Reviews for They That Are Broken By The Night
Someone or slyth chapter 1 . 7/15/2021
and yes I agree this was incredibly adorable thank you guests for spilling the boiling hot tea
Slyth or someone chapter 1 . 7/15/2021
Regret nothing, my dear dawndididawn
Firedawn'd chapter 1 . 7/6/2021
i regret this but i dont actually
not linds chapter 1 . 6/15/2021
maddie killing herself was adorable
Guest chapter 1 . 6/14/2021
What a cute story.
darthnell chapter 1 . 5/27/2021
Alright this has been on my to-read list for a while, it's a good time to start ;-; Gonna spit out my thoughts as I go and leave you a massive essay ! :D

Brynn.. I love her already. This is intriguing so far; she seems to have known that she was gonna be reaped.. I wonder if it was just a gut feeling, or something more ? A MIDDLE FINGER, GOOD.. I love that for her. Ooh we're focusing on more than just her, neat ! Ouch, poor Scott seems even more hopeless.. ;-; Madison though... District 1, she should be a Career, and maybe she is, and this is... even more interesting. So she's not a huge fan of the Capitol, clearly.. I wonder why? Also is she having some regrets about volunteering (if she did) I wonder? Aw Scott's interview.. That's a neat bit about keeping up the charade re: the Games.. I'm not sure if he and Madison will get the chance to, but perhaps they'd get along. Ohh no he froze up aw.. (mute - is that a hint at his future, perhaps?)

Axis diagnosis ope.. Aw Jordyn.. I'm assuming she's trans ? Damn Capitol. District 6's local sociopath.. I wonder if the Capitol had her picked just to see what they could turn her into in the arena. I love that she's deciding she doesn't want to be that..

Ooh Madison is a Career.. yesss I love Career gorls.. A W wait stop why is she so precious.. Ohh aw her scars.. Lmao Scott pouring his heart out to her and then hardcore crushing.. Classic move. Maeve ooh.. These two are Vibes omg. They really are just two Career girls on the same wavelength a w.. Oh shoot these little details of backstory, I love that.. They're horrible details but. Yeah ;-; God I really just love your writing style so much, it's so powerful.. Like you had them get together in what, 200 words max ? And it flows so well, I just love it ;-; Gotta have our sapphics (':

Brynn and Jordyn aw ;-; I love their little rebellions, it's so good. Oh shoot "She's destroyed her family to reach her dreams." What happened there? Lowkey gave me chills though.. I guess the only person left for her to destroy on her path is Herself..

Ooh "Why are you here".. that's always a loaded question. Hm Levine sounds like the Worst, perhaps. Maeve and Madison, I do love them.. ;-;

Brynn's lake, oh shit.. There can be no good reason it's named after her, I feel.. Oh the Careers aren't doing too hot so far it seems, rip. Better for everyone else in the arena lol. Omg they let Scott into the pack.. Rip Scott do be crushing on a lesbian. Randy seems like an ass lmao.. Lmao kill him Maeve he sucks. OH SHE DID OMG HJHJF.

Jordyn thinking about her dreams just when she thinks she's going to die aw.. Ooh alliance ! That's certainly an unusual alliance, but I kind of love it.. "The Capitol won't like this game." Mm they Sure won't.. Maeve and Madison.. just Gals bein Pals jhfhjdfhhjd. Love is always rebellion in games like this ;-; Lmao they're just campfire bonding here, I love that.. I can imagine the Gamemakers in their room like, "Wtf that's Not supposed to happen.."

Oh oof Scott. He just wanted to say Hi ;-; R i p Scott. Ohh no Madison oof.. They're all certainly providing ample drama at least. Hm Levine again.. I love Maeve trying to be the Opposite of that. Man these girls really fell fast for each other, bless ;-; Ooh no binaries in the Arena, I love that thought. It's win or die, but there are other things in between.

