Reviews for Heimdallr Noir Volume 1 - Public Security Section VII
Kuman chapter 1 . 5/3/2020
An interesting take on Erebonia 12 years later. There are a few mistakes all around such as Franky saying that Fie is A-rank bracer then Rean saying she is S-rank, as well as Sara's age.

Personally though i do not like reading future settings of already known stories and characters. I mean if the story's protagonists are entirely new characters or maybe minor characters who were children in the CS games then that would be interesting. Anyway, i hope you update your other story soon.
DBH chapter 1 . 4/16/2020
A nice opening, I'm glad you're going with show and not tell for the changes in the world. It's always better when things are slowly introduced naturally rather then in a big info dump.

Rean still being completely clueless regarding women is a fun thing.
Apex85 chapter 1 . 4/16/2020
*Going on different routes for certain characters* Intrigued...

"Even after the SSS wrestled their home's independence back, everything just regressed to the old geopolitical mess a few years later."-Bahahaha! I knew it! Sucks to be the SSS!

That aside this is interesting. Was wary of reading a fic going post canon while waiting for CS4 and Hajimari to clarify the 3 Year Prophecy but you got me interested.

Your world building attempts are as usual a delight to read.

And Fie's description of Rean as Zemurian Horace Slughorn was so funny but seems so perfect. Totally fits him XD
Muckdile chapter 1 . 4/16/2020
Going sci-fi with this is a pretty interesting direction, especially when mixed with the more supernatural elements of the series. I'm interested to see where you go with this. The opening scene was pretty good at showing what has changed, though the idea of having brain implants makes me kinda uncomfortable lol.

I really enjoyed the inclusion of Franky, it's good to see that he got his dream job even though he seems to be not so great at it. That was one of the more memorable quests in CS3 for me.

I'm a sucker for anything Rean and Fie related so I loved the third section of the chapter. Are they dating though? It didn't really seem like it even though they seem to be pretty close and Fie is clearly in love with him. But if that's the case, I find it hard to believe that Fie would go 10 years without ever telling him. Either way, I hope we get more Rean/Fie interactions. And I'm pretty interested to see Fie work with Altina and Crow.

Finally, a small correction: It's the Liber Ark, not the Liberl Ark (unless there's a Liberl Ark I'm not aware of).