Reviews for The Flip of a Coin
Death Fury chapter 68 . 20h
Excellent chapter
Guest chapter 68 . 9/25
I totally want to see more of this. And I would not be opposed to you doing a few spin offs based on the other options he had available throughout the story. Definitely one of the best gamer fics yet
Reader0404 chapter 68 . 9/21
Another great chapter, great to see the story progress into your own version of what seems to be book 3. This sort of reminds me of the plot of “solo leveling” because it too has an mastermind named “the architect”. Also, thanks for responding to my last review, I love the people you’ve casted as your characters ESPECIALLY Thalia.

I know this isn’t a Perlia fanfic, but she’s my favorite character and it’s my favorite pairing, I also love Sasha Calle (she nailed that supergirl role) and can absolutely see Thalia being played by her. You have your hands full with the stories you’re working on now, but damn I’d love a Perlia story from you with how you write and depict the both of them. (Here’s to hoping for a story from you in 2025 lmao)

Joking aside, keep it up, I look forward to the next one.
Xzyxx chapter 17 . 9/19
What are the stats that come with the eye? This is my first time reading through it and other than 'busted' I've not seen any stats for it.
Guest chapter 9 . 9/12
Enjoying this so far and I'm a fan of the Artemis x Percy pairing and that I'll be looking forwards to more interactions between them in the future.
LoveLifeForever chapter 4 . 9/14
Obviously you won't edit it at this point, but I do have a question. Why do Gamer stories even include Luck in the Attributes? It never changes and honestly it's pretty much ignored. Could they use Stat points to improve the only Stat that is impossible to level up through hard work? Yes. But I have never, and I do mean NEVER, seen a single story do it. And most don't even seem to pay attention to it. So I reiterate, what is the point of Luck? It's like the coccyx of Gamer stories.

Would you kindly share your thoughts on this?
Mike chapter 68 . 9/12
I really liked the conversation between Percy and Artemis in the end. Bro give us something spicy for chapter 69 ;)
ArachnidHiveMind chapter 27 . 9/14
So like, Pillar of Fire is supposed to be this massively powerful spell he can only use once or twice a year, why the FRICK did he use it as a finisher spell for an already downed mid-tier-at-best opponent? Like, its not even like a downed god or Titan that could get back up and be super dangerous, it was a down and twitching minotaur.
TheFiction101 chapter 68 . 9/13
Awesome Chapter best fic on the site
zilla boi chapter 68 . 9/13
Good to know I hope Artemis is somewhat similar to Daylily by daz171 version of Artemis I really enjoy his story
ArachnidHiveMind chapter 23 . 9/13
I read Road to Tranquility a long time ago, and was like “this is super familiar but idk how” vibes
Garfungo chapter 68 . 9/12
I like where the story is heading. Im excited to see more of Artemis and Percy. I like the fact that Artemis HAS explored a man as an option. Im excited to see where you take it from here. Hopefully a faster update as im addicted to this fic!
Noctis Lucius Caelum chapter 68 . 9/12
I know you've heard this before, but man am I bummed out that the main pairing is with Artemis of all people. I have my reasons for this, not least of which how it portrays Percy as some kind of *special* man that ticks all of Artemis's overblown requirement boxes, Or how he's different from the rest. Along with other issues I'm not going to bring up... Such as her glaring lack of tits, kek.

But hey, it's your story, man. If that's how you want to play it, cool. I still like your story and look forward to the next chapter, but I'll no longer look for the romance aspect. Aphrodite was a lost cause, I get that. But I was kinda hoping for, I don't know, maybe Hera? Zeus can eat a wet sock, and it's not NTR if the other guy is man-whore and rapist.

I'm hoping for more action scenes, and maybe finally reach the point where Percy can tango with the real big names.

And maybe give Persephone another visit.
Robotdocter chapter 68 . 9/12
first off, love the Nereus portion from this and the last chapter, was wondering if he realized it was Percy or if he was scared of his appearance for another reason and it seems i missed something which made a lot of things make a lot more sense XD

Love the back and forth with Percy and Artemis too, hopefully they can help each other move on better.

Your other story "The Lord of Time" has a really great start imo, i completely didnt realize it was you who posted it til after i read and i think reviewed lol, i lovew the pairing and the concept, cant wait to see more from it :O

Also, since you recommend "A Cadmean Victory", would you recommend its remaster as well? i understand its the same artist but im wondering if (if you have read both) you would recommend to just read the original, the remaster or both? you might not even see this but i do like the sound of that fic from the summary but 100 chapters is a lot and i wanna know if i should read both or either lol

all in all great update, cant wait for more from you :D
TomorrowCarpe Diem chapter 68 . 9/11
Nice update, am very excited for the next chapter
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