Reviews for They That Are Told To Survive
BradiLain chapter 14 . 11/15/2020
Hera hits me so hard in just the best of ways. The way that your write her, dwindling in confusion, barely able to comprehend her own thoughts or anything going on around her, is enticing in such a raw way that I find hard to explain. She's truly struggling, and not in a romantic, beautiful, poetry laden kind of way. More so a nasty, dazed, painful way that is more realistic to the struggle of addiction and withdrawal. I love her to pieces, even though I can barely imagine a world where she gets her shit together enough to stand a chance as a Victor.

Rhodos is a precious bean. He's always trying to get in, but Althea's got her walls built for too high for him to make it very far past it. I like his insecurity and how he wears it on his sleeve. The description of anxiety being a vacuum in his chest is such a simple yet effective use of metaphor, I'm always taken aback by your skill and your use of language like it's a brush painting away effortlessly at a masterpiece. Everything just flows so well. I'm waiting for your talents to rub off on me lmao. Rhodos has his teeny tiny little pickaxe and he's been slowly but surely working away at Althea just long enough for her to give in. I love that for them.

Kiernan was a great choice for entering the pods, since he's bound to be the most apprehensive of our cast for these games. The smallest, the career that isn't meant to survive but to present a message loud and clear to any whispers of rebellion. His pov was short, but incredibly effective. Being succinct is always one of my struggles when I write so I admire how you take such a short amount of time to establish so much. the talent, the brilliance, the one and only firedawn.

OH ME OH MY! Who is it? I have no idea but there are so many possibilities, I'm stresssssssed about it. It's nice to see Jordyn again. I don't want to guess who the figure is because I'm an awful guesser and I don't want to embarrass myself. I'm so ready for this whole shindig going on, you don't even know. I think that all of our careers will make it out of the bloodbath, but I'm not super confident in the idea. I'm afraid we'll lose Hera very quickly since she's still so out of it, but I'll freely admit that she's got my heart and my hope for victory.
Josephm611 chapter 17 . 11/5/2020
DAWN I’M FINALLY HERE. I’M SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG BUT I’M HERE. It’s so weird to be reviewing late? I’d gotten used to reading and reviewing right as your updates came out because AHHH WE’RE IN THE GAMES (TIME TO GO UPDATE MY PROFILE)
(wait lol i already did a while ago)

Chrys… Dior’s being all “I’m on top and leader haHA look at ME” and it’s kinda annoying? But it’s impossible for me to hate anyone the way you write them. They might be annoying… but still… I do agree with Chrys, though. The way she’s hating on the Eights is a bit much, though. But know what I know about them, especially Sadie’s role in the subplot… yeah, they’re better off killing the Eights.
Ooooh… and he’s angry! Of course he’d be! He’s effin’ armless! I can’t even be slightly mad at him for being all revenge and everything. And it’s made even worse since he knows he doesn’t have long to live. That description of the suicidal One Victor is chilling and I don’t know if I love it or hate it—it’s that good.
If I were to view the entire situation objectively, I’d say that Chrys is probably a slight bit hypocritical. But that’s the beauty of the way you’ve set it up—it’s a little bit inconsistent, but that’s exactly the way human thoughts are. We always make the most sense form our own perspective and others don’t make quite as much sense, and I love how that’s written in here, how his revenge and his drive are so much more valid than hers to him.

Wait, no. He hasn’t spoken because now he’s sad and scared of her. And it’s about killing, not friendship. :(. Him shutting up because of rejection is such a him thing to do and I’m sad too. Althea’s clearly feeling a little bad too. Maybe not a lot, but for /Althea/ it’s a lot. He’s wormed his way into her heart, and even if it isn’t a lot, it’s still something.
(uh… I don’t know if this was a typo? But “It’s not the Eights” and then it says “And Eight… boy?” and then “Five girl,” even though there was no mention of Five girl up to that point. Maybe I just misread.)
Althea’s torn… and I kinda love it? On one hand, the pack is a mess, and it’s the best she could’ve hoped for— an easy way to wipe out her prime competition. None of them mean anything to her. But now she cares for Rhodos, and she doesn’t want him to die. She doesn’t realize it, but it hurts her ever so slightly when he’s hurt… awww friendship. PLEASE FIX IT PLEASE.
WAIT. What are these marks? Is there some kind of secret communication? Or some weapon that’s in their skin? Or is it for the cameras? I have to know! I feel like it wouldn’t just be for the cameras—why does she apologize?
UGH. Ok I’m mad at Dior. Stop edging Althea on! But of course she kills, since though she likes to think of herself as strong, she completely submits to expectations of her. I feel like Rhodos was bad for her, since she’s much softer now than she was before. But that’s what makes her more human, and even if it leads to death, is it ever a bad thing to be more human?

