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Anikuni chapter 6 . 6/12/2020
Chevy was one of my favourite Victors and I'm glad that he could die at home as he wished. I love how you make each district unique and give them background, it make the story more credible. I'm waiting for district 7, one of my favourite
Jacob chapter 6 . 6/9/2020
Good Chapter, but I was really hoping that Chevy somehow survived
Paul chapter 6 . 6/9/2020
Dang, that is a grim title (although it is nice that inguessed one right, even if I did think it would be 12 that “burns”).
Getting right to Chevy dying was a harsh blow but it was nice to know the rebellion trusted him enough to try to save him, while sad that they couldn’t.
Chevys family hiding in his neighbors houses and then being captured by gangs for legitimacy was frightening.
Distirct 13 killing at least some of chevys family with the Bluebloods was kind of bizarre and grim.
And I’d thought District 1 went nuts. The disorganized violence in 6 is a sight to behold and feel sick at.
The district being abandoned that way was prett sobering.
The lack of closure about whether any of chevys family survived is frustrating.
The ending describing the traces of the three victors was the best part of the story. Chevys pictures were nice. The fire for Mitt was brilliant and Maeve would have liked the murals.
I wish you’d covered whether the fire purged the Distirct of morphling.
This is the third district with absolutely no peacekeeper survivors. I doubt it will be the last.
The rule of the gangs of District 6 provide an explanation of why they never rioted after the 74th hunger games. District 1 was afraid of luster, 2 was largely loyalist, 12 had Thread, 5 (as you showed us) wanted to keep their heads down and abrams chapter reveals 9 was just lulling the Capitol into a false sense of security. That just leaves 10 as a district which didn’t protest and I hope their chapter covers that.
Red Sting chapter 6 . 6/10/2020
Oh I like this one. You really know how to dig into the layers of the people Suzanne Collins hints and tells us about. It's a real shame that Chevy didn't make it out but at least he managed to get some tiny drop of peace before the end...though, not really. Yeah, 6 always seemed like one of the worst off Districts, and I guess that really boiled over into each person, hence all the clashes and gang wars which then escalated into this...and too many matches together will just blow everything up. At least the Garden of Maeve endures.

You know now I'm getting curious about the Rebellion in District 11 since I think out of all of the Districts it probably has the least inner details revealed in your stories [which would make sense since Orchus, Wren and Chaff's chapters were very individual focused, only Seeder's gave us those details]. Should be interesting to see what comes next...
AquaEclipse chapter 6 . 6/9/2020
It definitely is a miracle that over half of the district managed to survive the chaos.
Nem chapter 2 . 5/25/2020
In my opinion District 2 is one of the most interesting place, when we talking about rebellion. Since it was most faithful and wants please Capitol because that is price of privileges. But then there were also always these people who do not want forget past, people of Redfern. This chapter was realistic and show very well, why war is so terrible thing. When brothers turns against each others, this remind me little about District 10 first rebellion, when they were fight among themselves.

Your chapter about Lyme in the TVP, made me love her. She is very interesting character, since she lived double-agent life. It must be very hard to lived with other victors,when she never can be truly herself. She was very fitting the role of leader, since she really care her people. I feel sorry for her since she lost Mesa and she must fight alone without support other district 2 victors. Maybe we see glimpse about Lupus and his part of rebellion? Jonaham Murdock seems man of many mysteries, and character who could have he's own story. Amazing job as always!
Paul chapter 5 . 5/24/2020
With this chapter, I’m feeling curious about the fates of the mayors and how many more will be covered. We know the fates of mayoir undersee and coin (the sort of equivalent of a mayor) from the books. Mack from 7 was established as a survivor all the way back in your first fic. This story has shown the mayor of 3 was a rebel who survived and the mayors of 4 and 5 were loyalists who died. The mayors of 1 and 2 were probably loyalists. The mayor of 1 probably died but 2’s May have survived. That leaves the mayors of districts 6 and 8-11 to wonder about. Odds are that a lot of them won’t make it to the end no matter who they fight for.
Paul chapter 5 . 5/24/2020
Good title. A bit forlorn but interesting.
Having it never be revealed if the campers survive was a bit disappointing. The reveal that they spent generations planning an escape was a good touch.
District 5 almost not rebelling was a clever bit of worldbuilding. The reveal of exactly how Emrys survives the rebellion isn’t exactly glamorous but is still interesting.
District 5 starting as a youth rebellion was a powerful touch.
Good description of the clever ways in which the district 5 peacekeepers start getting dispatched.
Nice to see that the campers diverted vital peacekeepers. Also makes sense that district 9 needs reinforcements to last as long as they did.
The exploits of the night foxes are a real highlight of the story, as are their leaders ties to Foxface.
The cyber attacks are also brilliant. Seeing them rankle Snow was a good touch.
The reappearance of Romulus thread was a good way to raise the stakes. His order of decsmination driving the peacekeepers to mutiny was beautiful. I’d been expecting Thimble to just sneak off into the night or something but what he did instead was awesome.
It was good to see Miles survive although sad that so few of Thimbles men did.
It was a very clever touch to see the disillusionment breaking the district apart even after it won.
Honestly I’d expected That if anyone had a slow staring rebellion it would be 6 (and they might to) but this happening in 5 makes sense and leaves an impact.
Kiliflower chapter 5 . 5/26/2020
Great chapter!

