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Chronus1326 chapter 10 . 1/19
This was a great chapter, thank you. Im enjoying this story very much!
Guest chapter 10 . 1/19
Great story can’t wait for the next update
Bluesnowman chapter 10 . 1/19
Awesome updates.
XxWildHeartXIIIxX chapter 10 . 1/19
Nice chapter, glad to see you are still working on this story. Keep it up
predator1701 chapter 10 . 1/18
Loving the rewrite. Anyway, counter the other reviewer who didn't do any research or is really biased.

While the shields are shown to be away from the hull in the codex, all scenes in the games have shown them to be skin-tight likely one meter away from the hull.

Next, he or she failed to note that shockwaves are indeed a thing in space. The air inside a spacecraft will still extend albeit briefly, space is not empty and thus shockwaves from stars and planets will still cause a lot of damage through radiation and debris. Case and point Apollo 17 got hit with a solar flare and had it not been for the shielding in the craft the astronauts would have been cooked.

Next, trying to salvage as much data as possible with all the knowledge earth has within minutes just isn't possible. Thankfully the 304s and Atlantis did have an enormous amount of stuff from Earth's internet as well as the data on all military projects which were and are more advanced than the civilian sector anyway.

After all the SGC did have several backups. Now did they download all movies and shows ever made, Most likely not but all the needed knowledge of construction, food, weapons, and survival was saved.

So while they won't be eating cows anytime soon and any movies and games that were recovered are worth a lot. They still have enough knowledge and experts to survive.

As for SG being the good guy, well anyone who says they've never been angry is lying. Nobody is perfect and learning from mistakes is what we do.

As Kirk once said, the risk is our business, that's why we're aboard her. Curiosity is a fundamental trait of all living things. So while the Ori and Wraith were Earth's fault, unlike some people they actually took full responsibility for their mistakes and learned from them, even fixed them.

The Quarians were quite forthcoming in the series if I recall anything it was the other races that didn't care for them and thus outside of their fleet security, they were quite sociable.

Still, he does have one point, the radiation from hyperspace exits will be noticed. however, this is easily eliminated by doing so from a distance. ME sensors don't have long-range capability.

Which you already took into account when the Apollo dropped out well out of range of the colony's sensors.

As for espionage, well, to be frank, the fact is people including the STG leave the quarians alone. Plus even if they did know about the Tau'ri the fact is because they are well outside the mass relay network, so ships can't reach them.

Okay as for my opinion on this chapter 8, I must say well done. Novus is a nice name though I hope those on Atlantis still adopt the moniker of Tau'ri.

As for exploration, there is still a great deal of the planet's surface they can explore, assuming it is similar if not a little bit larger than Earth then that is going to take some time to explore properly.

As for Eezo an idea would be to create some form of barrel shroud or muzzle brake that has eezo in it to boost existing bullets to incredible speeds. If this works then the greater mass of the 5.56 traveling at hypersonic speeds will produce just as much damage as standard ME weaponry.

They can also use it to upgrade their railguns increasing the velocity exponentially.

Handheld energy weapons are great but have a massive flaw in that they give away one's exact position. They are cool but bullets don't leave a flash and thus put a bullseye on one's head.

For the recorded the big flash you see in shows are blanks. actually, bullets don't produce such a large fireball unless the barrel has been cut down or it's low light.

Now since Naquada and Trinium don't exist in this universe it means the tau'ri will need to begin the construction of a Dyson swarm. Using a blue giant, they can harness enough energy to synthesize trinium and Naquada as well as the more volatile Naquadria.

After all, these are critical elements in the technology they use so using Dyson swarms to create said resources would be extremely vital for future projects. Though supposedly Atlantis does have the facilities to manufacture ZPMs. This would make sense since the city served as an ark.

As such it is just a matter of time before the Tau'ri finally discovers these facilities.

Though when looking into Eezo, it occurred to me that due to its rarity and odd makeup. I don't think it can be synthesized at all. So instead what they should do is find an astroid loaded with this stuff near a pulsar and tractor it into their new home system.

This can be quickly done since Tau'ri ships are way better shielded and thus shouldn't have any trouble. Plus this would give them something to use as currency.

The next thing is to establish a dialogue with the Geth. Odds are the ships that went missing likely provoked the Geth and got destroyed. After all the Geth have proven time and again to be non-hostile unless provoked. At least the main Geth, can't say the same for the heretics.

