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Guest chapter 7 . 8/6/2020
I absolutely love this story! I read through all of your other works super quickly, and I just love the intricacy of the world you’ve built inside of an already established world (and that’s hard to do). Also the lgbt characters make me happy since we don’t see much of them in cannon. Can’t wait for the next update!
Guest chapter 7 . 7/28/2020
So happy you are writing another fiction for this storyline! I love how is has started to close out storylines for some older characters, really well written and each chapter is great!
Kiliflower chapter 7 . 7/30/2020
So, this is late. Delays tend to be a recurring theme in my life this month, so what's another one?

I really, really liked this chapter. You've given us a lot of District 7 lore in your universe, but it baffles and amazes me that you still manage to cook up more. I love, love Tutti's allegiance to the rebels. The battle itself felt visceral and immersive. I really felt that I was in the barracks, holding up for the final confrontation with the other soldiers.

And, of course, the emergence of the ghosts of Blight and Jason was a beautiful. I'm hugely biased for queer love stories, and the notion that they've found each other in the afterlife, through all the tumultuous periods of their relationship and lives, was incredibly satisfying.

Can't wait for lucky Eight!
Paul chapter 7 . 7/13/2020
Is there any chance that members of Squad 451 might appear in some of the district battles set prior to them being sent to the Capitol?
Paul chapter 7 . 7/3/2020
Given all of the love making Wheaton did over the years I wonder if any descendants of his will show up in the district 9 chapter.
Also, I forgot to mention it earlier, but I really liked the story behind connors last hand, and seeing him shoot a rifle one handed. Those might have been my favor i Connor moments across all of your stories.
Nem chapter 4 . 7/2/2020
District 4 is absolute one of my favorite when it's come to about District. I have to admit that your TVP has made me like or love every District more than the Suzanne Collins books. Because you have give every District its own character and history. Collins focuses so much 12, so its hard like other district. But 4 was one of my first favorite even before I found your story. In your stories District 4 is one of my top three.

Previous chapter focuses on the fight, how rebels fight to free their this chapter show what happen when the fight was over. When is time to bury your falling friends and family. The way you have writing the Sea and District 4, how they wrap each other for live and dead is amazing.

Dora's speech was beautiful and made me feel like I was one of citizen of District 4. Like Finnick chapter on TVP you can make reader hate all capitol people just couple of lines, when Finnick tell their secrets. There you can make reader feel pain and sorrow, with couple of lines you give them so strong character and story that you cannot be feeling nothing.

Baela's fathers get their revenge, and send a very strong message for the Capitol citizens. This was one of pieces which you use very well when you build your stories and wrapped story whole. Its one of reasons why I love your writing style so much. Minnow Carr, sounds character who would earn more time herself, by the way I really like her name. Tiberias show us very well that even you should fight one side you can really feel sympathy other side or even feel more home with them. Poor children of clans, but this time their fight was not vain. This show very well how Capitol made mistakes when its think that career tributes are lovely tame pets.

Poor Victors, capitol stole so much for them. And some one of them suffer so much. Well now they are free. I feel still so sorry for them specially for Halibut. Poor man. I am crying because they didn't get their happy ending. Are we going to see little bit more about Odysseus in future?

Well done!
Nem chapter 3 . 7/2/2020
District 3 is one of my favorite Districts, so I was very excited see what you would write about them. I love your Wiress, she is smart but as same time ruthless as any career. And Beetee is just amazing. I must admit, that I was little disappointed, when there is no more Victors than three from District 3 in your stories. But you have explained it quite well in your other stories why is that so. Like when Gates won, Capitol make sure there would not be another victor for them long time, and how other tribute watch them always very careful. So no wonder there are no many of them.

You have incredible ability create every District it's own character, its what make these stories feel so realistic and original. And I simply love the line "One of the worst decisions the Capitol ever made was to broadcast the games in district 3". It was really gem and summed up perfectly District 3 rebellion.