Dior… GIRL you have some EXPLAINING to do. And this bit about seeing the rest as useless isn’t cutting it for me. I’m… not a fan. And now she’s taking it out on everyone? I’m sorry to break it to you, but /your/ priorities don’t immediately become /everyone’s/, and you’re obnoxious for expecting everyone to just do your bidding.
lol at least she isn’t actually mad at rhodos, even if she demeans him
The way she actually wants to kill is a major no-no for me. She’s definitely the antagonist, and it works out ‘cause I don’t like her one bit. Maybe she’s sympathetic because she’s traumatized from her sister’s death, but that doesn’t mean I have to like her. ugh.

Predictions… will we get Hera, Kiernan, and Rhodos next chapter? Will we get Rhodos/Althea friendship? This story’s about suicide and depressive stuff but I’m here begging for wholesomeness like a big idiot. Can you blame me for wanting happy endings? :pleading_face:
gah i know ffn is being stupid rn but i want more. id like a large ttatts meal order from mcdawnolds pls and thx
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 16 . 10/30/2020
I literally have no time to review whatsoever I'm so sorry but I'll try! This is going to be short unfortunately...

Well I'm worried for Chrys bc he's armless now and IDK how he's going to to survive. Is he going to be the first one down? Dior is being a bitch right now and I almost resent her. And Keiran is growing a bit soft which I find cute. Maybe there's hope for him after all.

Poor Rhodos is having regrets I feel s sorry for him. This is such a hard blow. And he's saying he killed her? Does he think it's something to be proud of? Or is he just too scared of admitting he has no kill? This anxiety feels so real right now I can't. I JUST CAN'T. THE PAIN IS TOO REAL- That tattoo..was nine girl part of the rebellion? Or a suicide pact? or both? Or something else? I'm so intruigeddddd Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Althea and Rhodos are such a cute pair! And I hope Althea's okay.

Oh she definitely isn't I feel very sorry for her. All this anxiety is really echoing my general emotional state these days and I relate to this even though they're in a death match and they aren't. And Kani..I just... I JUST WANT HER TO BE WITH KANI AND BE ALIVE...! This is PHYSICAL PAIN! Oh noo she turned down Rhodos that's so sad...she needs his support...

So Hera did absolutely nothing in the BB? Honestly, she should consider herself lucky. Though I'm surprised nobody jumped at her and tried to get a free kill out of her. Maybe she /is/ lucky. I still hate Dior for making Hera suffer like this. I don't mind her dying at all. Dior before Chrys thank youuuu XD Well will you look at that? Hera and Keiran might form a friendship! Really, Dior is the only one being a complete bitch here, she's the problem, not them. And a friendship between Hera and Keiran would be so sweet too. Oh and I'm relived Hera didn't lose her memory XD like I thought for a sec last chapter.

AND SHE'S THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS HAPPY AFTER THE BLOODBATH. I think that says /a lot/ about her, doesn't it? I want this girl dead. I'm sorry, I'm not saying the creator did a bad job on them or that you are doing a bad job on them, i simply cannot stand Dior as a character anymore XD. But then again, it was a bit to be expected considering she's the D1F. And of course her beef wit Sadie does not help. If she kills Sadie I will..I will yeet Dior into a beyond-hatred section XD. Am I being overdramatic? Perhaps. But I've adopted Sadie as my own tribute and I will be In AgOnY if she dies. Anyways, enough of me being idiotic here. Now they're in a vulnerable position without the supplies, this is not good... Bitch is bullying the guy with no arm. How heartless is that? Oh god what's she gonna do to Rhodos or Chrys...
The fact that she's calling them animals I swear I-

I hope this review manages to get through! Well I love them all, except for Chrys who I like, and Dior who I want to see die.
I'm forseeing a Rhodos mental breakdown soon, and perhaps Dior will get livid at him? As for Althea she remains a mystery but I'm so worried for her!
And as I said I've adopted Sadie now THANKYOU XD so I'm very scared for her...

Death predictions? I see Keiran and Chrys going down first and I will scream if Althea, Hera, or Sadie dies.
And I def don't mind having Dior dead thank you! XD

This review has not been proofread so watch out XD!

I loved this chapter so much!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 16 . 10/24/2020
Okay so Dawn I love you and I cherish you and this story but I am currently rushing this review because I REALLY need to be review #69 for personal purposes

- Chrys no longer has an arm? I think he dies first out of the Gang
- I really love Hera
- Althea and Rhodos being friends makes me soft
- Stan Leader!Dior

I don't want my son Kiernan to die so it's stressing me out because he's the best tribute that i didn't submit that I ever submitted.

Stan TTATTS (and why are we just now getting to 69? why doesn't everybody here kiss the sweet ground you walk atop)
Josephm611 chapter 16 . 10/24/2020
Double posting means double reviewing! This story is just UGH and you've joined the "skip the review queue" crew. I just have to know what's happening with these kids! I'm honestly exhausted today so I might not be fully put together, but I can't not read tonight so that means I can't not review tonight.

