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Hermy chapter 4 . 5/14/2020
I've read all the chapters that you have written in your past works but none of them made me shed tears (except Cashmere's chapter, but that was close to shedding tears). Read this chapter thrice, and it still made me shed tears. It's a sad chapter, District 4 victors aren't really my personal favourites but the beauty of this chapter is how intricately you described all thr sacrifices that the people of district 4 and their victors did as their final acts of heroism.T_T even the deputy peacekeeper.. and the viking funeral scene.. it is really vivid in my head. Amazing chapter. Even typing this review, I'm trying so hard to not SHED A SINGLE TEAR but damn it's really hard since I had to replay the whole chapter in my head again. The most saddest part of this chapter? it's the scene where Mags' body was shown and there, you replayed back the moment where she just won the hunger games.. "My name is Mags". T_T ok.. im crying now, I better stop here and reread back Mag's old chapter.
Paul chapter 4 . 5/13/2020
Will the following chapter ever reveal (maybe just as a brief sidebar) why Snow targeted Circe and the campers back during her games?
Guest chapter 3 . 5/11/2020
It will be interesting to see some of the other peacekeepers reacting to news of how throughly their comrades in three were slaughtered, whether it frightens or enrages them.
TVP mentions that the war for District 9 was a long, drawn out one even though the rebels had the advantage of surprise. As despicable as the District 9 peacekeepers are, it sounds as if they had some tactical smarts and/or villainous valor, which might be interesting to see.
SJS3000 chapter 4 . 5/12/2020
So so glad to see picking up this world again! I love these characters, this story, I'm pumped for every new chapter! If you don't mind the question, what made you come back?
Red Sting chapter 4 . 5/12/2020
A very thorough and emotional chapter...I remembered from somewhere that Halibut's son was with Annie in her Games, he must have had him at a pretty young age...interesting...sad but at least they're together now. There's that, small consolation...

Mannanan is NO failure. He did his absolute best and always tried to remember the kids he lost mentoring. And he's much older then Halibut, in his 70s now so yeah, maybe he doesn't have quite the stamina as him, but he still did his best. He is a hero to us.

We never got to know Cerulea that well but we did know Briseis...still, sad to see their stories cut down so hard, but at least their memories live on. So that's something there...

That Minnow Carr lady sounds like quite the character. I'm very glad that all her 'charges' made it out. Also a pleasant surprise to see those Peacekeepers semi-defecting.

Finally, 'twas interesting to see the parents of the 74th Games girl too. Edmund and Seafoam...well, at least the Games are over now. No more children to be lost in there. And when you said 'Seafoam Dooocker'...any relative to Seaward of the 8th? He didn't seem like the fatherly type but then, who knows for sure?

Looking forward to the rebellion in 10 especially to see that crazy old angel Bovina in action. And 7 with Connor and Jules.

