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Guest chapter 20 . 8/28/2020
Yay I'm so happy right now! At last, they've told each other how they feel and all the kissing! I hope you write lots more of their joy I can't wait to find out what happens next
wishwars chapter 20 . 8/28/2020
Awwwwww finally!
Guest chapter 20 . 8/28/2020
Absolutely brilliant
More please
Favourite fanfic at present
Formerly known as J chapter 20 . 8/27/2020
I'm loving our Anne still trying to make a queenly dignified exit, even dripping wet and covered in mud. I could just see her dragging herself away from him and that graceless flop to the ground with that silken whirlpool swirling in her belly. Oohh err, I bet she did! Then Gilbert with his wet shirt clinging to his chest landing beside her in the reeds. Wowsers. Just that gorgeous picture alone, kwaks, would have made this chapter worth reading. And that's just the first few paragraphs. How do you do that? Seriously, how?

And is there anything hotter than these two arguing with each other? Especially in clinging wet clothes and water dripping everywhere. Loved Anne tossing boots at his handsome head and Gilbert nonchalantly flinging it aside. I loved how cranky they both get with each other and there was something about Gilbert wiping his hand on her skirt that was just so hot. But when he caught her wrist and tugged her to land on top of his heaving chest, rrrrrrrrrr! Ooohh, that was so good!

I adored this straight talking Gilbert, telling her about Chris and Roy, despite his earlier well-laid plan to break it to her gently. Most of all, I loved Anne's sympathy for him in that moment, and how she worried about HIS feelings, not her own. Argh! That said so much about our girl, and how much she loves him. Man, I love these two so much! Next, while he was in a straight-talking mood, I adored Gilbert fearlessly confessing his feelings, not wanting any more confusion between them.

Now for the fierce, desperate, wet and muddy kissing. Aaahhh! Soooo goood! It had all the heat and passion that I could ask for. How satisfying, after all this fevered torture, that they should share their first kiss by that pond. Surely THIS is the ending we all wanted for them way back in AoGG! It was perfect and swoonworthy and so, so hot. I'm secretly hoping you might have a little more than a couple of chapters of this left, kwaky, bc I don't ever want this story to end. Gah!

Fave line: Anne in the desolation of his silence still begging for his friendship. I love her!
Next fave: Gilbert's outraged "this is what you think of me?" speech after he's flung his jacket to the ground in disgust. So hot.
Then of course: "No, Anne, I don't want to be friends." Argh!
Lavinia Maxwell chapter 20 . 8/27/2020
My heart stopped when Gil said, "I don't want to be friends." I thought for sure that Gilbert was going to walk away. I read "He reach around her waist" I had to read the sentence again to comprehend what was happening! I was as surprised, as Anne ;)
It was a beautiful chapter. I loved every bit of it! Looking forward to the last two chapters.
Guest chapter 20 . 8/27/2020
I can never get enough of reading about Anne and Gilbert getting together, especially when it's written by you. Funny, touching and covered in mud! I can't wait to see Emma's reaction, given how wrong she was about everything (not that I would ever say that to her face. I don't want a kick in the shins!) and yes please I hope we get some sexy times.
CharlotteWarren chapter 20 . 8/25/2020
Ahhhh! My heart! Thank you for updating.
Denie1943 chapter 20 . 8/25/2020
It took a while to get here and this was grand. Now i'm hopeful that you might spend just as much time with their discovery and happiness. I can hardly wait. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
PelirrojaBiu chapter 19 . 8/25/2020
Congrats on the new job! I hope these two idiots don't catch a cold right before going to Redmond/Summerside. Anne's doubts about taking the job are hmmm, interesting! You write Diana so well, and Davy, too! I laughed so hard at him offering Gil his knife, as if he was doing him a favour. The scene at the lake was scorching hot, I can't wait to read more.
Grateful fan chapter 20 . 8/24/2020
caprubia chapter 20 . 8/24/2020
Barefoot, covered in mud, and professing love? I can't imagine a more perfect moment for this story! I love that it was such a passionate moment full of emotions and almost heartbreak. It was so different than I expected but utterly perfect.

My heart stopped when I thought that they weren't going to admit their feelings for a moment.

I also loved the little details you scattered throughout the chapter - Anne had tried to get her hairpiece back, Gilbert smearing mud all over her dress to get her attention, her accusing him of trying to be her warming stone, etc.

I can't believe that we get TWO more chapters! I'll take a million more of this incarnation of Anne and Gil but am so, so glad that you didn't end it now. I can't wait to see the reactions when Anne gets back covered in mud like when she and Diana chased not-Dolly around in the field.
Guest chapter 20 . 8/24/2020
I’ve read a lot of your fanfic and Fever Dreams in my favorite! I’m sorry to see it end but so glad that Gilbert and Anne are getting their HEA!
Guest chapter 20 . 8/24/2020
Oh my goodness yes! Finally! I love that they finally got together in the same place he rescued her all those years ago. Only two chapters left? Nooooo. I hope anne ditches summerside to go to kingsport with her man. I hope they run into Roy and Christine lol.
AdeptatHumanError chapter 20 . 8/24/2020
Yay! What a pleasant surprise. Loved their back and forth, loved their indignation and loved the tumbling kisses! How poetic that Gil got to turn the tables on Anne, but so like Gil to not be able to do it for long. I'm so jazzed we get more of them together but so bummed the ride's almost over. Looking forward to seeing the Blythes' reaction and Marilla's...and Diana's...and...more sexy time...and more...can this story just go on forever? Haha! Thanks for delighting us with a other fun "what if."
NathalieV chapter 20 . 8/24/2020
Yes! Finaly the kiss! Thank you!
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