Oh shit Brynn's death there ? Perennial poppies ooh.. I love that metaphor for the Games.. And strangling the life from the weeds - that's a neat choice of words; people don't usually care about weeds, and want them strangled. The poppies and then the rose - Well, there's certainly one person in this universe who carries a rose as a symbol. Oh a plan :0 That's.. definitely curious.

The dome.. Is that what they're going for ooh ! I'm curious.. oH NO SCOTT- ohh noooo.. Of course it was him too a h.. ;-; Why do you write it so beautifully.. (Also jesus shit Levine, what the flying fuck is wrong with you?) O h that little shift to second-person there brO that was so neat and yet it was not very kind to my emotions, thank you very much. Hm. Ohh Scott being the only one that Specifically did not want to die.. And that's why it was him.

Lmao "red-hot dawn" .. a firedawn, if you will... Ooh slowly leaking the oxygen from the arena.. that would be an interesting thing for the Gamemakers to do. "Carpets it like the red rugs to the Victor's crown." That's such a neat string of words, I love it. Oh shoot people are dying, who.. NOT MAEVE.. Ohh man nooo.. "They were gonna kiss in the end." S t o pp p ;_; Oh shit "She will reap." Fuck that's so goddamn foreboding dude.. Nervous.

Ouch, the camp slowly withering away, man that hurts.. ;-; Ohh no the binaries of the arena.. They live out in the end, it seems. The pipe ooh.. Maybe she'll try to destroy the force-field with it, it seems like that's where she's headed.. Oh no Brynn.. Is she going to fit into her designated role now ? Ohh I love her and Maddie just chilling together there, that's soft.. They both seem so damn defeated a h.. And they just. Straight up don't want to win hjfdh.. That's an interesting conundrum on the Capitol's hands right there. What a way to shave the glory and honor from the title of 'Victor'...

Ahh Jordyn did her pipe thing.. I feel like she didn't survive that ;-; Yeahh.. Madison and Brynn in the end a h.. Man, I admire Brynn's refusal to bend to what the Capitol wants of her and pick up the knife against Madison. "Please." Madisonnnn ;-; O H NOT YOU INVOKING THE TITLE SHIT DUDE NOOO OHH MAN.. That was so fucking Powerful god, I Felt that..

There's no way they can pass that off as love, that was straight-up rebellion the Whole damn time m a n.. Fuckin h. "It was too cruel? No, it was not. How do you apologise? No, of /course/ you do not." Mm I love that I love this so much.. Like this must've been so eye-opening for the Capitol citizens, since it wasn't a fancy arena, no Quell or anything. Nothing particularly evil sent in by the Gamemakers, just the laws of the Games and the kids.. ;_;

OH SHIT JORDAN ESCAPED OMG ! OH MY GO LOVE THAT FOR HER I LOVE THAT FOR HER SO MUCH YE S.. WOW I JUST FUCKING LOVE THAT NARRATIVE FOR HER, AND SHE GETS HER NAME TOO A H.. Ohh man she's lucky, I bet they assumed her body got torn to shreds in the blast or something, she. she made it.. ;-; Does she pick Eva for her new name or.. something new ? This is so neat I love it so much my dude.. ;-; I know I've already said this, but your writing is just so brilliant and gorgeous and so damn Poetic it's just.. Very excellent ;-; 3
apotelesma04 chapter 1 . 3/10/2021
DJSJDJSJS I have already said things in the Verses server but I feel like I Have to also say thoughts here because I have many of them

First of all ?! The writing ! Is so fucking good ! Like... So Good ;-; I love it all so much you have a way with words that is so truly envious and beautiful and gdsfgshgdd it's so simple and descriptive at the same time and there were so many lines that just,,, punched me right in the gut !

