Reviews for Rebirth In The Naruto-verse (SIOC)
Spidersauce chapter 50 . 18h
Shiro's bored and Aomi is suffering :D It's great.
Spidersauce chapter 45 . 19h
. . . Is that chibi Itachi or is it Kabuto? o.O I can't tell lol
Spidersauce chapter 32 . 21h
Does Shiro not realize all the lying about what his techniques do is exactly why he doesn't get a lab? Labs are for helping the village. Shiro goes out of his way to ensure that people know his techniques can't help out the village whatsoever. Is he really just that stupid?
Spidersauce chapter 29 . 22h
Why doesn't Shiro have his jonin jacket sealed away in a pocket or something? Would give him the authority tp not have issues healing at the Konoha field hospital thing.
Spidersauce chapter 27 . 22h
I agree Shiro's line shifted far too quickly.
As is he's shifted to being an uncharismatic Orochimaru. All the negatives and none of the positiveswe don't have a reason to care about his descent into madness or any attachment for who he used to be. The time he actually had morals was too short.
Also, for someone who plans to be immortal he is WAY too impatient, I feel. Though that's just my view of course
Spidersauce chapter 25 . 22h
So Shiro went from not caring about the lives of murdering rapists to not caring about the lives of innocent women and children really quickly.
Not sure how I feel that your OC is far more amoral than even Orochimaru was at that age . . .
Spidersauce chapter 24 . 22h
Isn't the only disregard for human life that Minato has seen so far been murdering and raping bandits? Considering his mother was raped that shouldn't be surprising, or a problem. Not sure what Minato's issue is.
Spidersauce chapter 17 . 23h
So . . . Shiro is a complete sociopath, isn't he?
Spidersauce chapter 14 . 2/28
So does Shiro just hate using gentle fist? I don't really buy that a random nobody chunin knows the proper taijutsu to block a gentle fist hit with no repercussions.
Spidersauce chapter 11 . 2/28
Why not use Byakugan to tell if he looked disappointed? ;o
Spidersauce chapter 1 . 2/28
It is now my personal headcanon that the Byakugan is very versatile, the Hyuga are all just such traditionalists that hate experimentation so nobody figures it out, or shares it when they do.
SpeedyBanana chapter 80 . 2/27
I really liked and enjoyed the story. Though I wish you’d continue it but it’s all good. I’m reading your other story now and I enjoy that one as well.
EveLicht chapter 80 . 2/26
keep up the good work. Also I feel its great and there is no need for rewrite.
Sayuri Zen av Elda chapter 27 . 2/25
Hokake: Shiro lack the Will of Fire. Well, so did Orochimaru but he turned out fine.
Melaughs loudly* Oh boy. Wait a few years, then think again.
Sayuri Zen av Elda chapter 22 . 2/24
I want Sumiko to elaborate on Shiro crawling on the ceiling like a spider. Boy. Not even ninja children do that. Do they?
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