Reviews for Brockton's Celestial Forge
AlchemySage chapter 70 . 7h
as fabulous as ever
Mirrius Rusticulus chapter 70 . 9/27
Good chapter, do ignore action-addicts, if they had their way this would turn into boring stomp-fest fast.
At Work chapter 70 . 9/24
Dear God, the introspection is killing me. Please don't make this psycho bullshit an even more frequent thing.

I just hope that one of these days our boy can stop being such a quivering quim and just do whatever he wants without wasting time on debating the pros and cons of it in five chapters of 20k words.
Scoolio chapter 70 . 9/24
Fuckin hype.
Guest chapter 70 . 9/24
Almost 40 paragraphs about a single perk. You sir, have outdone yourself.
tpx1 chapter 70 . 9/26
nice story so far
i like your pacing and how you always find new ways to add some ability
TrumpasaurusRex chapter 70 . 9/26
Chapter 70 can be skipped. He spent the entire chapter talking to his therapist. The plot did not forward in any way.
Just read the power recap session for the new power.
TheUnknowableOne chapter 68 . 9/26
Lazarus790 chapter 60 . 9/23
First of all I want to say great work and I'm glad you're still writing. So many fanfic authors just quit after 20 or 30 chapters, so bravo. I have enjoyed most of the story, and especially the looks into other people's perspectives.
That said I'm having issues with Joe's character, mostly with his growth or rather lack of growth of personality. A person's character is largely based on four things; genetics, physiology, chemistry, and experiences/memories. Early now when Joe got intelligence boosts or some exotic knowledge he was experiencing changes to his personality and mentality. Since then nothing Joe has gained has seemed to really change him.
He's had massive changes to his genetics, physiology, and chemistry. He's gained probably 10 years worth of memories between different powers, not counting the centuries with the fey. Yet his character has not grown or changed any. Actually I feel he's probably in a worse place then he was earlier in the story.
In his first business deal with the Undersiders he told them "Fuck you, and fuck your schedule." Now he like "I'm so sorry it took so long and that it's not my absolute best work." I mean that just seems like a major back side in terms of maturity, courage, and self-confidence. Just becoming a demi-god should have made him more confident, assertive, and energetic (especially the Percy Jackson kind).
I just don't understand how someone could go through all the changes and experiences Joe's had and still be exactly the same as he was before. At this point it feels more like you or a deity level being is forcing him to stay the same.
I just hope to see some actual character growth in the future.
Robert chapter 1 . 9/23
Man I love your writing style, but damn does it leave me eager for the next five chapters _ I love that despite him getting more and more powerful the story hasn't lost its tinker fic vibe, like most builder/crafter stories do. The slow long chapter give so much more description to the nuances and intricacies of his power, reading how they are interacting and how he is using them is fantastic! Ignore all the people saying its to slow or whatever, they clearly dont understand every story isn't required to meet their preferences
Altair chapter 70 . 9/23
I liked it. Some progress at least
Curious Reader chapter 70 . 9/23
this is a good chapter.

That doc is showing some Yamada level therapy here.

Also Noble Phantasm get. The class checks out too, very fitting.
mythiggy chapter 70 . 9/24
Imagine man. A million words written and we are still three weeks in and the Somer's Rock meeting has not occured. Like... wow (Owen Wilson voice).

In total, all seven Harry Potter books contain 1,084,170 words. You are at 1,073,303. Harry was just about to kick Voldemort's ass and the MC here cannot decide if he wants to go to Easter dinner.
Jakelar chapter 62 . 9/24
I think the pace of this story has been exceptionally handled. It is also probably not enjoyable to some. I think the interesting part of the story is how detailed every aspect of the story is. I would say to write as best fits your vision for the story and so that you can enjoy writing it. Cheers.
Kaiya Azure chapter 70 . 9/24
On the bright side, he's doing a good job of caring for his mental health. Keeping Dr. Campbell safe is definitely a good idea too. I just hope the gift doesn't get abused for anything bad.
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