Reviews for Brockton's Celestial Forge
InfinityMask chapter 107 . 4/28
… well damn. I didn’t expect he get something’s that big in duration he there. It’s seems alchemy would spread because of victor huh. Hope Survey notice before it’s too late. And that was arrogant of Victor to think Joe and Aisha didn’t know or can’t do what he plan. He should realize there’s more to that. Then again that probably his pride.
InfinityMask chapter 106 . 4/28
She need help…
InfinityMask chapter 105 . 4/28
Hoo? I think this is the first chapter without successful roll. Hahaha.

So he can “awaken” someone element? Would he do that to Aisha?
Light and Shadow huh?
evilstatistic19 chapter 157 . 4/28
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
InfinityMask chapter 104 . 4/28
Well… Teigu huh… I wonder if he would make one with end bringer as source material… haha.
Hmm. The reveal about Grue and Aisha kinda dragged on. Kinda hope it would happen soon.
InfinityMask chapter 103 . 4/28
Kinda annoyed how lisa dance about the situation. Just tell him. Urgh.
InfinityMask chapter 102 . 4/28
Well damn. So amy isn’t helping because carol… well that kinda expected.

In away Mike situation kinda similar to Joe. That what I get whenever I read his pov. Haha.
InfinityMask chapter 101 . 4/28
Kinda think alec would call him. Lol.

Good for joe.
InfinityMask chapter 100 . 4/28
Kinda think about grue when he say shadow. I’m happy it’s acknowledged later on.

Would he find RWBY and many other sources material for his power?
InfinityMask chapter 99 . 4/27
Hmm. I think his advice is working on theo. He became small celebrity in the gym… i wonder if people noticed his little nudge.
Guest chapter 157 . 4/25
Aquarheus chapter 154 . 4/27
Finally. I reread the whole story, and so much of it i just skipped because of how often more than half a chapter is ability explanations. I’m glad the story can start going somewhere again
InfinityMask chapter 98 . 4/27
I personally kinda didn’t like the change of body force into him. But oh well…

Kinda hope he get hacking skill or something to help cracked the bakuda code.

Hmmm. Kinda think Alec would call Joe.
InfinityMask chapter 97 . 4/27
Hmm. They can use the workshop as relay huh? I wonder if endbringer show would joe allow his base as place for evacuation? Or at least transport to move people?
InfinityMask chapter 96 . 4/27
Well finally the moving base can be used more efficiently and freely.
They really take wrong impressions on parian huh? Poor parian. Sigh.
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