her arc is probably the strongest of any of the tributes.

awwww, poor marleigh. half of me was wondering if you were gonna have her rise up and do something crazy before dying, but this was much nicer. evelyn and marleigh started this chapter on thin ice but i'm glad they ended up with forgiveness and love. what a wholesome little alliance they were for a short while.

the final capitol slot was great. callista out here making big brain moooooooves. and orysa getting out of the arena? oh me oh my. I love that for her. It makes me wonder if we'll happen to see her again someday. I like to think that we will, though I'm unsure of where we would manage to. The gamemakers covered this one up, but a rebel victory is sure to stir up some drama.

down to the final three! I'm still rooting for a victory from our big teddy bear Barrett, but really I am beyond excited just to see where this goes. so many pacifist tributes in our top three makes me very worried that we might have some mutt intervention to keep it gory like the Capitol likes. great chapter, joseph. can't wait for the next one.
BradiLain chapter 43 . 10/26/2020
bryson and barrett out here having the sweetest little arc and i hate them for it lmao. barrett is right tho - as long as bryson is alive, barrett will never end up as the victor. although i love barrett, i don't quite think in my heart of hearts that he's going to be our victor. i think that barrett v alia in a final battle would be super interesting, mostly because i can't tell which of them i think would end up on top. i don't think bryson will live into the top five. i think his death is necessary to spur barrett into something more satisfying.

silviaaaaaa i'm so pumped for her mission. i don't like it and it breaks me for her family, but geez joseph you've made me at least understand her plight. i can see why she is choosing to try and overcome the oppression of the capitol, even if it makes me worry for her. this capitol subplot has me on my tippy toessssss

poor marleigh. how her story mightve gone if she hadn't known the little tidbit about who she killed... i wonder how crazy she'll really go. marleigh and evelyn were so precious here, i'm glad they got to have their little moment even though it was kind of awkward still. haha.

oh my lord, rufus. imagine having to choose between outing your wife or watching your child die. awful. i love how we're going back and forth between the capitol and the arena here, especially when we're seeing such intense action and then going to more quiet arena moments. it's almost ironic, in a way. the way you wrote this scene was stunning, joseph; i felt the tension.

baize and orysa really haven't done much in these games, i feel. i definitely find myself the least interested in them as characters just because i feel like i haven't had many exciting moments with them, though i do think their little journey to the edge of the arena was something different to follow along with. i am living for this battle, tho. they needed something exciting to happen to them and a fight with a career is about as entertaining as it gets. although, you out here playing this flip flop game and we're back to the capitol.


YESSSS BAIZE BURN BABY BURN. you could perhaps even say that he went UP IN A BAIZE muahahaha i love that. i have been waiting for his plan and his rebellious nature to bite him in the butt and there is no sweeter taste than him burning on the edge of the arena. that fight scene was so good too, i love how lannister was trying so hard not to hurt them but hurled baize to his death nonetheless.

My Victor Predictions: Barrett, Alia, Evelyn, Marleigh, Bryson
The Garden chapter 43 . 10/24/2020
wowowowow this chapter was exhilarating to read! The rebellion subplot really amped up the destruction of the forcefield and it definitely payed off.

I'm pretty sure that Orysa is going to be taken back to the Capitol and turned into an avox. She's 'officially' 6th place so I'm almost certain she's alive. Although maybe something else will happen, perhaps a rebel somehow got her before the Capitol, who knows?

We're definitely going to be seeing the aftermath of the attack next chapter, I have a hunch that riots might break out in the districts if they see what really happened, hoping to use the Capitol's moment of weakness against them. I also think that there might be the Alia vs Barrett and Bryson showdown soon, and I kinda feel like Alia will kill Bryson which will enrage Barrett enough to kill her.

I really have no clue who the victor might be, there's a lot of mystery about that and I absolutely love it. I have the highest hopes for Barrett, Marleigh, and Evelyn. Sadly I don't think Marleigh will be the victor because I know that you've said that Marleigh was once planned to be a bloodbath, and you would have had to change a lot of the plot for her to win. But I still really want her to win, no matter how unlikely it is. Evelyn is a neat character, but she hasn't been the most memorable throughout the story. I think that if she and Marleigh are in the final two, she'll win, but if she's in the final two with any of the other tributes, she'll die.

