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Guest chapter 9 . 1/25/2021
This is so dark but also vaguely hopeful and I love how different each of the Districts are!
Paul chapter 10 . 1/25/2021
Yesss! I'd been hoping and guessing that This chapter would be titled District 10 unites for so long, and I was right!
Very effective opening sentence. It was a real
attention grabber. The description of the settlers divided and largely meaningless acts of rebellion only leading to executions was good, although I did like the firebombs and releasing of cattle.
The description of their rebellio s psychological impact on the peacekeepers was a powerful one though. I really like the way you describe how dependent the peacekeepers were on the settlers but the note how "seventy-five years is a dam not long time," before richly describing the abuses that made them turn. The line about tributes, after tri jets, after tributes was especially sobering.
Great line about settler loyalty becoming settler plyacting and the peacekeepers being unnerved to realize they never noticed.
Wish you'd described more about the ranchers booby traps.
Making The head peacekeeper threads brother was a good touch.
Threads death march of the settlers was interesting but it feels like he could have and would have just fire bombed them to get out of there faster.
Glorious description of the Anasazi coming on foot, with livestock and in old veichles. I was wondering if Raouls truck was one of those before the description of Bovina in the center.
The settlers rising up sit-up smuggled weapons caught me by surprise in a good way. I love the comparison to Johanna.
I like the feeling of reconciliation at the end, as brief as it was.
I'd been hoping for a western style battle and you gave us one. It was a little briefer and with fewer named characters than I'd hoped for but there's no denying the style of it. Great job, and good luck with Chapter 11.
triojediknights chapter 10 . 1/26/2021
Can't wait for 11 and 12! You should do a fic similar to this, about how each District's Victors' Village reacts to the Quell twist. That would be cool!
LeonPianta chapter 10 . 1/25/2021
Hey, wow, that was really something. I'm genuinely sitting here in tears. It's been quite something to read all the work you've put into District 10, from the middle of TLatTE to here. I'm just beside myself at how powerful your work has been. Thank you, thank you
Red Sting chapter 10 . 1/25/2021
Lol, I never thought I'd think of Romulus Thread as the 'younger, more merciful' person of any group but I guess you proved me wrong. This was epic. To come so close to death but to show they held the cards all along is...awesome. District 3 might have had less casualties but even they didn't think of this. And yes, good to see Bovina as crazy as ever. This leaves just 2, or perhaps 3 chapters left. As said before I'm curious to see what the ever elusive District 11 will pull out to rebel...but yes, thank you.
AquaEclipse chapter 10 . 1/25/2021
Wow, they tried to pull a death march and… boom.
tracelynn chapter 10 . 1/25/2021
this chapter nearly moved me to tears. District 10 is potentially my favorite District in your entire series. I just love the juxtaposition of the Anasazi versus the Settlers, it is just rife for conflict and had such rich, unique worldbuilding. Its Victors are also all amazing; Bovina is my favorite Victor in your series of all time, while Elena's chapter is one of the most heartbreaking in TVP, and even Roan is a very intriguing character. All in all, such an amazing District, and it deserved an amazing chapter like this.

The entire series, District 10 has been in a slow burn of the Anasazi and Settlers finally mending their wounds and coming together, and here it has finally happened. They finally teamed up, saved each other, and united completely at last. The image of the march through the desert was horrifying, but I had a feeling the Anasazi were coming to save the day. The image of Bovina on the cab of the car was also chilling, I had goosebumps because I just love her so much and it is just such a strong representation of the heroic, amazing character she is. And I love the bit about the Settlers learning from Johanna Mason and attacking from behind. All in all, this was a phenomenal chapter, probably my second favorite of the story so far after District Four's. Keep up the amazing work, I love seeing more glimpses of your universe no matter how big or small.
kiko.cuadrado chapter 10 . 1/25/2021
Glad U are Back!
Mothman 2 chapter 7 . 12/16/2020
The Ghostfacers were right... Gay love really can pierce through the veil of death and save the day
Mothman 2 chapter 2 . 12/15/2020
The town scene is absolutely haunting wow
Mothman 2 chapter 1 . 12/15/2020
if only they’d gotten the real Lusty Lamecaster in the graphite compressor :(
tracelynn chapter 9 . 12/3/2020
as always this was an extremely powerful chapter. District Nine has always been one of my favorite Districts, and I felt the residents pain at being abandoned by everyone in Panem. Hearing more about Abram's death was so emotional because he's one of my favorite Victors, and I'm happy to hear his legend getting spread more. I also loved hearing from Evelyn's niece, and about how all the people of Nine wanted to believe the war was for the right reasons. Katniss's snippet at the end was moving too. All in all a phenomenal chapter as always.
TheSoloAlpaca chapter 1 . 11/25/2020
Guest chapter 9 . 11/8/2020
So beautiful! I loved this format.
Paul chapter 9 . 11/7/2020
Elise's story was a good heartbreaking start.

The battle of the field was glossed over more than I would have thought but the description is decent.
I'm glad you touched on Evelyn's family. I can understand their feelings.

The story of Fabius Kip was a pretty bad one. His death at the hands of a man who lost children to the games was a powerful touch.

Barleyas section was my favorite, as she talked about the district moving apart and how her students don't fear the games anymore before pleading to be told it mattered.

It's great to see you back and I have high hopes for chapter10.
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