Chrys... AHHHH WHAT'S HE GONNA DO? HE'S ARMLESS! It's not just, no arm. It's no arm and blood loss and HUNGER GAMES AND AHHHHH!
I feel like he won't win? But then again, we know there won't be a victor, and I'd almost forgotten that, and now I'm so curious where this is all going? (Are we blowing off the forcefield for real? :eyes:)
District Ten. Dead. That makes me sad still. My district loyalty is too strong. But Chrys is sad too and I feel like he's having an existential crisis? Where he's just broken because the illusion of his untouchability has been broken and he's forced to face the reality that yes, even he can have his arm chopped off or die.
omg Kiernan. I can't. Where did nice Kiernan come from. For the first time since i-don't-know-when, he's not being angsty and I kinda like it. Is this a throwback to how Chrys and Kiernan kinda bonded in training? Relationship development yassss. The way Chrys sees his younger brother in Kiernan instantly humanizes both of them even MORE for me because is makes them feel like real kids, even though they're out in some cruel dystopian universe. Awwwwww I can't...

Rhodos... Am I ready to feel insecure? I think I'm ready to feel insecure.
THE GUILT! I literally have zero reason to be surprised, but I'm reading his guilt and it still makes me so sad for him. "Rhodos McNamara is an impostor." Rhodos sus? but for real this is so sad. HE DIDN'T KILL HER? DID I SERIOUSLY MISREAD THE LAST CHAPTER THAT POORLY? EVEN AFTER I READ IT MULTIPLE TIMES?
Ohhhhh now it all makes sense. She killed herself. And that scars Rhodos too. Help me this boy is too soft for the Games and now I'm terrified for him because authors love to break the soft ones... :'(
Heck, he hasn't killed. He only lied. And it's tearing him apart. I seriously relate to that? My personality type just can't lie (enneagram 1), and it'll eat me from the inside as well, just like it's happening to Rhodos and AHHH THIS MAKES ME SAD TOO BC I RELATE TO HIM ON TOO MANY LEVELS.
Half-Hook on her arm? OH? I'm calling it. This is a set up. There's no way it's not coming back.
AHHH so it eats him alive that he lied, and it eats him alive that D9F killed herself, and just ahhhhhhh
feeling worthless. I just want to give him a big hug. I feel like I know him already. I seriously just want to go up to him, give him a big hug, and tell him that everything's gonna be ok. HE'S TOO REAL YOU CAN'T TELL ME HE'S NOT REAL
ok i'm emotionally freaking out bc i need this kid to be real. and i want to be his friend

She's definitely handling it better than Chrys or Rhodos, but she's falling apart too. I feel like all of them are is various stages of guilt and implosion, though Dior probably has the least guilt. But she's returning to her unhealthy icy coping mechanism and of COURSE Rhodos walks up to her at this moment AHHHH
"Are you okay?" It's just normal speak, but in this context I'm dying. Oh my goodness. She thinks she's worse bc he killed and she killed but he's okay? BUT HE'S AN IMPOSTOR? But it still hurts her?
"Rhodos recoils, slightly; hurt slathering his eyes." I winced with him.
HE LEAVES! AHHHHHHH I'M SO SAD. This is a different type of sad. Not because someone's dead, but because this rejection is something that's much easier to relate to, since we've all been rejected at some point. It's a more feel-able level of sadness.
oh no the friends are broken. heart: shattered. please i need them to be friends again. i need. i NEED

Her POVs are always so... poignant. She's so different, but not in a crazy way like SYOT tributes can be. She's... real. I had a couple friends in high school that got addicted to drugs, and even though it wasn't the same level of drugs, it makes her so much more real than... Dior, since I don't know anyone whose sister died in a deathmatch, y'know?
A lot of these kids are trying to convince themselves they're someone they're not. Like Hera just wants to be okay, and she tells herself she's okay, but she's very much not okay. Just like Althea tells herself she's strong. (But Rhodos has just accepted that he's a lying failure)
She wants to reach out to Kiernan?! After Nice!Kiernan from earlier... I need to see this. I need to see all of them happy. (TTATTS AU?)
She comes up with things to say. And then gets scared and doesn't say them. Why is that me all the time? You're really tugging my heart with the relatable feels right here.

Dior... I'm always interested to see Dior because I feel like I get her the least out of all six of them. She's very different from the rest too. Everyone else is falling apart and she's just... satisfied. But her motivation is different. A lot of the others had external pressures and needs to win the Games. But for Dior, it's internal. She needs to win because she needs to prove herself and avenge her sister, and it's a welcome contrast to the others. Maybe it's her confidence that sets her apart.
Chrys will die in a few days? Question: Will he actually die? Or does that mean major :sparkles: plot things :sparkles: are going to happen?
Oh dear. This is not a stable pack. Althea wasn't even trying to challenge her and it set her off. And then Chrys just added insult to injury. Poor Rhodos, trapped between everyone. He's trying so hard and it's kinda adorable? BUT IT'S ALSO SO SAD because we see it from Dior's perspective and she's just NOT liking him.
Okay, girl. Stop playing with my precious boy. I love that Althea's sticking up for him since it shows that even though she rejected him earlier, they've still got a bond. But at the same time, I hate it because she's playing right into Dior's plan and UGH.