Scotty boy... he was so pure ;-; I feel bad for him with his crush but ahdhahs he was so scared and I loved him so much ;-; and I hate Quinn with the passion of ten thousand suns. I'm so glad she got what she deserved. She has no rights

BRYNN! She was so sad ;-; I miss her already. I have to say going into this I thought that Maddie would have been the "Victor" so I was a little surprised that it was Brynn but,,,, well... I suppose it Did Not Matter in the end ;-; Gah it Hurt ! ;-; I... love her. She was so flippin cute and I'm so goddamn sad that she croaked it before Maddie... THEY WERE GOING TO KISS AT THE END ;-; Fuck! I miss her I miss her I miss her

Don't even get me started on Maddie she is... she is so fucking great. I think maybe my favourite? Though they are all so stellar that it's hard to choose. I'm so mad,,, that she didn't get her kiss. They... they were supposed to kiss at the end ;-; I will never shut up about that I hope that you know. Maddie just... shattered my heart into a million pieces. She was,, so sad. She did Not Deserve any of this ;-;

Jordyn... I left her for last because shocker ! She is Not Dead. I am so glad that one of them got away... even though I wish it was all of them dsjdjjsjsjskak I am So Excited to see more of her even if I am Scared because she is going to be Sad ;-;

DSJSJDJSJ I just... am in Love with this fic... It was So Good ! Thank you thank you thank you
optimisms chapter 1 . 1/2/2021
dawnnnnnnnnn i am starstruck starry-eyed blown away wow. i loved reading this so much. you have such a unique style and voice and i love that you have just leaned into it and made it your own unique little corner of FFN. your word choice is resplendent.
i am not normally one for arena romances but i ship Madeve so hard and i was soooooo sad when maeve died; i really thought they were gonna be the final 2 and then die together or smth. and the fact that it was maddie's "fault" too was okay and i see you with the survivor? best of luck to jordyn/eva, i expect we will see more of her in TTATTS yes? i am so very excited to read that when i get a chance and retroactively adopt a child uwu ilysm ms. dawn xx
Discord SYOT Verses chapter 1 . 12/26/2020
Hi Dawn!

I’ve wanted to read this one-shot story/introduction to your verse for the longest time and I am so so glad that I can give you a little Christmas gift in the for of a review to truly congratulate you on this masterpiece.

So! Let’s get into it. Madison. Maeve. Scott. Jordyn. Brynn. They That Are Broken By The Night. Truly each one of these characters were made to fit such a beautiful story so I’m going to spend a little time on them!

Scott – Honestly such a bean. I was kind of awkward with his crush on Maddie, but hey you know this kinda stuff happens in the Games, especially when you don’t plan on getting murdered but in case you do you might as well live it up. I noticed how everyone in this story wouldn’t mind dying (aside from Jordyn) especially near the end, yet he was so desperate to try and survive long enough to get back home. He served his purpose though, as cold as that may sound? He got the supplies for the pipe bomb, but at the cost of his life.

Maddie and Maeve – CUTE AF I shipped them more and more and more as the story went on and honesty thank you so damn much for this adorable relationship because I love and adored them both to the ends of the earth. I love how you developed them – Maeve is the supportive, sweet smol and Madison and the broken smol. There’s some darker themes here and yet the communication was right, it all worked out until well, they died. Quinn got rekt tbh but then Maeve got wrecked and all of a sudden my heart is hurting DON’T DO THIS TO ME

Jordyn – Honestly the idea of Jordyn was executed so well, and with her dreams of becoming a fashion designer I honestly just fell in love with how awesome and sweet she was and how she just wanted to dream and live another day. That pipebomb trick was really awesome and tbh I thought she died but hey ho, slay west over here escapes the damn arena and gets out of there. I’m really interested to see what her plans are now that she’s safe in D13 and ready to fuel the fires of the rebellion.

