Reviews for Rings
Talyllyn the Iron Warrior chapter 1 . 5/10
Really like how Omega is being the curious one here instead of being the ‘destroy all badniks’ machine that Sega usually characterise him as with little else for any depth in the more current mainline series titles.

Same goes for Shadow not being whatever the heck the games post-06 tends to depict him as and I see parts of his SA2 personality coming through him. Something that’s often forgotten by the official writers(looking at you Flynn) themselves, so it is nice to see Shadow not be an edge lord as he’s incorrectly seen as by gamers and you’ve done a good job in showing it. Though it might just be me that sees it.

I don’t see any typos or any words that might be missing. It’s clear that this is a polished piece of writing and effort have been put into it.

It’s very simple in premise but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking because of that fact. More than anything, they just exist as backdrops for the characters themselves and seeing what they can get up to. This shows the reader a glimpse into a day in the life of Team Dark when they’re not on any missions.

I hope you’ll do more Sonic stories in the future. Either it’d be one-shots or full multi-chapter stories. Perhaps you could be someone who might end up writing the series’ own ‘City on The Edge of Forever’ one day.
Infinite's Ruby chapter 1 . 4/25
I just finished reading this story and I love it.

The interactions between Shadow and Omega are well written with the former expressing concern over the fact

The idea of red and blue being Shadow's favorite colors is a nice touch to his character since it helps keeps him calm.

You did a fantastic job with this short little story. The interactions between Shadow and Omega were excellent to read. You did an excellent job with this oneshot!