Anyways good luck with the writing Joseph, and if there is a Premonition High School AU I would definitely read it.
Firedawn'd chapter 43 . 10/24/2020


okay okay. okay. from the beginning.

barrett. more moments of barrett and bryson BONDING was so adorable and honestly what i needed? i love? simply amazing? I JUST LKDFGSLKFGLKSFG. they make my heart melt even as they scorn alia while they’re at it. and speaking of that, i LOVE how lowkey animalistic the descriptions of alia are? especially ‘roaring’ with pain but then it’s contrasted with barrett talking about her humanness which is very lovely. i simply adore.

marleigh/our president… HNNNNG I SHOULDVE SEEN THIS COMING. OHM Y GOSH. but what a perfect way to tangle their arcs together? our president’s angst at her VP? marleigh’s own horror and her turmoil? UGH I feel like that marleigh is set upon destruction and that makes me sad bc girl youre simply too nice for the games even if you’ve poisoned our vp. :( … the contrast between marleigh saying that she’s a ruthless killer and her soft demeanour is also TOO FUNNY i cant with this girl i just. love her and she hurts me ;-; … also the way rufus just saved vera and her sobbing my heart.



poor silvia but we knew that she was probably going to die from day one when she’d revealed herself to be a rebel… i appreciate her idealism so much but she also simply Just Does Not want to contend with her mortality (and how what she does affects the people around her) so it makes her a very sympathetic character but also one where we’re just like HOL UP. i did really appreciate her so much and what she brought to the story AND WHAT SHE BROUGHT TO THE STORY? INSANE OMGDKFLGDG.

HNNNNG OKAY. ORYSA AND BAIZE. OH MY LORD. I JUST. WHERE DO I BEGIN. first of all, baize’s revulsion for the careers was so real… honestly incredibly classic for a dude that hates the capitol with such intensity. and the fact that the edge is boring makes me laugh, the barren landscape was just. real. and their dilemma was also painful - especially with not being able to backstab any of the outer districts basically, especially not barrett or bryson. WHICH MAKES ME GLAD THEY DONT HAVE TO UNDERGO IT BUT AHH.

and capitol pov. I CANT. like adrastus thinking about getting executed makes me sad bc lowkey i feel like he’s gonna bite the bullet ESPECIALLY WITH WHATS HAPPENED. and which makes me sad bc he was such a nice head gamemaker? at least as nice as they come BUT WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT HIM LIKE IM TALKIN ABOUT HIS EULOGY WHEN THERES LITERALLY 3 (2?) DEAD I SIMPLY DKLGSDLKFGDFg

lannister’s an absolute wreck and he hurts me… i hate how he’s essentially the last career standing (barring alia) and he’s just regretting absolutely everything that's happened. im getting chills. ‘asleep dreams and awake dreams’ just speaks so much to his mentality and it is pain. :( to sleep perchance to dream vibes? i hate how he’s so clear-minded now… especially how he’s no longer naive. and him being paired with baize is just ABSOLUT WORST TIMING I JUST. i feel so bad for him. he’s just drifting and his thoughts are segmented and he’s barely held together and i just. :(

“a surprised smile on his face. he must think he did something cool.” LANNISTER IS CALLING THAT BOY OUT EVEN WHEN HES DETERIORATING I CANT WIH HIM I LOVE HIM. but he makes me feel so empty. the way he’s consciously trying not to kill… :(

his sendoff just. it hurts so much. because he’s been used by the capitol and he’s extinguished by the capitol… ok brb crying in the club

AND UGH. okay. the tracker. so orysa’s tracker is ACTING UP, and hnnng chekov’s gun i see you, and it’s just? ITS ALSO REFERENCED IN THE CAPITOL POV AND WHAT IS HAPPENING.


no words. speech LESS. wowowowow. i have zero clue what’ll happen to orysa but i am TERRIFIED for her lowkey scared cos she’s either dead, going to die, or she might be taken by the capitol, or maybe she’s just forgotten? IDK BUT I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOULL DO WITH MY GIRL OMG. you did so well with her and im simply SO EXCITED.

and HH OK. baize dying. i just. lowkey throwback to when i said baize gave victor vibes! he was a great rebellious character and definitely added a rebellious drive to the story which was perfect for the subplot! i will remember the varying ways he said eff the capitol fondly. you already know what i feel about lannister. :(

victor predictions… lowkey im getting more bryson!victor vibes, simply because barrett and orysa lowkey have foreshadowed it by saying that “there’s never been a Victor that age” essentially and kind of pitying him but also him showing that he’s capable… so. i feel like he may be victor especially with how alia’s shaping up the villain!arc in style.


thank you so much for writing!
Firedawn'd chapter 42 . 10/14/2020
Not the way I HAVENT reviewed the feast… oh my god what an amazing chapter. I don’t have much time on my hands, so I’ll keep this short and sweet, but this chapter shook me to the very core and I can still feel it in my bones.