Brynn – A sociopath! Who feels? This is probably the only part of this story that I felt could have been a little more refined, a little better explained. For a sociopath she seemed deep into her emotions whereas I believe they’re more blunted? Despite this, I love her for wanting to break the mould, for wanting to prove that she wasn’t just some killing machine that the Capitol wanted to own. I especially think that the murder-suicide at the end between Maddie and Brynn was a powerful message and I think that it was really well done – a great cover up for Jordyn as well as she escaped, so I lived for that gig.
I loved everything in this, how beautifully it was constructed and worded, the suspense and the wholesomeness – everything. I think this is truly a masterpiece!

Over and out!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 1 . 8/7/2020
Okay I have so many thoughts and I have no idea how to get them all out but holy fucking shit I am crying like a baby at 1:07am instead of finishing my reapings all because of you. I don't know how to structure this so I'll just do it by character
Scott: LMAO, sucks to suck broski, you were cool and shit but like imagine simping over Madison's gay ass. could NOT be me.
Jordyn: HOLY COW! I loved her and how authentic she was and how she was more than just trans and like wow she was amazing
Brynn: Okay I love her even though she's kinda cooky. Not my fave of the gals tho
Madison and Maeve: No thoughts i am a dyke
dirtwolf chapter 1 . 8/5/2020
i genuinely cannot believe i did not read this fic sooner. this is hands down, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful things i have ever read on this site. the way that you approached telling the story of these tributes was perfect. every single scene with them had weight behind it and purpose. the characters were all so unique in their own right, each with different methods of thinking and distinguishable personalities. the word choice that you used was impeccable. quite literally every line in this story resonated with me and left me hungry for more. i started reading this part last night and was up until the early hours of the morning doing so. i eventually fell asleep while trying to keep my eyes open and continue reading, but once i woke up again, i instantly got back to reading the story. it drew me in from the first few sentences alone and i found myself fully immersed in this verse that you've created.

madison and maeve broke my heart. i knew going into it that there could only be one and i still found myself getting choked up when maeve died. the suddenness of it all, the way you make the reader feel like they are there in the chaos with the character, like they are equally as breathless, is stunning. seeing the alliance unfold between madison, maeve, brynn, jordyn, and scott made me feel like i was watching old friends hanging out and having a good time. the way that you so effortlessly conveyed these more light-hearted scenes and later contrasted them with the emptiness that scott's death left and how it weakened the foundation of the alliance left me speechless. you have such a gift with words and your ability to pace your writing. i think i've developed the beginnings of an addiction to your writing style and your talent for immediately drawing in readers with your words. i will probably be diving head first into your verse, now! thank you for sharing this amazing piece and giving me a look into the world you've created within this fandom
BradiLain chapter 1 . 6/5/2020
This was just such a joy to read in every sense of the word. Well, maybe joy isn't the greatest word to use, but I felt this in the pits of my soul. Maeve and Madison were such a bittersweet romance to live. If I hadn't read the second part of this saga first, I would've never guessed that Jordyn made it out alive as the technical victor of the games.

The way that you told a whole Hunger Games as if it were a memory - something fleeting and melancholy and beautiful - was fantastic. I almost wish I could encapsulate my feelings in a better way about it. Love it. Everything about it. When I saw this was only a single chapter, I didn't think that it would take me on such an emotional roller coaster when I started. Absolutely stunning, every word of it.
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 1 . 5/16/2020
This seriously deserves more reviews! Okay, this was really, really good, and psychological, which makes it more enthralling than Games-centered stories. The sudden end to it really gave me the shivers, so this is really great.
9.5 out of 10
AquaEclipse chapter 1 . 4/24/2020
Oh holy cow, this is captivating and beautiful and the final stretch… whoops! Guess the force field tactic didn't work out this time…
Josephm611 chapter 1 . 4/20/2020
Whew- that was a ride. This seems fascinating; I'll try to submit someone in the next few days. I rarely create Career tributes, so this'll be an interesting ride for me.

And ooooh-District 13. D13 sometimes gets thrown around for dramatic effect without any concern for it's value in the story, but it looks like this fic is in good hands, so I'm not going to worry about that.
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