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PelirrojaBiu chapter 20 . 9/1/2020
This was everything I could hope for and more. I loved every word, especially when Gil wipes his hands on her skirts, lol. And is it just me or are the phrases “I want to be your husband. I long for you to be my wifeso much sexier than “will you marry me”? I don’t know, I found it hot as hell. And I loved the reference to the Redmond Diaries at the end!
Regina chapter 21 . 9/1/2020
A co worker elbowed me and I accidentally sent my other review below before it was complete.
It’s a compliment to your writing skills when your characters remind me of people I know because they are realistic portraits so do forgive me for my reminisces.
I wasn’t immediately taken with this particular version of Anne early on but I grew to like her very much.
I am so, so grateful that there weren’t any dramatic near death scenarios here and that I followed this story after all despite my initiate hesitancy with the typhoid storyline.

As an Irish Catholic I was nervous that Mercy would be a caricature but that was not the case. I’m glad she did redeem herself in your story and become a mentor to Anne.

It was so brilliant to have Anne sneak into Gil’s bedroom instead of the other way around.
(Here’s hoping she does the same at Redmond.)
I don’t know if your story will continue on but I’d love to see how Christine and Roy fare as a couple too.

My childhood next door neighbor was a family doctor whose practice was on the 1st floor. His wife was his nurse and they lived on the top two floors. I have wondered why no one had ever portrayed Anne as a nurse in fanfic, so bravo to you, Kwak for going there.
Guest chapter 21 . 9/1/2020
In typical Kwakian fashion this was a sexually charged chapter which was worth the wait. I just John reminds of a guy I once dated so I have mixed feelings about him. My bd was rugged, outdoorsy and with strong opinions of how a “real man “ should be. I was pleasantly surprised that he was a fan of the Arthurian legends which is why the 1st time we were intimate was in the middle of watching Excalibur at my place. (Macho man still lived with his mom.)
The best memory I have with him was of seeing Robert Goulet in Camelot. (He originated the role of Lancelot opposite Julie Andrews but was now in the King Arthur role.) There was a moving, circular stage so the actors would make their stage exits up the aisle near us and whenever Goulet passed by he would mutter wry comments which weren’t in character but very funny.
My bf was muscular, proud of his deep tan (which only made me look paler) and his active libido but after awhile he was too much testosterone for me. And I still haven’t seen the rest of Excalibur.

this day I still haven’t watched the rest of Excalibur nor do I care too.
Guest chapter 21 . 9/1/2020
Oh I love Anne being a nurse. You always come up with such interesting twists on their future. I especially love that they'll be in Kingsport together for three years instead of apart. Are you sure you can't write more of this story, kwak, we'd love to see them at Redmond together, working and dreaming and trying to fight temptation..:) How do you make small things so hot, Gilbert kissing Anne's arms and hands and making her pant(!) and of course almost bringing himself to climax. Maybe someone should give emma a swift kick to the shin this time, locking her adult son in his room just so she can bang her husband in the barn!
Guest chapter 21 . 8/31/2020
Another sweet, sweet chapter I love Anne studying to be a nurse! Then she can work with Gilbert when they get married :)
Formerly known as J chapter 21 . 8/31/2020
Oh my freaking gawd! Didn't I just ADORE Gilbert buttoning up his jacket around Anne's shoulders, assuring her that he's well now? And then you go and top it by having him remove his shirt altogether and dunk it in the pond. Anne wasn't the only one getting hot at that moment! Just when I thought I couldn't love him any more, he goes and ducks under the water when he sees Davy approaching. Speaking of which, I just love how you write that boy, with his 'oh hey there, Gilbert' - he's hilarious.

More hilarity when Gilbert busts his parents in the barn. Hahaha I loved it! And I do love me a bit of John Blythe wrestling with the violent protuberance in his trousers. Yikes! That man is hawwwt!

Speaking of hot, Gilbert Blythe recalling his day with Anne and then trying NOT to think about his girl while he's alone in his room? Even when he's engorged and aching. Argh! Only you would think up such a thing, kwaks, and only you could make it so delicious and real. I LOVED Anne shimmying up the verandah and climbing into his window just when he whispered her name and groaned into his pillow. No wonder he fell out of bed when he saw her there! I loved him saying he had to take her home while running his tongue along her skin. Mmmmmm, that boy!

You know I loved all the little refs to Maud at the end, but seriously. Anne and Gilbert spending their engagement together at Redmond? You must KNOW I want to read that! Desperately! Now, you've dangled that little teaser, I absolutely MUST read about the next three years with Anne training to be a nurse at Redmond while Gilbert is at medical school. It's perfect! Please, please, please tell me will you write that story, kwaky? Pretty please?

Too many faves to pick just one line. But know I loved the whole freaking thing, kwaky. :)
Delight chapter 21 . 8/31/2020
I love your writing love all your stories
Would love to read about Anne and Gill together at Redmond this is a real treat pick me up
Denie1943 chapter 21 . 8/31/2020
Oh...this Anne girl is HOT! Thanks for sharing! Stay well!
CharlotteWarren chapter 21 . 8/31/2020
Perfect. *happy sigh*
Catiegirl chapter 21 . 8/31/2020
Brilliantly done! So enjoyable (and the older Blythes in the barn... I do love how you write that man!) and I positively cheered at Anne doing something off the beaten path, I love it! Of course she will be a brilliant nurse. And to keep them together for the three years is swoon-worthy enough on its own. When I need a breath of fresh air your writing never fails to give it- love what you do, and as long as you ’do’ I’ll be there to read it.
Biscottis chapter 21 . 8/31/2020
I am so enjoying this absolutely brilliant can’t wait to find out what happens when Anne and Hill both go back to Redmond I bet there’s lots of shenanigans
Guest chapter 21 . 8/31/2020
Love the idea of Anne becoming a nite and going back to Redmond with Gilbert would love to read that as a fanfic
Don’t think it’s been done before
Absolutely love this Thank you for writing
Kitty chapter 21 . 8/31/2020
John Blythe in the barn with his wife ohhhh
AdeptatHumanError chapter 21 . 8/30/2020
Oh, no! It's almost over and and it's just getting so good. Now my mind is racing over the possibilities of encounters at Redmond! Why does it have to end here? Haha! By the way, I love the idea of Anne as a nurse.

Love the throwbacks to the original books, too!

Thanks for the update. 3
Regina56 chapter 21 . 8/30/2020
Oh, that was so sweet, Kwak. Once again you caught me while I was switching between hockey and baseball on tv but I just had to give this a quick read.
I loved the surprise ending but I really shouldn’t be as I was hoping someone in Fever Dreams would get the nursing inclination. It’s funny because a young nurse told me the other day she never considered nursing until she cared for her ailing grandfather. I hear that sort of thing a lot.

I see myself as a combo of Anne and Christine in that I love the arts and stepping out but I also find deep fulfillment in helping people.
I was hoping Christine would discover that as well but it’s ok. At least Mercy came through for me.
I need to reread this when I’m not distracted and give a better review but I thought this was a brilliant conclusion although I am a little sad it’s almost over partly because I’ll miss you.

Take care!
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