Just. WOW. I can’t even. This was amazing. Alia versus Zeus? Perfection. That fight was delicious. My desire for Lannister vs Zeus was obviously ignorant because ALIA VS ZEUS WAS SOMETHING ELSE. Oh my gosh. Not the way I held my breath throughout the entirety of it. I was SO SCARED that Alia was going to bite it and she looked SO CLOSE TO especially with how Zeus had the upper-hand of the fight and the way which she’d literally epically failed killing either Bryson or Barrett. But then she came in clutch with a glass swipe and GODDAMN. BYE ZEUS. I was like… “better prepare my eulogy”...

BUT SHE DIDN’T AND WOW SHE CLUTCHED IT AND I’M LIKE WEIRDLY PROUD OF HER? Like honestly I feel like Alia peaked at the feast and there’s literally no denying the fact that she was, indeed, the “star” of the feast—but at a serious personal cost. The mental cost of losing her drive for “glory”, what it means to show for the cameras—to a point where she couldn’t even bring herself to care anymore by the end. And speaking of the end… honestly, wow. That ending was like something out of a movie shot. That mental image of Alia, dirty and tired and broken, lying on the feast table, trying to catch her breath, and not giving a shit about the cameras anymore… just holy shit.

Anyways—the entirety of the chapter was so, /so/ good, and I enjoyed it so much. Alia murdered Zeus and I’m just… sigh hell yes. I love her and the way you’ve portrayed her—there’s just so much I’m loving about this all and GAH.

But. Predictions! Last time we had a two-part chapter, it resulted in a lot of deaths… so uh, that’s a… nice precedence. If incredibly terrifying. I’m not sure what’s gonna go down next, tbh, but I feel like that the Barrett vs. Alia showdown (if we’re still having that?) is not gonna happen so soon—they all need a breather. I /DO/ however feel like something’s gonna happen with Marleigh/Lannister, and I feel like our last (official) Career standing, barring Alia, will end up tangoing with our president and our garden gnome lady, since they seem like they could use a shakeup in their arcs. I do feel like that Alia/Barrett/Bryson are inextricably tied together, especially after Bryson’s newfound hatred of Alia after the feast, so I anxiously await what will happen with them soon.

Thank you for writing!
BradiLain chapter 42 . 10/5/2020
oh man. oh me oh my. the standoff between alia and barrett is too much for my weak heart. i am so ready for bitches to DROPPPP, you do not even know. i love how chaotic everything feels, going from pov to pov like we're playing a game of hopscotch over a pit of lava. the DRama. I am so tense.

YES MARLEIGH MY LITTLE HOEBAG, SPRAY THAT BITCH ASS WITH YOUR ACID GNOME. SHE IS TOO POWERFUL, ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY MARLEIGH. i swear, if she manages to take down a career i will lose my gosh dang mind. what a big baby, marleigh. you have to pull yourself together (imagine me whacking her with a newspaper just like the designer lady from the incredibles.)

barrett! NO MY BOY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? i know he wants to protect bryson, but that boy has such slim chances without his hulking piece of district ten man meat protecting him! surely he must understand. bryson is a necessary death. let the boy gooooooo, don't trade your life for him barrett whyyyyyy - wait WAIT BITCHES CALL THE REFEREE WE HAVE AN INTERFERENCE ON THE FEAST FIELD.

the alia and zeus fight here? iconic. loved that. loved alia using a lemonade pitcher to kill somebody, that's gotta be in my top five random items that end up being a weapon. at least one of my guesses was correct for this feast - lots of drama. less death than i was expecting, but still a very exciting stream of events.

i accept your apology, joseph. this time. i shall sit and i shall wait for the deaths like a cougar in the darkness of the lush foliage... you will bring me the sweet tribute deaths soon. :smiling_imp:

Top Three: Alia, Barrett, Orysa
The Middles: Marleigh, Lannister
In Danger: Evelyn, Baize, Bryson
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