No Kiernan? Interesting. I kinda miss him :( I roasted him for chapters and now I'm like "dw i know you're soft inside even though you don't want to admit it"
DIE? I'm in denial. They can't die. These kids can't die. I need an Althea opening up to Rhodos Part 2. And a Kiernan opening up to Hera Part 1. It's unrealistic but a man can dream, right? Maybe except Dior. Dior can die. BUT NO because she's got potential? And she's really just externalizing her trauma? STAHP NO DEATHS PLEASE
wth this is hunger games what am i saying
i don't want to make predictions bc that'd be acknowledging the possibility of death
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 15 . 10/24/2020
(one day I'm going to kill FanFiction. One way or another XD. My review just.



I promise I'm not faking.

This is FanFiction being shitty.)

I have no words. Your writing was brilliant, eloquent, one of the most beautiful thing I have ever read.
I'm starting to like Dior. Her anger makes her a really good character.
Keiran...I was honestly more worried for Sadie than for him. I did no see you killing off one of the POVed characters so soon. And remember: you are not allowed to kill Sadie, I'm too attached.
Chrys...that section was amazingly written, like always. But I'm not sure what to think of him. But I have feeling that his injury will humble him. He's getting reality slapped in the face.
I'm not surprised about Rhodos not being able to kill. But I was surprised at Nine's suicide. That girl is damn brave. And the Capitol's going to be mad.
Althea is awesome. I have no rods. She's just awesome.
And Hera.I have no idea what to think. Did she lose her memory? Or was it metaphorical?

I have no words.
Josephm611 chapter 15 . 10/20/2020
I'm here! I'm here! I'm kinda terrified to read this? Which doesn't make any sense since there are like SIX POV characters so they're probably not gonna die? BUT AT THE SAME TIME I'm terrified that any of them are going to die and I already know that some of them dying will basically end me.
Especially Rhodos. I know he's mine and all, but I'm not this attached to every character. Plus, he's so insecure? And it SPEAKS to me? And if Athena goes, the friendship is over and I can't have that. And HERA? Ok Kiernan is one annoying angsty middle schooler but him being small instantly brings up my protective older brother instincts. I'm not /as/ attached to the Ones as I am to the others, but I'm kinda rooting for them all. Which kinda doesn't make that much sense in the grand scheme of things since technically... these are the closest things we have to bad guys in the Hunger Games. BUT STILL

ok. ok. ok. I've just blabbered and I haven't even started reading. Help. I'm scared. ahhhhhh
(Ok, get it together. Time to read. AHHHHHHHH)

Kiernan... I had to look up redolent but it's such a beautiful word. I'm only on the first paragraph and I'm super excited to see how you write action with poetry since I struggle with balancing my prose style with action? I can't even really tell what parts of the descriptions are metaphors and what parts are literal but it doesn't matter because it's gorgeous.
"He can breathe, in the Arena." I love this line?
WAIT! There's an anti-Career alliance? PREMONITION VIBES WHAT? And Kiernan's prey? AHHH why am I suddenly so worried for him I've literally been roasting him this entire story.
"A frenzy of sound desecrates the Arena." How do you write like this. My brain works too literally; I can't produce something like this. I love how you artistically use run-ons to create such a frantic mood?
His death monologue is taking so long; I'm starting to think he won't die. Yep! What did I say? She's leaving him for-
RHODOS NO! WAIT WHAT? Was the spear from Dior? Augh, I don't like this D8 girl, but I knew she wasn't gonna go this early.

I love how we immediately cut to...
Dior... Such a smooth transition. Oh, so the Eight girl kills Twelve? That's a shock, actually. Was it a case of wrong place, wrong time? I can't imagine a reason why she'd kill Twelve. And the bold is back. I've said it before but this is art.
Poor Dior. Her inner monologue is so sad, even though I really shouldn't be rooting for them.
RIP unnamed District Ten Male. *three-fingered salute*
Oh dang. She's definitely been the most antagonistic Career out of the Six, but the way her inner critic tears /into/ her rips me too since I have a hyper-aggressive inner critic.
District Twelves? Didn't one of them die? :flushed:

Chrys... He's cracking, and while that's not good in the Hunger Games, it's good because it proves his humanity. Good job, D10M. Even in your death, you were important. This comparison between him and the others and also the families behind every tribute? Families often disappear once the story begins, but I'm glad this dilemma is happen because no death is a vacuum. Each one has a rippling effect of pain.
Ah! What! Chrys! AIYAHHH! The matter-of-fact way you're describing the gore is just AH.
Dior kills the Twelves. That's actually impressive, though, unnamed D12M. you died twice. But not he and Dior are going at each other and OH NO are they going to fight?
Wait, not yet. Ok. But he's terribly wounded? I honestly need more of that courage to hurt my kids. I spoil them too much.