Next is population, with food becoming less of an issue it means now is the time to start popping out babies. Since it's clear the Tau'ri are well on the way to becoming a military-centric society. After all, it is a proven fact that an armed society is a polite one.

Plus they are the Fifth race and their job is to keep the peace.

Though while it is likely in this case arms training will be part of schools as well as an inalienable right. It will be some time before they have their own manufacturing plants.

Next would be to upgrade the railguns on the 304s with eezo enhancements as well as make torpedos that are more akin to those used in the expanse series.

Heck, a corvette like the Roci would be perfect for this as it is small, stealthy, and ideal for reconnaissance.

Also, it appears New Rivers has got a new ally.

It's clear that despite everything he saw Rollin is smart enough to know that the technology he saw wasn't for sale. However, despite that, he knows having access to an incredibly powerful ally and trading partner will enable him to free his people from the Asari company.

Of course after the lengthy or short debrief. Since O'Neill would have made the same decision. O'Neill will likely reiterate the prime directive he had a hand in creating which is to never trade anything the other races aren't ready for or could be used against them.

Of course, since Shephard decided to play the only one-ship card it means the Apollo will likely be doing weekly or monthly trade stops at New Rivers which will add a substantial boom to the Tau'ri and Quarian economy. As well as New Rivers, though it would be a good idea to build a dedicated cargo ship or at least buy one.

Speaking of which perhaps they could finally upgrade the 304's biggest fault which is its life support systems. after all, that is the main reason why the 650meter long giant can carry so much cargo. It has a crew complement less than that of similar-sized Alliance and Turian cruisers.

As for the batarian torpedos, those likely wouldn't have done anything to the ship. Since the Reapers possess the most powerful weapons in ME. Still, it's clear the tracking software for the rail guns has been upgraded to deal with incoming projectiles and a small craft just like their phalanx counterparts.

Though I can see UV laser defense systems being added later on top of the ship's hanger bays to add an extra layer of defense.

Eventually, when they get a shipyard up and running, outside of Corvettes. Additional MK2 BC-304s would need to be built. The reason being is that the Tau'ri don't have the numbers to crew Battleship-sized vessels and the multi-mission capabilities of the BC-304s make them the most capable ships out there.

As for the Asari that caused all the fuss. Either they are a specter, or they are working for the company determined to get Rollan out. I would also bet the area the company wants to be mined has Prothean technology in it.

Actually when push comes to shove the Tau'ri can use that as an explanation for why their ship is so advanced. They stumbled upon a large cache of Prothean tech and used it to survive by building a ship incorporating all of it.

As for the Batarians well, as long as they enslave each other then fine but anyone else and well unlike the Alliance and turians the Tau'ri can easily have a couple of astroids say high to the batarian homeworld.

I'm looking forward to more and glad you haven't abandoned this incredible story but instead have continued to refine it and rewrite it into something truly amazing. Seriously I was glued to my seat in suspense and the character development they all felt so real.

Anyway, glad you're back, thank you and stay healthy
kitten198485 chapter 10 . 1/18
oh god i thought this story was dead :) thank you for updating and interesting battle scene. So much for keeping their tech secret huh?
kossboss chapter 10 . 1/18
Great chapter!
MythicalParadox chapter 10 . 1/18
Thank you for updating. I've been on a Stargate/Crossover kick lately, and I think I reread this story like 4 times already. I really wish you didn't delete your older stories since they were still very good in my opinion, even if they were abandoned. Can't wait for the next chapters.
Mark1 chapter 10 . 1/18
Glad you are back. Thank you for this chapter, please update again soon.
pj6778457 chapter 10 . 1/18
Can’t wait when Commander Sheppard meets Colonial Sheppard
Fyr RedNight chapter 10 . 1/18
Brilliant work on the last couple of chapters!

The exploration of the colony plus the battle for it really felt like a good old Atlantis episode with elements of Mass Effect sprinkled in it, so great job with that!
TorstenL chapter 10 . 1/18
Good Chapter!*Thumbs Up!*
I am Happy that your are back writing, this fanfic.
Hope to read more soon.
clonezero chapter 10 . 1/17
Been a while! Nice to see this update and its good that the SG people are finally going out into the wider galaxy
douchiesnacks chapter 10 . 1/17
I'm very glad to see that this fic has been updated!
stars90 chapter 10 . 1/17
Yeah, it's always Sheppard, isn't it?
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