Reviews for Brockton's Celestial Forge
Kulha chapter 121 . 7h
Oh, a workshop chapter. How I've not missed you. At all. Not even a little bit.

Some of the tech things are cool, but the constant repeating of the same things you said in the previous chapters and the fucking navel-gazing grates on all of my nerves. I'll take the upcoming psychobabble crap over this with a smile even if I predict a lot more 'voe is me' BS in it.
Kulha chapter 120 . 8h
Does the blessing affect his duplicate potions too?
Kulha chapter 118 . 9h
It would be funny if he got a job with the Elite.
Kulha chapter 117 . 13h
Let's see if this power manages to make him any less of a navel-gazer.
Kulha chapter 115 . 14h
I'm glad he's going out again, did not want to read another 5 chapters about what's happening in the workshop.
Kulha chapter 113 . 17h
Nice to see the development of the organization. A bit long-winded but nice.
Kulha chapter 112 . 19h
Yey, the story finally moves on!
Kulha chapter 111 . 21h
I hope that the time in the simulation changed the personalities of the characters. It would be weird if they still acted the same.
Kulha chapter 110 . 22h
Woohoo, progress! Slow progress, but it's progress nonetheless.
Kulha chapter 109 . 23h
Ah, talking and not doing. How I've not missed you.
Kulha chapter 108 . 12/3
I stop reading for a while so the chapters stockpiled before coming back to read since everything was moving so slowly, but I see that the old reliable 'let our enemies ramp up while we do fuck all' tactic is still going strong. How proactive...
Guest chapter 121 . 12/1
Guest chapter 121 . 12/1
Wonder if Mr. D is getting shit faced on camp half blood right now lol

Athena on Mt Olympus too

Would be cool if he made Libations to Artemis too

So he could always get the movement patterns of the S9 and track their movements

Maybe he could make a lot of invisible Robo hounds, rats and eagles to Scout out and track the S9? He could rely on his sensors instead of internet trafic?

Maybe make a big ass bear bot made to be durable and rain death that has a door on its chest so Apairon could kill them all efficiently?

Melee weapons that could turn jack into mist

Maybe sonic roars that explodes people and and inanimate objects to keep things simple?

Super surprised he doesnt have a satelite in orbit right now

Or does he and I forgot?

With his sensors he could probably find loads of human slave Rings that he could save and make people terrified lol

Wait screw the satelite

Maybe he could make a Justice League Style space station? Make a fake base XD

Make far enough that ziz cant reach lol


He could orbital bombard leviathan and shit
loulloko chapter 121 . 12/2
As soon as I read the Dionysius blessing i remembered the Skyrim feedback loop.
TrumpasaurusRex chapter 121 . 12/2
I really hopes he gets the fiat-backed Celestial Forge therapist. Going to a therapist in the real world is just begging for your meetings to be monitored by Coil and anyone else who manages to bug him. In addition, all it would take is someone mastering the therapist to mess you up even further.
Giving Aisha a key to the shop? What a disaster waiting to happen. Aisha is the worst thing to happen to this fic.
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