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jeremiahkelley93 chapter 15 . 7/1
great chapter.
Guest chapter 15 . 6/18
Muy buena la historia espero con ansias el siguiente capítulo
kamenriderbuild217 chapter 15 . 6/18
Good book can't wait to read next chapter and hope for longer chapter
MM Browsing chapter 15 . 6/9
thank you
about time this was updates
MM Browsing chapter 11 . 5/3
you know with all does aloha pancake from jaune and lincoin i have the urge to write this story
i hope it will inspire the story more and gain more chapter

Aloha pancake
“This pancake is amazing.” Pyrrha taking another bit what Jaune call Aloha pancake.
Ren nod in agreement while Nora continues eating with gusto.
Jaune happily serve another dozen Aloha pancake for Nora. “Glad you like it. I can give Ren the recipe but won’t be able to make it.”
Ren know Jaune mean well but he feel a bit offences his cooking ability.
Jaune notice Ren and Nora frown, quickly explain before Nora breaks his leg. “It not that you won’t able to make it the Aloha pancake is pretty much the same but the ingredient you need to make them you won’t find them in all Remnant.” Jaune show the recipe.
Ren read the recipe and find it odd. Egg, flour, milk he can buy them in any grocery market.
Seeing the team (J)PNR didn’t understand. “I guess is better for you to eat it for you guy to understand.” Jaune ask Ren to cook scrabble egg and milk and Jaune would do the same.
Once the egg was ready the team JPNR eats Ren meal which is good but when they try Jaune meal the taste was night and day, even the milk that Jaune provide was tastier.
Jaune explain the egg Ren use was a normal chicken egg but the egg Jaune use is from Chansey and Blissey eggs while the milk come from Miltank all from Pokemon that Remnant does not possess.
Nora get depress since Jaune the only one who can travel between Pokemon world and Remnant world but Jaune promise when the time come he will take them into the Pokemon and give them a tour.

Rock band
remember that jaune can play the guiter

Best of both world and Pokémon XYZ Opening
The RWBY and (J)PNR team were shock to find out that Jaune a famous rock star from Kalos, Alola, and Galar.
There the rwby gang can see Jaune with his band Rillaboom, Toxtricity, and Hariyama rocking in a big stage.

Making a deal
this is an idea if one day jaune can go back and become a huntman and still become a pokemon trainer

Jaune standing nervous before headmaster ozpin, glynda, and ironwood while arceus standing beside jaune.
Arceus finishes explain how and why jaune was missing during the few weeks and with the help of jaune’s pokemon he can now travel between remnant and pokemon world.
As Jaune and arceus leave ozpin, glynda, and ironwood discuss what just occur and come into an agreement that jaune should not be expelled. This is too much an opportunity to past up. A world where no grimm exist. New technology they can use and so on.
So they make sure that Team CRDL understand not to mess with jaune
MM Browsing chapter 14 . 5/2
i'm little disappointed of this chapter with team rocket
you should had say dozen of zubat otherwise people would mistake there was only one zubat
then there should have being other team rocket pokemon like Koffing, Arbok, Houndour

to show a sense of different between person from team rocket

i did like they fight dirty trying to attack jaune although i was hoping they have some kind of weapon to use like gun or something

for Charmander /Charmeleon i felt you should use jaune semblance or aura for that
the peptalk about you can do it should have being use for gym battle or tournament

it should be more like how weiss pierce by cinder and jaune heal weiss

will jaune going to train himself this time because after his deal with team rocket will fight dirty and attack him and other Innocent bystander to win
bib chapter 13 . 4/29
is remnant completely out of the story will any of the others appear? also does Jaune still have his aura unlocked since aura is in pokemon as well.
Guest chapter 12 . 4/28
MM Browsing chapter 13 . 4/29
it was a nice touch seeing jaune and his pokemon dreams

trying to get inspiration is alway tricky to do

team rocket with Jessie and James usually do three thing disguise and mecha/weapon and speech entrance

since the team rocket are just mob/grunt who are already stealing you can probably skip the speech entrance so it should go escape scene maybe have a armor truck or spider tank that look like a pokemon

this a chance for jaune to fight without his pokemon because in ash situation team rocket caught pikachu while ash and friend find a way to rescue them
either use his aura with sword maybe fist or empower his pokemon with aura amp or jaune get a new pokemon (vuplix) to save the day

since pokemon center was explode then there is a chance the pokemon equipment to heal pokemon is broke this also a chance for jaune to use his semblance to heal the pokemon
nurse joy and other would just think jaune is psychic like sabrina
Chibi-Juubi chapter 12 . 4/29
Alolan vulpix and make it female please.
I honestly don't like the alolan meowth. And vulpix is adorable.
FinchFlyingAce chapter 12 . 4/29
Alolan Meowth. Not only will it piss people off, that line needs some love.
Emperior Spectra chapter 12 . 4/28
Alolan Vulpix
bankai777 chapter 12 . 4/28
Alolan Vulpix.
MM Browsing chapter 12 . 4/28
the scene with team rocket i feel you miss a great chance to see jaune fight without the pokemon
that was not a tournament or gym battle or dual but a criminal activity and his pokemon was tired
i want to see jaune fight with his aura and semblance and with time also do pokemon moves as well like Lucario or jaune use Aegislash as his sword and shield

i wonder what kind of fossils pokemon will get

Misty battle was good

i choose
is there a chance jaune will learn a z move as well?
commandosquirrel chapter 12 . 4/27
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