- The children of 5 dismissing the adults and taking their future into their hands.
- How the logic and intellectual mind frame in the power district is not appreciated. They are just as smart as the Threes, but what they do with it and how they enforce it is unique to them.
- The demise of Thread. Wonderful.
- More of Runcus Thimble.
- Foxface's brother was a sweet touch. I'm a sucker for a bit of fan service.
- I never thought of 5 as stoic, but I like that you wrote them this way.

Can't wait for the Sixatrons!

Dani H. Danvers chapter 5 . 5/25/2020
Oh, its so interesting your headcanon about campers of five and I like the idea of the children doing the rebellion.
AquaEclipse chapter 5 . 5/24/2020
Goodbye and good riddance to Thread!
Nem chapter 1 . 5/22/2020
I was so happy when I found that you are writing again.

You have describe District 1, place where is no District loyalty. People are selfish because it's only way survive this cold and beautiful district. So it was believable that when time of rebellion came, there is no one big rebel group, no leader who tell what do, or even one plan but instead many different rebel groups. This show so well what happen when fear changes to hate, how dangerous are people when they are angry and hungry for revenge. When they have suffer too much too long.
Chaos take over whole District and no one could be sure that they will survive, because different kind of furious mobs hunt the guilty ones. That was fine addition for story. And the name of this chapter is very fitting!
Oh Song and Gleam, they were victims of revenge, and it's made me sad when I learned that they were supposed spare. I was a little disappointed when there is no mention Brilliance, because he survive rebellion first wave. But I was so pleased when you show us how Luster escape, since he was most hated man all of District 1.

I really hope that this story will show us fate of Chevy and Eamon. And that we can learn more about role of victors, when they play their parts.
Paul chapter 4 . 5/21/2020
More verb/title theories
District 5- flickers, shines, dims, upstarts or Charges (as a reference to electrical energy).
District 6- stalls, rises, or races (transportation motif)
District 7-climbs.
District 9- Reaps.
Paul chapter 4 . 5/18/2020
I’ve been theorizing about what verbs you might use tfor future chapters (like with district 1 exploded etc.)
District 12 will probably be “dies.” Others that might fit for this setting (although for which District, who can say) include Remembers, Annihilates, Laughs (the one I have in mind there is if there’s a particularly one sided battle), Endures, Burns, Hates and rejoices.

PS. I cants figure out if you intend to include district 13 (it seems likely), the Capitol and maybe an epilogue or are just going for 12 chapters.
optimisms chapter 4 . 5/18/2020
These are all amazing, some of your best work as a whole, but damn. I cried so much from this. One of the only things I love about the Mockingjay Part 1 movie is the opportunity to see more of the rebellion than just Katniss' view. The D7 plot where they are gunned down as they climb the trees, scream "If we burn, you burn with us!", and detonate the bombs. The massive group that attacks the dam, pressing forward as body after body falls, determined to set their charges, and then waiting as the bombs explode, the dam collapses, and every single participant dies. People who knew that it was bigger than them, who knew that they would not survive, but hoped that their sacrifice would be worthwhile in creating a better world when they were gone. That is the true meaning & importance of a revolution, and this chapter captures that beautifully.
I was particularly moved by the 200 clan children who probably wanted to live but knew that they were among the most qualified to fight, and won in death. Even writing this know, I'm truly sobbing. Absolutely beautiful, I'm beyond words. You'll be hard-pressed to write a better chapter than this one, at least in this brief story.
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