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Mystic Sharman chapter 122 . 12/3
I hope you include some post-game content for Harry to enjoy. Culminating in a post-game final quest for the One-Above-All. That sees him going back to the time period of his parents' death to save them. Creating an overwriting timeline that sees him enjoy life as a normal-ish boy wizard. He sneakily activated his X-Gene. In such a way that causes him to grow a biosynthetic crystal battery. That allows him to reabsorb all the exotic energies he had gathered. He grafts his knowledge of Meta-Physics and all the prerequisite knowledge needed into his parents' minds. Who goes on to create similar businesses he had. Without the need to involve the goblins. Who were transferred to their own habited world. That is doomed to be consumed by a blackhole before they become an interstellar species. Then the story ends with:
[Quest Complete: A Life Well Lived
Reward: New Game ]
Anaklusmos980 chapter 122 . 11/30
After reading this entire thing in a couple days I find my life to be devoid of joy without more. Need mooooorrrrrreeeee please.
Ranmauzo chapter 10 . 11/30
Grindelwald was actively involved in WWII and there somehow aren't bulletproof shields... alrighty then, bullets/shrapnel is now guaranteed to kill absolutely anyone and at least seriously injure Voldemort. He will have access to a basilisk too for basilisk venom poisoned bullets.

Saying he can make a fully functional automated submarine but not guns and explosives which are FAR simpler is weird. Middle Eastern hobbyists with scrap steel, band saws, and hand files regularly make fully functional AK-74 clones and sell them for decent money at local markets as a profitable side-job. Most guns are simple and robust machines, and if Harry can't do better with the aid of magic then WTF? Also, making most explosives is just applied high-school level chemistry, and acquiring the chemicals would be simple with the aid of magic.

He just invented magic suppressing runes and self magic suppression, he could carve on literally any firearm/landmine/bomb and it would work within a magical area just fine. Just 500 stolen landmines/claymores, runecarved with a well timed detonation would absolutely slaughter the entire 'army' shown in the movie Hogwarts battle. As an American example: One standard air-drop ready pallet of old M14 mines has about 1440 units in 16 crates, pre-wrapped and ready to go; just have it delivered for free with a confundus. Hell, if you are confunding people just have a runecarved Brit JDAM analogue accidentally 'fall off the back of the truck' right on top of Malfoy Manor while Voldy is there; RAF runs training flights all the time, just make them load a few real bombs and then confundus the drop location. Four 2000 lb bombs will nearly evaporate that manor and definitely kill everyone in it and around it.

Purposefully involving muggle tech and saying that drones and subs are functional but guns and bombs aren't is asinine. You opened Pandora's box and are now saying that 'No, somehow ALL of this stuff that's absolutely identical in function to what got out stayed in the box.'
Maybe you will retcon your arbitrary reasons and have guns later, but I won't be there to read it.
AvidReader2425 chapter 122 . 11/28
Another really awesome chapter, a fantastic set up, and I’m very excited to see where things go and how the story ends. It’s already been one hell of a journey, but a very fun one at that.
AvidReader2425 chapter 121 . 11/28
That was pretty darn fun, thanks
AvidReader2425 chapter 120 . 11/28
Another fantastic chapter, thank you very much.
AvidReader2425 chapter 119 . 11/28
Absolutely awesome chapter, and a fitting ending for that Sith Lord lol. Though I am curious if the Yuuzhan Vong are in that universe as well.
AvidReader2425 chapter 118 . 11/28
Thanks for another, very entertaining chapter, and really love the overall plan that Harry has concocted lol.
AvidReader2425 chapter 117 . 11/28
Another great chapter with a hilarious ending
AvidReader2425 chapter 116 . 11/28
Thanks for another really fun chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 115 . 11/28
Thanks for another enjoyable chapter, I really liked the Stargate section, though I don’t really know much about Pokémon, so that section didn’t really do it for me. Lol.
AvidReader2425 chapter 114 . 11/28
Honestly, I want to give the ancient one a hug right now lol. Thanks for another fantastic chapter, and I definitely didn’t expect that the elder God had a hand in the game.
AvidReader2425 chapter 113 . 11/27
One hell of a cliffhanger, thanks for another fantastic chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 112 . 11/27
Thanks for another really great and enjoyable chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 111 . 11/27
Thanks for another fantastically, enjoyable and hilarious chapter
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