Reviews for Righting Past Wrongs
Katzztar chapter 13 . 5/26
Nice to see young Harry make more friends and branch out.

Hmm wonder what's gotten up Hermione's nose. It's not her teaming up & agreeing with Percy as they did in past-future since Percy is still in school.
And it's not the old fanfic fave of Hermione working/spying for Dumbles to hamstring Harry, as Dumbledore is rather nice here. Sure he has his manipulations but it's actually reasonable and not hostile.

Maybe it's the classic "I'm the best student, how dare you show me up by being top student/getting top grade!" snit Hermione gets into. And yes that's canon. There's at least 2 times she's done this. I think it's early in the series Neville got top spot in Herbology and Hermione refused to talk to him for rest of the day.
Then the one we all remember from 6th book when Harry used that potion book and was getting higher grades than Hermione, so she went b1tch mode.
Jostanos chapter 21 . 5/11
You're welcome. This was a fantastic story that was also a joy to read and review.

I don't know if you have a sequel for this yet, but when you do I am going to read and review it!

*chuckles warmly* Chances are that I may already have and I just don't remember since it has been so long.
SupermanSoul chapter 21 . 4/18
thank you for this story! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!
GreedElff chapter 21 . 4/16
Thanks for sharing with us this story. I am looking forward to reading a sequel whenever it is available.
The Morphin' Physic4ist chapter 9 . 2/18
I struggled to get this far. The fundamental idea seemed pretty good to me and I can forgive some of the bad grammar - we all make mistakes - but 80% of the text is info dump after info dump after info dump. Long term lovers and now married couple Harry and Ginny monologuing pages of backstory at each other. Page after page of text describing new anti-bullying measures at Hogwarts or completely mundane student medicals or quidditch tryouts or new Hogwarts staff procedures or changes to the prefects duties or more backstory of other characters. This story is classified as Romance/Adventure. So far, 40% through the story, no sign of the romance or adventure.

I've given up at this point.
Jbrowne26 chapter 7 . 2/3
Curiousdoes Hedwig recognize Harold as an older version if Harry?
god eater chapter 6 . 1/11
it's really annoying isnt it to write older harry over and over againn when you could just write his new name. as if we wouldnt who's who in this timeline lmfao you were doing yourself a disservice by doing so. you wroote the damn, at least make it easier for yourself
god eater chapter 3 . 1/11
i wish you added a sweet moment here where there is an added hug from both men. if this dumbledore was a good man in harry's eyes, then something to bring this chapter together is something of a wholesome gesture like a hug and a few tears. i know dumbledore is a sentimental old fool and he would have been happy that harry is actively trying to change the society dumbledore has been trying to change for decades.
Z-Zen1 chapter 21 . 1/2
This was great (as are all your stories that I've read so far) and it was a nice change of pace from the typical Evil Dumbles and Love Potion Ginny tropes, as much as I love them.

The only thing that negatively really stuck out to me was the overenthusiastic descriptions of each room of the house and the whole dancing portion.

In response to other reviews; while the ending does feel abrupt at first, I do feel that it makes sense. Not everything has been solved, but everything is on the right track.
aemilyl24 chapter 21 . 12/11/2023
This was so good! I notice you say you plan for a sequel, but I don't see anything under your stories quite yet. I do hope you'll continue it at some point! I love older Harry/Ginny and how much school-aged Harry has grown. Anyhow, hope there will be a sequel at some point, I'll read it if it ever happens :)
edwards-sparrow chapter 21 . 10/26/2023
when are you doing the sequel I LOVED THIS
Corwyn chapter 21 . 7/28/2023
An excellent story. Thank you for sharing it with us.
FairyofProtection chapter 18 . 6/16/2023
But Percy didn't take all of the electives Hermione. I she dumb or just plainly stupid? Because she's annoying me heavily
FairyofProtection chapter 13 . 6/16/2023
Pardon She said what?! HERMIONE JEAN GRANGER COME HERE NOW! YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THAT SPORT IS FOR HIM. Last year your were so happy for jim, and supported him more than Ronald, but now? you are acting like Ronald. I am ashamed to be related to you
FairyofProtection chapter 12 . 6/16/2023
Hermione seriously needed to learn to listen better to her teachers if she is so big on authority figures
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