Reviews for Advanced Release
nliochristou chapter 53 . 11/30
ao when will the next chapter come out.
The Thinker chapter 53 . 11/5
Damn, Zack went social-fu on them
V01dSw0rd chapter 53 . 11/4
I wonder, after reading Zack’s report, if they might look at Tseng’s actions (like not preventing one of the Turks from spilling clues) in another light.

If nothing else, the information about Vincent would be relevant.

Maybe they go pay Minverva a visit.
Qinlongfei chapter 53 . 10/30
Yep. Zack proves why he is the goodest boy in this chapter. People underestimate his intelligence because of his overwhelming enthusiasm and sincerity, but unlike most characters of his archetype, he's actually very intelligent to be able to hold his own as Sephy's second in command.
Home03 chapter 53 . 10/29
Thanks for the chapter. Really appreciate your hard work
brentonang1205 chapter 53 . 10/29
Zack really gave them all a piece of his mind right there. Glad they all listened to him!
InfinityMask chapter 53 . 10/28
Did you get notification? Some author didnt and I didnt get any email since 10 oct.

Anyway Zack did give many good point. And im happy the first class accept his reasoning.
SilverBladeStar chapter 53 . 10/28
Very nice, love it and wishing for more.
CodeyAce95 chapter 1 . 10/28
? is this slash
brentonang1205 chapter 52 . 10/7
The tensionnnnnnnnn! I can't! Zack is the only one in control at this point. But I am sure the Trio of Firsts will eventually get their rational minds back.

Thansk for the new chapter. Keep em coming!
Ziggrrauglurr chapter 52 . 10/4
Great tension. Beautiful scene!
Incognito74 chapter 52 . 10/2
Shit just got real
Guest chapter 52 . 9/29
Great chapter as always. Sephiroth's reaction, Zack's growing horror... wonderfully done.

I'm also glad to hear that the cliffhanger won't last for too long. Thank you Imagination!
branphillips001 chapter 36 . 9/29
Usually I consider stories like this lazy writing because they generally are, but this is by far the best of its kind. I guess it is true that the plot can be contrived, so long as the characters feel alive.
Genesis.Rising.exe chapter 52 . 9/29
I don't usually review, but this is a truly fantastic fic.
It really does show the trio ( Zack, love Zack) slowly unravelling from the reality of what they're seeing/playing, Zak's breakdown seeing everything that would happen in his life, was perfect was wonderfully written, he didn't call people himself and announce he's having a breakdown, he needed other people to do it because he was losing it. (Zack's one of my favourite characters, but I have an appreciation for my MC's/Favourite Characters suffering.)

Seeing Sephiroth's slow breakdown was delicious, seeing Angeal and Genesis following him down the spiral was great. Rather than Genesis freaking out and leaving on his own, they're all going to act together, It's great! I'm so excited to see how this changes Shinra!
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