Althea... Woah, she's having an inferiority moment here too. And she's feeling repulsion. I feel like this should come up more in stories, and you write it so beautifully. I'm taking notes.
But unlike Chrys, who's basically fallen apart. She pulls herself back together. That's an interesting comparison. She's got the self-critic of Dior, the repulsion at killing of Chrys, but she's much more self-composed than the other two are. I wonder how long it'll last.

Rhodos! If I had known that everyone is getting a POV, I wouldn't have been worried for him so early, lol.
Oh. Rhodos versus Nine. The other regretful Careers kill and then feel. He hasn't even killed yet and he's already feeling.
"Incompetent" Such a horribly powerful word. I kinda love that he's doing supplies because that's totally a Rhodos move.
But his reaction to killing is so different from the others. Dior's desire to be better overshadowed any potential regrets at killing. Hera and Chrys suffer from confusion as the reality of killing clashes with their previously established ideas of killing. But Rhodos... he's just suffocating because he knew from the start but he's still doing it because that's what Rhodos does—submit to authority.

Hera... Oh? I don't think we've seen her at all so far, which is interesting. She's still spaced out, it seems? Poor girl...
It's so interesting how she's the one most focused on what's happening with the others, noticing the little bits that give way what everyone's thinking and feeling, yet she really isn't stable or put together enough to use it against them.
Now I'm curious what she did the entire time! She clearly didn't kill anyone, but she's also not dead. Ironically, she might be the most... stable mentally out of all of them? Plot twist?

Ok. That was... mind-boggling. None of them died so I'm not crying... but wow. I did NOT expect your flowing writing to come out so intensely and it caught me off guard and I'm just... wow.
It's an interesting thing with your stories. When I finish a chapter like this, my first reaction isn't I WANT MORE PLEASE FEED. It leaves me with an /atmosphere/ that I kinda just want to linger in, and ponder, and just... soak in the mood of what just happen. it's just a beautiful thing that doesn't happen often.

But of course. I want more. Please feed.
ladyqueerfoot chapter 15 . 10/20/2020
HNNNNGGGGG ITS BLOODBATH O CLOCK. dawn how dare you do this to me I thought I could trust you. i thought this never ending nightmare was over and then you had the AUDACITY to update? what the fuck is wrong with you? AND IT STARS WITH KIERNAN? YOU SICK FUCK? DAWN? *deep sigh* i guess it is time for me to put on my big girl pants and read this.

Kiernan: Hi babyboy! Ugh I love you I am very upset that you will be dying soon (this is not confirmed but i just have a feeling). Look i did the fancy parentheses just like you im so cool. Bitch ur ass is redolent… okay this is a sexy arena i am very intrigued… baby boy is breathing yes hunny bunches you are correct this IS so different from District Two… He cant breathe that is ironic but I hate it. Ugh why are they counting down I literally didnt ask for this to happen. oooh what does he see? they want to run? WHAT IS HAPPENING… lol classic outer districts think they’re the shit hhh… ITS LIKE HES PREY… fuck district 8 girl all my homies hate district 8 girl. HE CANT THINK ABOUT DYING? bitch i cant think about him dying ahhh. fuck it begins. Ugh run boy run i am so proud of u. Should be easy u got this king. NO? CRUNCH? THAT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN DAWN? fucking district 8 girl jfc i hate u. She has a what? no no no no? NO! Dawn? This isnt what was supposed to happen? HES GOING TO WHAT NOW? Dawn? its his what now? he’s waiting to what? No dont fuck u maeve ugh he is so angsty. okay yes go escape king i believe in u. PROVE HER WRONG I BELIEVE IN YOU! Okay bye d12 m you were irrelevant… DIOR? also roar and dior rhyme? Is she dead? I hope not. I dont want these kids to die. At least kiernan didnt tho good job.

Dior: Hi I hope your not dead. Look at that you’re not dead! Audacity reigns? ur good at writing! Oh so the bitch has a name. Fuck you sadie! OH? OKAY? HI CHRYS! Okay you kill people ig have fun. THIS IS DISGUSTING? I LOVE IT! yeah he will undermine her. Okay this was chill. Have fun d12

Chrys: OH! He is just killing everybody! Good for him! NO? DONT SAY THE MADISON WORD? DAWN HELLPO? yeah think about their families u legit killed their kids. Hes here for family. YIKES? this is dangerous? ouchhhh, HE HAS AN AXE! OUCHIES i like how ur showing multiple perspectives of the same thing? nice! His parents yes think of them!

