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TheSSGCorrin chapter 41 . 9/24
Gonna be honest, I had a bad feeling you were going to kill off Akira in this chapter after he made Rui see she wasn't to blame for him leaving. Thankfully, I was wrong.

That aside, I love how Shuri's slowly gone from completely out of control with her new form to barely being able to control it. I can't wait to see how terrifying she could be when she gets full control.

All in all, Amazing job as always!
Caballero lector rojo chapter 40 . 8/29
hola aqui un lector poniendo una reseña bueno empiezo, entonces solo dire que GENIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL... hmm... ejem... perdon me emocione de mas pero soy sincero me gusta tu historia, la idea de darle a hibiki, tsubasa y chris hermanas gemelas que son basadas en sus personajes de dopelganger en el videojuego de moviles lo cual nos da un fresco escenario para ver eventos realmente interesantes encuanto a como se desarrolla la historia comparandola con el canon por lo que mejora las cosas en muchos aspectos y tambien el mantener los shipeos originales de los personajes junto con los nuevos mejora enormemente las cosas por cierto una duda no es importante por lo que no tienes que leerla sino quieres solo la pongo para expresarme bueno aqui esta, tienes planeado mantener los sentimientos de hibiki y miku intactos para que sean pareja mas adelante, bueno hay esta mi duda, no es importante por lo que no tienes que tomarla en cuenta sino quieres ya que esta es tu historia y solo tu puedes decidir sobre su desarrollo y nadie mas, bueno aqui termina mi reseña solo queria decir que me gusta tu historia y gracias por escribirla adios, caballero rojo fuera
TheSSGCorrin chapter 40 . 8/27
If I'm being completely honest, I expected the "Eye Gore" to be in relation to Shuri's new form, so it threw me for a loop that Jeanne's bad eye was critically damaged not once, but twice.

All in all, another amazing chapter! I look forward to seeing what changes next time!
ZeroEnchiladas chapter 40 . 8/27
Given this is a berserk form yeah, usually it takes more than one confrontation to truly get a handle on it. Well... if it'll ever get handled, that's always the fun part that's sometimes up in the air. Then from what vague things I know about Jeanne, this new eye should be quite interesting to see when that finally hits. Given she wasn't introduced with it, I wasn't expecting her to get it.

As always I'm very interested to see how things will turn out. Great job as usual.
TheSSGCorrin chapter 39 . 7/23
And here I thought you were memeing when you shared the "...well, that's uh, something." Author's note... Also, why do I have a bad feeling that third vision Shuri saw is gonna happen a lot sooner than the other two? Regardless, every single part of this chapter was done perfectly! Amazing job as always!
ZeroEnchiladas chapter 39 . 7/23




Yep. Yep! I figured this might be coming eventually but man was I not prepared for it! If there's one thing I'm usually never prepared for it's the foreshadowing you do as well as the flashbacks despite the slow buildup to them! So good job on that part!

Uh not much else to say than... jeeeeez. Real good chapter, looking forward to next time!

Not much to say but uh... oh jeez next time is looking very rough for everyone involved.
TheSSGCorrin chapter 38 . 6/11
Honestly, I like the change to Akira and Hibiki's relationship in X2 (At the expense of Rui blaming herself for the former leaving, but sometimes you gotta take the good with the bad...)

All in all, amazing job as always with this chapter!
ZeroEnchiladas chapter 38 . 6/11
Oh yeah, that's a big change, a big change alright.

I do like this though because it does give both Hibiki and Rui equal focus in terms of the current season by shifting the parental issues towards Rui mostly. And it's honestly a lot more understandable as to why Akira left here. Poor Rui's going to be going through a lot though, I'm sure of it, and I'm wondering if she'll be able to get out easily given her attitude towards herself even with everyone trying to show their concern and support.

Good stuff, good stuff indeed.
TheSSGCorrin chapter 37 . 5/14
I won't lie, I was not expecting either of the interactions with Akira Tachibana to go as they did in this chapter. Not to mention the extended rage of Berserk Maria vs Rui and Shuri. All in all, amazing job as always!
ZeroEnchiladas chapter 37 . 5/14
Oh you know this was a really nice breather beach fun time episode, and of course Maia would do swimsuit rating... but yeah! This is good, Maria pulled a Kamen Rider Jeanne (or is that the other way around? lol) and beat Garie. Some nice old fun-


I raised an eyebrow during the first scene with "mystery man" because I was 99% sure it played out entirely different in canon. And then you hit me with the wham at the end of "Oh yeah no, things are absolutely different than canon" and I am over here losing my mind because I was not expecting this curveball?!

Well done good author!
TheSSGCorrin chapter 36 . 4/23
Not gonna lie, that was really cool seeing the more brutal mental scenes from Maia and Shuri's perspectives with the first attempt at activating Ignite. But let's not take our eyes away from the bigger revelation on a certain Yukine. :)
Amazing job as always!
ZeroEnchiladas chapter 36 . 4/23
It'll always be fun to see what Rui comes up with when it comes to referencing Rider Attacks. Also Rui and Hibiki doing a double Rider Kick at the end? *chefs kiss* Really good!

That being said, nice to see some more insight on both Maia and Shuri when it came to those Ignite scenes. Shuri's scene definitely makes me curious, that's for sure.
ZeroEnchiladas chapter 35 . 4/2
Ah yes, Spinning Wheel, an excellent choice for a big moment like that.

Always nice to get some more depth on Maia and Rui's backstories, and now you've got me curious now that you've said first half for Rui.

That being said, next chapter looks to be exciting and I can't wait!
TheSSGCorrin chapter 35 . 4/2
Well, I think it's safe to say Garie's got a grudge towards a certain someone now for that beatdown in the beginning XD. As for the rest of the chapter, it was nice to get a look into Rui's backstory, Maia's view on Yatsuhiro (both of which I'm equal parts concerned and intrigued to find out more of in future chapters), and seeing that the SOUL agents now have access to the Relic Battle modes without needing the actual relic (assuming that's what's going on here).

All in all, Nice job!
TheSSGCorrin chapter 34 . 3/5
This chapter easily summarizes why I love this fic so much: You can have Maia's comedic antics one moment and then smoothly transition to Rui just going feral. Amazing chapter as always!
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