Until next time...
Guest chapter 4 . 5/10/2020
I think I'm going to cry at this chapter
Guest chapter 1 . 5/10/2020
YOU’RE BACK! I am fangirling so hard right now. I love this so far. Please continue, I love your universe as much as the original. I hope there is a longer fic in the works too.
Guest chapter 4 . 5/10/2020
Seeing the victors and average district dwellers who fell honored together like that feels moving even without the impactful stories accompanying each body. They probably would have wanted it that way.
It will be curious to see whether Matty is even acknowledged in the next chapter. It would be sadly characteristic for him to be ignored even after dying in the quell.
We won’t see another district drive out the Capitol hard and fast until District 8, but it will be interesting to see how 4 fares compared to 4, given their smaller population and lack of trained fighters.
Finally, I wonder if the dam assault from the mockingjay film will be touched upon and whether the issue of whether or not it was a suicide mission or not will finally be laid to rest.
Guest chapter 4 . 5/10/2020
I had tears in my eyes.
The rage. The fury. The grief. The cost.
It was beautiful.
You did an excellent job capturing the pain and the fury felt in these moments.
Paul chapter 4 . 5/10/2020
It's only just now that I'm noticing the titles (explodes, crumbles, adapts). This one, mourns, is fitting one.
Good point about how some of them have seen two rebellions. So much of the district dead or sent off to fight is a very sobering sight.
Sending the dead out to sea like that was kind of beautiful.
The Cates-Docker's were good characters. Nice reminder that gay parenting has survived. Them seeking revenge on live television to put fear into the Capitolites was a good anecdote for the start of the rebellion.
Minnow Carr sounds like a character who could have had a story of her own. I'm glad that her death wasn't in vain.
The same is true of Lockwood. The confirmation that Cerulea had a family was a touching one. I'd been hoping to see more peacekeeper defectors. Lockwood defecting because of what happened to Finnick and Annie was a great, believable touch that really emphasizes the sense of comunity. The implication that some of the people who could be counted on with him survived was nice, even if the reveal that most didn't was sad.
Seeing most, if not all of the children who trained for the games dying was a real tearjerker, even if they did accomplish something with that.
The confirmation that Mannanan went down fighting feels in character. The irony of him "not knowing that Finnick and Annei would be happy together is brutal, but brilliant given how short-lived that happiness will be.
So Cerulea and Briseis really are dead. I'd been holding out some hope, but at least they died together.
Halibut putting up an even better fight than Mannan was also believable, as was the reaction desecrating his body had on the district.
The story behind the recovery of Mags body is moving, and feels in character for District 4.
I had a feeling that Dora might have been one of Mags sister from the start given her big family and how it's been mentioned before, but it was still a painful reveal. I wish you'd touched on how the rest of the family fared though.
This was a great chapter, which, like the others, further developed the district and its people.
Looking forward to everything to come, but especially Distirct 10. With all the big rancher loyalists mixed in with the peacekeepers, you could potentially have a battle modeled after a spaghetti western showdown.
Paul chapter 3 . 5/9/2020
It will be interesting to see what Emrys ford for the district 5 rebellion given the confirmation that he’s still there. I’m not sure whether to expect a fire or something more subtle from him.
Paul chapter 3 . 5/9/2020
Is there any chance that the reacets might play a role in one or more of the uprisings, either joining the rebels or complicating their plans?
Paul chapter 3 . 5/9/2020
I'm curious to see more of the fates of the district peacekeeping forces as we go form District to district. I can't say the ones from 1 and 3 surprised me much, but I'm curious about whether any of the others might surrender or defect (like the deputy head in 5 from TVP).
I suspect District 6 will show the fate of Chevy, an I'm also curious to see the fruits of Maeve and Mitt's rebel activities. Since Jade and Connor are heading there, we'll probably see them in action to.
District 5 will likely feature the flight of the Campers, although maybe not in a prominent role. I expect that will cause chaos and confusion among the peacekeepers.
District 7 might show us the fates of the last Mellark's in the district (assuming the reports they all died were true) and Spindella and her death or survival seem likely for District 8.
District 9 we already have a lot of in Abram's chapter, so that means you have some interesting new ground to cover.
In District 10 I look forward to seeing (some) anasazi and settlers fight side by side for once (possibly even Perez-Hooley kin), and also suspect that whatever happens to the Ranchers won't be pretty (although I'm curious to see whether any of them might have rebel sympathies as a result of the last couple of years).
District 11, I have difficultly imagining as anything but a bloodbath.
District 12 (assuming you cover it) doesn't seem to have any options besides running from the firebombs. I wonder if it will show if there were any genuine rebels besides Haymitch there. Also wonder if we'll get a callback to the Donner/Undersee family and see if they really were wiped out (It feels foolish just writing that, but that's the magic of your stories; they leave me hoping for things for the characters that I know are doomed, up until the last moment).
Dani H. Danvers chapter 4 . 5/11/2020
This one is so epic. Its appropiatte for a rebel district as four.
Kiliflower chapter 4 . 5/11/2020
Things that I liked about this chapter:

- The burial rites. Religion and spirituality is often one of the first things I think about and conceive when I'm writing, so I'm drawn to how it's portrayed in other works. You write it beautifully.
- I love the personification of the sea and the parallels between life and a voyage is incredibly apt.
- The closure we receive about the other victors. Lea and Bri, best friends, together in death. Halibut being buried with his son's bones. Manannan sacrificing himself to protect Annie, just as Mags did.
- Dora's POV. You've made us get to know Mags so closely in your writing, it's almost as if we're grieving with her. I wish we could've gotten to know all of her sisters, but I'm a greedy reader.
- The parents of the tribute girl from Katniss' Games. They knew who the real enemy was. There is something satisfactory, as brutal and mindless as their attack was, about it scaring the Capitolites.
- All of the trainees using their skills to fight back, even at their age. It was never just for the Games.

This was an emotional and gorgeous chapter. Looking forward to the next, as always.

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