Reviews for What's a Gungan?
Jake chapter 4 . 9/21
You're "only talking about the movies', eh? You know that there were ten years in between Ep I and Ep II and you believe that ten years of being slowly manipulated by Palpatine and constant worry for his mother should have made Anakin become a perfectly balanced Super-Jedi? Yeah, right. And then only a single event at the end of the Clone Wars should have suddenly made him utterly evil? With the horrors of the wars playing no role at all? Yeah, right. But it wasn't in the movies, so you don't know it and can just pretend it never happened. And you forgot about what happened with his mother and the Tuskens in Ep II, didn't you? Or did you decide that a Super-Jedi should have been able to deal with all that with no issues?

Also, how long has it been since you watched Ep I?
Because as I remember Anakin he was mostly reasonably polite (particularly for a child who had grown up in an unfriendly place like Tatooine) and very helpful without even thinking of asking for anything in return for his help. Stealing? When the f*** did he ever steal anything? The droid parts? Yeah, no. We were never told where they came from. Anakin could have simply found them on some garbage dump. But you decided that you wanted to hate Anakin, so naturally he *must* have stolen those parts too.
And sulking? Here's a newsflash for you: Children and teens do sulk sometimes. Perfectly normal. Certainly not a character flaw. Do you know what is a character flaw? Judging innocent children for sulking without your approval. Slandering them with completely made up bullshit.

But you're not a good judge of character anyway, are you? I didn't really read the next chapters, since I decided to quit here, but I did take a short look at some of the next chapters and what you did with Palpatine completely losing his plot just so you could have your perfect hero Harry catch him in the act... And you don't even realize how utterly stupid that idea was, do you? Palpatine had patience in spades. If something went wrong, he would have made new plans and tried something else sometime later. And he was far too cunning to try something as ridiculously pointless as what you had him try.

How can you claim to know anything at all about Star Wars, if you cannot even get those simple characterizations right?

You're one of those people who are experts on everything without giving a damn about actual facts, right? Because why bother with facts (like the entire Clone Wars and those missing ten years between Ep I and II), when you can be self-righteous enough to form opinions without knowing the facts?

As to your idea of not reading what I don't like:
If you, like so many other fanfic authors, believe posting something here entitles you to get only positive feedback, you have another thing coming. That you didn't warn me about your asinine characterizations of key characters resulted in me wasting hours of my life that I will never get back. And just like you have the right to post such crap, I have the fu**ing right to tell you that it IS crap.
plumbknot57 chapter 16 . 9/23
Really a great story, loved it.
ShankZZ chapter 16 . 8/27
you should make squeal like those fanfics that read it and show reactions as they hear his story
Last Divine Shadow chapter 16 . 8/26
So, are new Potters magical, force-sensitive or the both?
Ratus chapter 15 . 8/4
Rereading this story as I have enjoyed it so much. It is very good, and even though it leaves me wanting more, it stopped at a good place.
jlpeters chapter 16 . 8/1
I have read this story probably four separate times, still great.
Jasnrob chapter 16 . 7/12
Enjoyed your story
AnthonyR89 chapter 15 . 7/13
..., yeah, the black sun wouldn't give a fuck about Harry taking out Jabba. at best, they'd laugh and try to take Jabba's territory. Black Sun and the Hutts are rivals, not allies.
AnthonyR89 chapter 14 . 7/13
pretty sure Bib would be too terrified of the other Hutts to actually join Harry.
AnthonyR89 chapter 6 . 7/12
unsavory people hide behind masks? I won't have such disrespect for the Mandalorians.
AnthonyR89 chapter 4 . 7/12
Jar Jar is a representative, not a senator, actually. also, obligatory Darth Jar Jar

also, Dooku might have been a good jedi, but he was also a complete and utter asshole long before he met Palpatine.
themadmartian chapter 16 . 6/28
This was an very interesting and well thought out and written story.
I'll add it to my favorites.
ironspike68 chapter 16 . 6/27
Oh holy crap… you had me from the first SPLAT!

Seriously, though, a great story and well written. Always fun when a certain maniacal droid shows up…

Thanks for a really fun read

Chris chapter 16 . 6/24
Fantastic Story!

Thank you!
Vukk chapter 16 . 6/16
This is a great ending to the story. Just enough we realize what happened, but not so much to overload with info irrelevant to the story.
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