Reviews for Game of Thrones season 8 redone: The Final War
sv21075 chapter 27 . 10/21/2020
Well, this was most certainly a surprise. After having waited a couple of months for the last chapters, here's the first, with the last coming up really soon. Well done, Jon finally takes the throne he deserved to have, with Jaime as Hand. Yes, the tag team we should have gotten has finally happened. And Tyrion meets his long-lost son Gerry, and reunites with Tysha, who I really hope has not married into the almost-extinct House Reyne, but is actually the sole survivor of her House. I loved the pacing of the story, the characters' interactions and the touch of humor you used within it. (Tyrion correcting himself upon calling the table a door, and Jaime having to endure bring called Lannshirter.) Can't wait for the last chapter and the upcoming sequel. Until then, see you next time.
HAEVs Sha chapter 26 . 9/28/2020
sv21075 chapter 26 . 7/5/2020
Beautiful chapter dealing with the bittersweet aftermath of the Second Battle for the Dawn. This is how I feel season 8 should have dealt with the victory against the Night King. Poor Sam loses an arm, but at least he and Gilly can look forward to having a child together. And I see you've finally named the sequel. Wonderful! Looking forward to it.
Anthony Appleyard chapter 24 . 7/4/2020
Good story. Much better than the TV series version. Please supply Episode 26 (presumably the dénouement)

It looks like Jon at the end is changed back from wight to living man; how many others are?

Please also bring Drogon and Viserion back to life as living dragons; please of them let at least one be male and at least one be female, so they can breed.
Anthony Appleyard chapter 25 . 7/4/2020
An Episode 26 would be useful, explaining how the physical and political mess left by the war was tidied up, and who ended up ruling over what, and suchlike. I.e. a denoument. And, is the dragon Rhaegal still alive?
A Random Earthian chapter 25 . 7/2/2020
Quite a bit of cunning from Bran there. Really good chapter!
sv21075 chapter 25 . 7/2/2020
Great job on keeping me and the readers on the edge of my seat. You have truly exceeded yourself as a writer with the final battle POVs. Jaime motivating the men who wanted to desert, Sandor facing off against Gregor. I was worried about Arya twice throughout the chapter as I thought Gregor would give her the same treatment as Oberyn and that the wights would feast upon Arya, or take turns killing her. As for the final moments, I really liked how it all played out, and really hope Jon takes the Iron Throne in the next episode. No backing down on his part this time! Anyways can't wait to see how you wrap things up. Until then see you next time. Bye!
Vbielak chapter 9 . 6/29/2020
Randomrandom1 chapter 24 . 6/27/2020
Hmmmm. It would be hard to accurately predict what shall happen. However, I do believe that Duncan has something to do with the finale. I believe you brought him into the story for a reason. Perhaps he and Mel are in a team: after all, it was Duncan who gave Jon Lightbringer. Perhaps, after being in close proximity of the blade, he became closer with the Lord of The Light/Melisandre.

Really looking forward to the next chapter!
A Random Earthian chapter 24 . 6/21/2020
I don't suppose you'll tell who you will keep alive? *prays for an answer*
A Random Earthian chapter 23 . 6/18/2020
Well, things doesn't look nice for the living troops. I can't wait to see how and thanks to what the tide will turn.
Wasn't there something about Jon Snow being 'The Prince That Was Promised' (kinda like a savior) in the serie? Apparently it was in the books (I never watched the serie and only saw the first half of the first book so I wouldn't know). If there is then isn't there a way for Jon Snow to stay alive?

I can't wait to see the next chapter.
sv21075 chapter 22 . 6/15/2020
DAMN IT, YOU BASTARD! Why did Jon have to die? WHY?! Now thanks to you, the living are screwed. There is no going back from this point. And now it looks like Sam is going to die as well, after knowing Jon was a goner.

...sighs then a smile forms on my face.

THAT. WAS. BRILLIANT! Great chapter, you had me on the edge of my seat (or in this case, bed, since it's almost 11 on my side of the planet). THIS is EXACTLY what I was wanting from Jon's battle with the Others, I was already picturing it in my head. And when Jon called Lightbringer to his head, it gave me Star Wars and Endgame vibes, I was hoping for him to take out that ice-cold bastard, but no, he ended up getting stabbed... again, by his former fellow comrades. I still had a little bit of hope that Jon would kill the Night King when he said he would never succeed along the lines of Tony Stark's "And I... Am... Iron Man (snap)" before he ended up getting killed by Dany. Well RIP Jon Snow, born as Aegon Targaryen VI, rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms, the Bastard of Winterfell, the man who knows nothing, former Lord Commander, former King of the North. Sorry I've ran out of titles for him. Good job, although I'll need to recover from all that. Until then, good night and see you next time.
Lillian81 chapter 22 . 6/15/2020
Oh my god. You’re not bringing her back? Noooooooooo. Oh my god.
And what a horrible way for Jon to go. Oh my god. Oh my god.
I’m not sure I can read this anymore. I just want Jon and Dany to be happy. Imma going to go cry a bit and then read something super fluffy and happy.
Lillian81 chapter 21 . 6/12/2020
Oh my god Dany! Please say she gets brought back! Oh my god.
sv21075 chapter 21 . 6/12/2020
NOOOO! DAMN, YOU NIGHT KING. (And rest in peace, Dany and Drogon (and Wight! Viserion), even though I was pissed at the former for trying to kill Jon. It's good to see Brienne and Arya finally getting in on the action, and it looks as though Arya is set to kill the Night King... again, although I have a bad feeling the Night King will be one step ahead of her this time. Well congratulations, that was an excellent chapter and congrats to Jon for officially being the new heir apparent to the Iron Throne, if it's still standing. He deserves it, after everything he's been through. I just hope however he doesn't say, "I don't want it." If that's the case, hopefully Jaime will slap him and give him a pep talk on why he's the best choice to rule. Although I'm glad, sort of, that "She's my queen" is no longer part of his vocabulary anymore. Anyhoo, great chapter and can't wait for the next chapter.
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