Althea: Hi sexy! Pls destroy me! Prey? Hot… dawn she is so hot…. i love her she is so hot. KNIVES! IMPALING IS EASY! HIZZONK! yeah u should probs kill somebody luv xx. ugh rip to d11

Rhodos: Okay hi… this seems promising. Yeah he should kill … DO SOMETHING? aweee he is so so sweet. Oh he is sad he killed sokmebody ugh i love hi,.

Hera: Hi okay it is done!

Okay chapter is over i am nervous! Fuck! Anyways um that was so good and i liked that so much but wow i am stressed out i meed to know what happens next… u so talented… uh.. rip kiernan soon? ugh i hate this i hope u choke
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 14 . 10/14/2020
My entire review just got deleted...
I swear I'm going to kill something.

I'm so so so so so sorry!

I...I guess I'll just go and answer the questions again?

1. I have NO IDEA. But I'm very worried for her, because she's in a bad state of health right before the BB. Maybe she's overdosing...? IDK.
2. They're so cute! But I only see them as friends, at least so far, and I don't think it has been confirmed yet that Althea is bisexual or pansexual, so she might not even be into boys. But I really love their healing arc, at lest I think that's what's happening now. And of course, I love Althea.
3. I...I'm gonna be honest, I don't really care about him that much. But he's too unadaptable to be alright, I think. He's gonna screw up, I can feel it.
4. I'm pretty sure it's either Maeve or Madison, but I don't know! My preference is Madison, but really, anybody would be good!
5. I see them screwing up really badly. Probably because of Kiernan. And Sadie.


I loved this chapter, and I'm so sorry for the weird review!
Josephm611 chapter 14 . 10/5/2020
I was going to go to sleep after catching up on Brooke's story, but I had to come and read this... AHHH NIGHT BEFORE BLOODBATH IS COMING

Hera... Oh my gosh I'm only just starting and I'm remembering how much I love your work? I've been /starved/ of TTATTS content for a month and I've almost forgotten the flavor. BUT AHH it's gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous.
So now actually looking at the content of her POV... the party seems interesting. And that Rhodos didn't go? Why the heck did you write this from Hera's perspective. It's way too good at hiding details from us! Whyyy?
EXPLOSIONS? DUST? Was there an explosion? Like with Premonition Pre-Games? Are we really sharing another brain cell?
Argh. Hera doesn't know, that's so infuriating because I WANT TO KNOW but I can't be mad at you because it's presented so beautifully.
I think there's something so poetically painful about how the explosions (if there were any) are so in the background to Hera as she battles her own insecurities and demons.

Rhodos... My boy I've missed you. Reading his thoughts makes me so sad; he doesn't want to be there, but he's always just... submitted. And though he has dreams and aspirations, he almost seems like he hasn't even /considered/ the possibility of rebelling.
Althea. Rhodos. District partners to friends? PLEASE! OMG RHODOS you called her out. I relate to that so hard. Like I feel like I always have opinions and I like it when everyone's honest about everything? But I'm also too scared to call people out? Stahp this hurts.
LOL she doesn't know what to do with him. He's being his puppy dog "why can't we be friends" self and she's like... what are you.
Aww... Althea pushes him away. But there's something so... endearing about this moment, where she's not hiding anything and she's just... being honest.
AND RHODOS KEEPS PURSUING THE FRIENDSHIP like the loyal puppy he is. I got chills from his little monologue. RHODOS I LOVE YOU! And Althea confesses! YES! FIREWORKS AND PARTIES FOR THE BEST EVER DISTRICT PARTNER FRIENDS! kissy-kissy? don't know her.

Kiernan... Every time I see his name I brace for middle school angst. Oh my gosh is this launch. This is launch. The bloodbath is coming. THE BLOODBATH IS COMING!
He's angsty and snappy, but I actually agree with him on this one. He's in fricken' LAUNCH! He's allowed to be angsty.
"and then Kiernan is in the Games" - somehow, that line of "telling" is more beautiful than any showing could be right there. Just amazing.

Jordyn... I'd forgotten about Jordyn please don't hate me. It's been too long since we've had any updates on the situation. Oh my gosh it's like Katniss. It's a full on revolution. This is far bigger than anything happening in Premonition. And we're getting info on the other tributes?! Are Ryleigh and Daniel a couple? And Sadie just sets off every plot-relevance radar I have in my head.