In your stories you have described the District 3 place, which is suffer lot because there are
technology and knowledge who to build it. So it was very satisfying see that they get their revenge with their technology and knowledge. The Capitol really get taste it's own District 3 victory was beautiful and very fitting for their character. They are not fighter, they are technicians.

This chapter made me love District 3 just more. Amazing Job!
Paul chapter 7 . 6/30/2020
two things about the next chapter: I hope Kerry gets a reference and cotton to (a part of me still holds out a ridiculous hope she survived the explosion somehow, especially after this chapter and its resurrected characters but I suppose a more realistic hope would be that cotton made a few traps for the rebels to use before leaving.
Also, for the upcoming chapter 9, I'm curious if you'll give Abram an additional legacy (a child fathered during the war, a diary, more people whose lives he saved etc.) and would like to request that you not actually show his death in thwtnchapter unless your story really require some it, losing him once was painful enough.
Guest chapter 7 . 6/30/2020
Chills down my spine. This was absolutely amazing, you just get better and better.
Paul chapter 7 . 6/29/2020
Great uplifting title. The opening line was typically profane for the district.
Mack and Evelyn there on the front lines was cool.
Interesting approach showing the end of the rebellion in seven and just breifly referencing the many losses they've taken.
Seeing tutti fighting there along with the rebels was deeply satisfying and my reaction mirrors macks.
Greta, Rueben and Carla are still alive YESSSS! Best. Retcon. Ever. Good explanation for how they went into hiding because of the bleeding blight and I hope Carla's family got out with her. I also like the callback to Moran the trapper.
The charge of the ghosts was one of the best moments in the last the chapters. The reveal that it was blight and connors nephews in disguise though was pure genius, although for s bit there I really did think it was the gods returned.
Great rallying cheer about achieving freedom at the end.
Interesting ending with Mitch and Gavin.
This chapter rocked, no two ways about it.
Very interested in what the next chapter willl have. FITR had at least one peacekeeper in the rebels and I wonder if that will be included.
1stTimeLongTime chapter 7 . 6/29/2020
Oisin55 I cannot express how happy I am that you're publishing again. Jumping back into your world and reading about these beloved characters has been making quarantine so much more bearable. I've been looking forward to District 7's chapter the most due to my love for Blight's story. But I was deeply moved by District 4's chapter as well. Your level of world building has been inspiring and has motivated me to start writing my fic again. I hope you got to finish your original work that you mentioned in previous writings. Thank you for coming back. We've missed your voice.
Guest chapter 7 . 6/29/2020
I went from sad tears to happy tears while reading this. It was lovely to see the Lumberjack and the Tree-Elf again.
While your fleshing out of all the Districts is amazing, I particularly love how you imagine District 7.
I also love how Tutti becomes a grenade totting rebel.
AaronIris34 chapter 7 . 6/30/2020
This chapter was fantastic. I love that you have Tutti fighting for the rebels. For some reason, that was my favorite part. It feels like the end of a character arc even though we didn’t actually see too much of her. I liked being able to see a chapter that focused on the actual military style combat that we see in the original books. It was alluded to in the other chapters, but this really showcases it. You had me reeling when the ghosts came out. I made the connection to District 7 religion (which was well-done), but for a moment you had me convinced that you were making them real. The kids on the horses was awesome though. Kudos to you for not making that obvious. Good writing!

I’m excited for Districts 8 and 10. Update soon!
SongofFete chapter 7 . 6/30/2020
I'm not crying, you're crying...

The ghosts. The GHOSTS...that was amazing and it got to the point of me thinking "What the h*** is Oisin doing? Are we having supernatural stuff now?" but you didn't disappoint, and it was perfect.

I love the way you bring back your own characters for something like this and they feel so much like canon.
audreyoctopus chapter 7 . 6/30/2020
Oh, my heart. This is probably my favourite chapter of the series so far - and they're all fantastic, so that's saying a lot.
Your writing never fails to astound me - there is so much depth and detail, and this chapter was no exception.
Loved it! Amazing! Fantastic!
I'm going to go cry in a corner now. Oh and by the way - if I could favourite this story a hundred times, I would. But alas, I cannot.
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