Oh. My. Gosh. IS MAEVE ALIVE!? It's been far too long, but I vaguely remember something about a body never found.
WAIT NO! FORGIVE MY FORGETFUL BRAIN! IT'S (Maybe robot)!MADDY! AHHHHH oh my gosh STOP I have to know DAWN WHY and it's also so beautiful I CAN'T! I LITERALLY CANNOT.

ok calm down joseph
ladyqueerfoot chapter 14 . 10/5/2020
I appologize for not doing this earlier but HOLY SHIT! Dawn it is almost bloodbath-o-clock and I need to deliver this thicc bitch of a review to you that i have been procrastinating for forever because they that are told to survive? yeah i stan that bitch! i compliment ur ass so regularly because u deserve it and ur phenomenal but i am now doing this review that is outlining my thoughts on everything because UGH! this shit slaps and i have shit to say. I’m gonna talk about all the tributes, the subplot, and then some predictions because LORD i am excited for this bloodbath… dawn um you are so iconic and brilliant and i just… head full many thoughts

Chrys: I honestly stan every single tribute in TTATTS because I’m a little bitch (and i will cry when everyone dies) and i appreciate how straightforward he is, yet he’s also deeply strategic which is rare for a male career at least in my experience (i’m a grade-a career simp so i appreciate everyone in this fic). He’s quiet, and I appreciate that, especially since he is still honest. I just really enjoy that Chrys knows what he’s getting into and is mellow, yet he’s still prepared for what’s going to happen, even if he’s a bit uncertain. Also the tension he has with Dior is so compelling and im excited to see what happens when they hit the arena

Dior: Ugh District 1 female is my sexuality, so stan Dior! She’s insecure for sure, but we stan anyways because she is so fun and sexy and i enjoy her inner strength, even though her struggles are so valid and i enjoy reading them. Her devotion of sorts to Mattie is intriguing, as well as the way she observes everything in the capitol and how she perceives people and she makes a perfect foil to Chrys’ somewhat cocky exterior since she has the same interior she just doesn’t front it. Again, she’s very analytical and always has a good read on people, even if she sees Chrys as stereotypical career vibes (and i dont really) and her inner monologue is so enjoyable.

Kiernan: Ughhhhh this fucking baby… I really do adore his ass. He is just the sweetest best boy and I feel so bad for him. He’s so dense and has been through so much even though he’s only 12 (so much that i forget he’s so baby) and i really think your writing shines through with him. I remember his POV in chapter 7 i believe where he’s talking about Hera on the train and the pain he has is so apparent and how he can’t help but see Maeve in the face of another D2F? yeah that hurt me so much, when he’s saying like “she’s still there” or something in regards to his sister and ugh…. he is just shy for sure, even though he demonstrated he’s capable and lord i am going to cry so hard when he dies because his hurt is so beautiful and so is he

Hera: In a lot of ways, I see Hera as the antithesis of Maeve. They’re both bad bitches, but in different ways. Hera’s drug addiction is super interesting for a career, and how she seems to be determined to beat it. It’s clear she’s experiencing a bit of withdrawal at this point in time, but i love her determination to be more than a drug addict. She wants to win, and her drive is very clear. I see the pressure from her parents affecting her, but at the same time, she’s very self motivated and it seems almost like she almost used her parents pressure to push her into winning for herself. I can tell she wants to get through to Kiernan and is frustrated that she can’t, and i love her inner turmoil.

Rhodos: He’s insecure, and it makes me sad since I love him as well. His relationship with the music teacher is neat, and I love that he’s good at music since I’ve never seen a career like that. I really love how he takes criticism harshly since most careers are so blunt and it makes him so beautifully human. The humanity of everyone in TTATTS is probably my favorite part. He gets distracted too which is somewhat interesting to see, especially when he doesnt even think he should be in the Capitol, and my heart truly hurts for him. His insight into the 55th Games is neat to see, and I love how he is aware that he’s so complicit in a system that was meant to hurt him.

Althea: She’s brutal for sure, the way she has this sense of dismay for Kiernan upsets me, but overall she’s deeply confidant that she’ll win which really is stunning to me, just how confident she is. She seems like the sort that would see how people struggle and then use it against them. I appreciate the stereotypicalish cutthroat career being a female since its usually a dude, and she’s just so mesmerizing. I feel like she has Rhodos under her thumb a bit, but less straightforward than Kingston and Lana, like he knows she’s getting to him but he doesnt care. The way Althea straight up admits that the Games are everything to her, and how she wants to improve in her training is fun, and I love that she doesn’t really show all her cards to people.

Subplot: So all of the Careers are fascinating of course, but the subplot of TTATTS is so fucking interesting to me and ever since TTABBN I have been so invested in these characters and everything that happened with maddy and made as well as the results of the whole incident with the barrier. The way you portray Snow is twisted and it hurts to see how carless he is and um the fact Maddy was fake? That is so wild to me and I can’t wait to see where this goes. Maeve’s sacrifice hurts even more knowing that Maddy isn’t even real, and I’m just so fucking mesmerized by all of that, and it only amplifies Kiernan’s angst towards the whole situation, since he doesn’t even know any of this. The content with Jordyn is also so fucking delicious. It’s wild to see that 13 is up and rolling already and how she seemingly fits right in. She gives me Katniss vibes in this context for sure, but she’s more reluctant than Miss Everdeen and that’s why I like her so much. It’s hard to not relate to Jordyn in some aspect, especially since her struggles are so human, even though she’s supposed to be the face of a rebellion. Its clear that the 55th Games harmed her, and seeing the results of it unfold is truly so stunning.

Predictions: So I already know that all of the writing you’ll give me in the Games is gonna slap, and that’s why I’m legit so hype. I truly am horrified that all these babies are going to die, especially Kiernan since he is just the most precious. I really feel like he’s going to snap and kill Althea at some point (maybe even the BB?) which will be super big brain of him, even though he’ll be so traumatized because of it. I hope he somehow escapes and finds Maddy’s body, but I also could see him running off to 13 with Jordyn… there are so many ways this could go and I’m excited to see where you decide to take us.


My-Mental-Mind chapter 1 . 10/3/2020

Damn Dawn, you're popping off with this WHAT THE HELL the writing is so good! Ahhhhsdfghjhgfd

Honestly this was a short and sweet prologue that set it all out with a sense of mystery and intrigue. Ah I love love loved it! It's nice that you have your own verse that's interwoven into this one. I'm interested to see where the chosen careers end up.

Over and out!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 13 . 9/20/2020
Hello sweet Danika, I am finally getting around to reading this, I can't believe I didn't, but HOE LEE SHIT, this interlude was a trip, um is Coryo the Basilisk because that man is a fucking snake. Anyways I'm reading this shit like ah yes subplot juicy Dawn poetic content and then I hear Saros and my brain was like "BOINK" because obvi that sounded familiar to me and then i saw Madison and said FUCK very loudly because I miss her so much and um also I love seeing different interpretations of Coryo and yours is a treat. Sorry this review is so chaotic but wow um search for maddy's body? what is dis hunny? okay that is all xoxo, linds

PS. I miss jordyn can we here from her soon pls
Josephm611 chapter 13 . 9/17/2020
Interlude woooo!

Not gonna lie, I see laboratory and I'm already suspicious. I don't think I've ever seen it positively in the Hunger Games fandom, from the lab in BSS to Corey's zombie experiments. Just ergh.

So Levine Saros (SAROS?!). Our newest addition to the disr-verse, a (probably mad?) scientist. It's almost kinda funny how he instantly assumes he's in trouble when the soldiers show up. Of course we have Snow. Your Snow is chillingly accurate, not because it calls up the words from the book but because you create such a horrible atmosphere around him.

So this means that Maddie was a lab creation!? You keep dropping little hints about Dr. Saros and Maddie and just WHAT?

Gosh. The death is chilling. And disgusting. And ugh. But you wrote it so well that I hate it, in the best way possible.

AND MADDIE'S BODY IS MISSING? PLOT TWIST, HOL' UP A MINUTE, WHAT? This story is so poetic that I was starting to think that it would be a more sentimental, emotional journey, and then you drop a BOMBSHELL like this?!
It's been 15 days since the last update we need to talk. SYOT jail time? I know I can't talk about it since I'm still catching up on reviews for so many people (super late review here too) but I NEED TO KNOW
Josephm611 chapter 12 . 9/17/2020
Welp here I finally am, catching up on this wonder of a story since I've finished a Justice chapter.

Dior: What we're already at the interviews! Does that mean that the Games chapters are coming?!
So, Dior. Power-hungry girl, the one that wants to assert her dominance on the rest of 'em. I find it so interesting that she wants to be viewed as strong, so she has no issues letting others believe a lie about who she is and what she's like. I find that fascinating yet also hard to relate to (I'd like to say I value authenticity).
But oh dang... She must really District Eight then, and I can totally see why. In Panem, since inter-district travel isn't permitted, watching another district kill your own sister is bound to make you hate that district. I have to say, Dior might be hard for me to relate to sometimes, but that need for revenge makes her quite a sympathetic character. I love how it's called out as a classic, yet she doesn't really care.

Althea: Our other guarded girl! I love the vibrant contrast between her cool inner monologue and the bright, flashy environment—both are communicated so well, like the way she finds the entire thing contrived and obnoxiously fake yet she wants to impress them because she knows it's best for her survival.
It's really telling, though, of how brittle her walls are that when Caesar brings up Kani, she's barely able to keep herself contained. We've seen that Althea isn't as guarded as she wishes she were (e.g., her "friendship" almost with Rhodos), and I'm curious how this will continue to develop.

Kiernan: Our angsty middle schooler is so out of his league in the Hunger Games—regretful yet? He clearly doesn't fit as a Career, yet he also clearly isn't an untrained district kid. He's just... there, and no one (myself included) knows what to do with him.
GARGOYLES mr snark here ain't ya? But that fits so perfectly for him. I love how you've chosen to have a more sinister version of Caesar. Most people keep him pretty innocent, but your Caesar is very much skull-emoji. Like dang that's cruel.

On to the next one!
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